The Windchimes change their Song… And the Lights their Dance…

by Trishla H, a real life account of a life changing, world-shaking spiritual session.


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Dear Tarun and Celia!
Sorry for taking a while to write this down. Work’s been hectic and shifting cities has brought challenges. Here it is.

“Hello All... I’ve had many deep healing, and life changing sessions with Tarun & Celia… I’d like to share with you two spine-tingling spiritual awakening sessions… It wasn’t just me… But the very world danced with the inward joy unleashed. Sometimes looking back I wonder, hey can the breeze change with our force, does the light respond to our joy?  It can. It does.

Session 1: The Resonant Body… The Dancing World.
“Tarun and Celia did a session for me last week {July, 2016} wherein they wanted to open up my chakras. They are in Bangalore. And I the other side of the country. We were on the phone right through. Tarun & Celia talking me through it.

“It started with Tarun asking me if I could feel the energy that he was giving me and where I felt it the most. I answered in affirmative and told him that I could feel it near my heart area, at the back, the most. He then revealed he was giving me healing on my back. This was done to ensure that our energies were connected. {As you would all know Celia & I ask you to cross-confirm… so we are sure ‘the force’ is real}.

“Throughout our session Tarun was humming this sound which made me feel more calm and reminded me of ancient holy chanting. The session started. My body was continuously vibrating with positive energy. {Like a tuning fork. Or a sitar.}  I can’t describe the feeling, very gentle and very holy, like the smoke of incense was lit in me and was gently spreading. {Feeling her inner state, as Celia & I often do intuitively, the words… my body was a hymn, my mind was a prayer… comes to mind}.  

“I could hear the sound of wind chimes in my home. After awhile, I noticed something odd, the windchimes became frenzied when Tarun’s voice raised itself… There was a time when he stopped the humming and again the windchimes felt silent. The very world was responding to our session. The energies, the hum. {While Trishla attributes it to us, Celia & Tarun, the truth is that it is a jugalbandi. Or rather a triple bandi. Trishla, the hum and the universe. The world was responding to the force she was emanating as a result of the session.}

“Our session last for about an hour and a half post which I felt like a completely new person. One of the best things that happened was that I was suffering from a stomach problem which got okay after the session. Kudos to Tarun and Celia!

Thank you for touching and changing all our lives with your beautiful deeds and never ending support. You guys are the Angels I keep seeing in my dreams ;)

"My body was continuously vibrating with positive energy...


“I could hear the sound of wind chimes in my home. After awhile, I noticed something odd, the windchimes became frenzied when Tarun’s voice raised itself…


“Our session last for about an hour and a half post which I felt like a completely new person.



Session 2: Dissolving into Light… And the Light Bulb that thinks it is a firefly…
“My second chakra session with Tarun and Celia happened about a month later. It was again aimed at opening up my chakras. If you thought the earlier session was fierce this session was extremely intense. Underline that.

“I felt like I was in a trance and could only feel the energy they were giving me. I was completely in their hands and I could only hear them and the chanting that Tarun was doing. In fact, for that one hour, I could not hear or feel anything except for Tarun’s voice and Celia’s energy and. It was mesmerizing.

“The best part about this session was that towards the end I felt like I was having a free fall and I felt so free yet secure knowing that they were right there with me.

{In this session Celia & I could see fountains of light dancing up Trishla’s body, then waves of light unfurling from deep within and spreading out… There came a point where the energy in our room became so intense it was like a supernova was bursting… we gently… brought the session down. We were ecstatic, we can only imagine the divine joy Trishla felt. We asked Our Spirit Guide, Lord Zahumma, he said “I Liked”, with delightful understatement and humour.}

“Post this session my body feels much lighter and my mind is a lot calmer.

“Oh and I forgot, the lights in my room which are normally stable, started flickering, brightening, dimming…

Kudos T & C. You guys are the best angels in the world!! Love you both. Lots and lots of love and hugs!

Thank you guys once again for touching all our lives and helping us become the best versions of our selves! You guys are God sent!!! 



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Trishla H,






Tail Piece: These sessions with Trishla are humbling.

First, because a greater blessedness is emerging, and we are part of it. Just as we have been a part of so many of your awakenings.

Second, because it reminds us that we affect the world around us. The world is not indifferent as the absurdists or existentialists claimed. it listens. It responds.

Third, most significantly it can be life changing...

-- Love Tarun & Celia