The World is Singing. Let us join in...





We are taking, a set of advanced students {Ashwin, Ravi, Shweta, Tanya} into the rarefied end of the mystic world. Into a dimension called The Causal. Or Thought that knows it is God's Command. They experience the logic loops that underlie the universe. There is one exercise where one doesn’t just look at inner dimensions, or auras, but where one listens to the structures of logic beneath the world.

To some it sounds like leaves rustling. To others it is like faint wind chimes on an unearthly breeze. As I was testing and retesting the exercise that I would be giving the four. I heard it with incredible clarity. Each note clear, miraculous, wonderful, the whole joining in like a symphony, an orchestra in full force. The sweep of it was majestic. I was lifted up. Ecstatic, I realised the The Whole World was Singing. The Whole World is Song. We live not in a world, but on the wings of sound…

The idea that we live on song, on vibration, is part of ancient and modern knowledge. This is no stranger to the great Indian streams of philosophical and spiritual inspiration. Embedded in The Cosmic Vibration Concepts of ancient Hinduism, and the Nadabramha of Buddhism. And Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 'In the Beginning was The Word and The Word was with God, and The Word was God' says The Old Testament, the foundation text of the middle eastern emergent religions. How can there be words when lips were not formed yet? I wondered as a child. Now after 30 years of being struck by the Cosmic Ripple I begin to understand. For we emerge from a vast sound a glorious point that we at Creator's Child call the Cosmic Heart. the idea of a vibratory universe lies beneath such scientific wonderings like the Quantuum Theory and Cymatics.

Now the idea that the world is song can be used. It was used to bring down the walls of Jericho in Biblical times. It has been used to unleash quantuum forces and create nuclear weaponry. At a humbler, more human and ultimately more far-reaching level it can be used to re-sing the world, to retune it.



Legend has it that the singer Tansen sang the Raag Deepak with such fervour and precision that the lamps in the kings darbar were lit. Bursting from cold wick to glorious flame. Legend has it that he generated such heat that he would have melted or collapsed if two sisters Tana and Riri had not called inthe cooling rain of life with Raaga Malhar.

Away from the rarefied world of legend and in today's pragmatic world Devadhara Healing has used cosmic chants to help sufferers with terrifying intractable illnesses In thousands of healings. Yes, chants can shake our ideas of ground reality. We saw that when we were sending our little prayers of healing to help with the Japanese tragedy a few years ago. In Meenakshi's group in Mumbai the water in the bowls began to revolve as the chants were said!

There is a great symphony being played, a chorus of many voices raising up their joys, loves, lifenotes, heart yearnings... Listening to this universe-spanning choir with massed voices is wondrous, heart-wrenching. But as you reflect on what is truly being revealed here in an ethereal chorus, in a bowl of water behaving strangely, in numerous cases of health being accelerated we are lead to something more magnificent, something with enormous, even frightening implication. Not only can we hear the voices of all creation, from cricket whisper to the drumbeat of a country's force... We realise that these voices are more than sheep bleats that can be ignored, cut dead. For the power of the voices move at the very foundations of reality. The songs of each ant and whale helps raise up reality.


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Yes, we live on song, on the backs of a thousand singers. But what songs does the world sing? What are the other voices saying?

A few weeks ago, I had gone to visit my Spirit Guide, a great divine presence, in his realm. He was looking down at a place that was dark, smoky, with lava burning through, beings scurrying, flesh burning and crackling, screams rending the air. It looked like a place straight out of Gehenna, the Jewish Hell. It could well be from the fiercest Buddhist Hells, or Confucian hells, Or Voodoo Hells.
“Was it from another universe or realm?” I asked.
“No” was the reply.
Was it our universe, our planet?  
“Yes” was the reply.   
Was it from the future?  
“No” was the reply.  
It was a vision of our world right now.
It was nightmarish.

“You choose to be blind”, the implacable voice said, “To the world. You choose to not hear, how much pain and suffering you, as a race
have caused.”



A few days after this, we were eavesdropping on a cluster of spirit animals that Buffy had gone to, they were excited, some cheering. The Bhoguus were going to be taught a lesson. Us humans are going to have a warning slap. Buffy returned from the conclave both happy, and disturbed, death-sleepy was looking closely at many of her friends… some who had brought her sweeties. {This article was written in early July 2015. Before Buffy moved up.}

It is said, as you plough so you reap. Of the many futures, in only a few will we live beyond the end of the century. And those are mostly bloodbaths too. In just the odd one will we, much culled, live well. The first major warning shot across the bows of mankind may happen in the next 10 years. The formidable dates given are 2017-18 to 2027. Then another far more terrible period of turmoil could erupt in the mid 2030’s and early to late 2040’s.

Thankfully, the future is still not yet fixed. We can choose another way. A different path. Not paved with the suffering of others. But one that appreciates the sacrifices that others make. Asks less, gives more.




Some will say, “I have done my part, I am vegetarian”.
Good, but not enough. For plants feel, trees cry out, the ocean chokes, the sky fumes, the very ground beneath our feet writhes in pain.  

Now at one level, whether we die one at a time, or en masse, makes little difference. At another level it does. For group deaths mean group futures. Meaning, you will be sucked into the psychic morass that drags humanity… Also, if we made such a hash of being human, we may need to return to lives with 'lesser consciousness' to relearn our lessons.  

Yes… you can listen to the visions we have seen… but before you are tempted to dismiss it… remember, actually all they do is underline the obvious facts, the warning signs… we are teetering on the edge of Armageddon, of earth wipeout… You know it. I know it. We all know it… There is still time to avoid the bloodbath…





In movies with dystopian futures, the brawny Hollywood hero emerges with assault rifle, and destroys all evil. Yes, indeed we need heroes. We need a new breed of Gandhis, Churchills, Roosevelts, Lenins, Mandelas… we need a new economics… we need a new political order… we need a new thinking and living… we need a new appreciation of the enormous price that life pays to sustain us… but actually we need just one more tree planted… one less plastic packet used… one more person saying ‘I am the solution not the problem’… one more human proclaiming with his life ‘I care’… One more voice joining in the earth-song…

In the autumn of 2015 we were privileged to listen to a World Music Concert Festival by the Karnataka College of Percussion. One central figure to the festival was the renowned singer Ramani Mani. As always at concerts we also listen with aura eyes. Which chakra is coming alight as a musician sings? Are tabalchis root chakras always prominent? When we heard the singer perform we were struck by something remarkable, as she sang her root not only lit up. A luminous figure glowed at her root, a Shakti, a Devi. A being of unparalleled grace shone through the singer's body, rewarding her dedication with divine glory. Does that mean that the singer has the power to shatter walls? Not really. What the luminous gifts us with is both humbler and more precious. When we rejoice in ourselves,we can invoke the God within, and when that happens we become the most we can be, and those in proximity are reminded to reach higher, grow truer, glow brighter.

When The Titanic was sinking there were too many passengers and too few lifeboats. Amidst the confusion, the terror, the bewilderment, the helpless anguish, a nobler sound was heard. The orchestra played on, instead of rushing like rats on a sinking ship, they took post and raised a set of songs. When death stalked them they chose instead to use music to calm others, uplift the hopeless remind us that we are not frightened beasts but are capable of so much more. It is one of humanity's finest hours. A time when surely the Angels listened and wept.

The world is song, our voices are heard, our actions can change the shape of planets. We can be goats dragged to the slaughter. Or we can stand tall, we can proclaim that we are immortal lights. Gravity cannot crush us, time cannot dimnish us, death cannot molest us, rebirth cannot enslave us...


By Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders Creator's Child


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Image copyright: Tarun & Celia Cherian, Creator's Child