The Amazing Science
of Aura Healing
By Tarun & Celia Cherian.
Co founders Devadhara Healing & The Creator's Child Spiritual initiative.
Published in Bengaluru on Friday

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A crippling back pain was tormenting Mohini. She could not stand, sit, or even lie down. The dreaded word surgery was bandied about. As we did a deep aura healing for her, we saw an unusual sight in her aura. A dark, metallic form at her abdomen. Intuitively we checked. It was a chastity belt she was forced to wear in a life 500 hundred years ago. The humiliation of wearing it had marked her aura. And left her back vulnerable. Using a Devadhara depth aura clearing technique we cleared it. The moment we did so, she jerked. Later, she told us, “You did something and I felt my spine go back into place with a click. The pain's gone. My back feels fine. But you mean to say, I was wearing a chastity belt for 500 years? Uggh!”

From time immemorial, spiritualists, psychics & healers, have talked about the halos of saints, chakras & aura bodies, energy pressure points. These vital insights were used to heal, enrich & awaken, by Ancient Yogis, Tao Masters, Aboriginal Shamans, Egyptian Priests, Eastern Acupuncture. Sometimes the knowledge found deadly use in Kalaripayattu's kill points, voodoo curses, tantric ‘shaaps', psychic possessions.

The revival of aura healing in the modern world was heralded by two pioneering acts. Usui's development of Reiki in the early 1900's, and the invention of aura photography by Dr. Kirillian. With the reality of auras, and its effectiveness demonstrated, aura healing has become a serious addition to healthcare.

So what are auras? And how does it impact our wellbeing? 18 th century science depicted man as a bag of chemicals. The aura camera however disagrees, and reveals us as physical beings surrounded by an energy layer. But to aura masters like ourselves, you dear reader, are magnificent. Crowns blaze on your head, dizzying whirls of energy surround you, rivers of force pour through your being, soul inspirations blaze within. But all is not sweetness, for magic can have its ugly side. Stress can weaken the aura, fear can dirty it, black magic wound it, ghosts can terrify, past life burdens can warp… Now, where the aura energy is weak the related organs and thought processes are vulnerable. And disease finds it easier to enter.

The first gift of aura healing is warning. It tells us that a problem is brewing. For example, Rema called us for a general aura scan, we however saw the darkness around her kidney revealed things were critical. ‘Rush to the nephrologist', we told her. The Doctor told her she had come just in time, a week later and she could have suffered total kidney failure.


But auras can do more than bark. Nanditha, an elderly patient, was told that she would have to have her foot amputated. This triggered acute depression. Three healings later, she had revived so beautifully, she spent many hours walking around in the temple of her happiness – a neighbourhood mall – and no walker!

So what happens in a typical aura healing session? In a classic aura healing, healers place their hands on the body of patients or in close proximity. And channel healing energies into the patient. That's a generalisation, for there's a plethora of aura healing techniques, some use healing sounds, symbols, visualisations, others may use crystals, magnets, acupuncture needles, radionic devices, herbs or even healing places like sacred groves or temples. Some healers may even call deeper spirits, angels and God forms. In a healing where the person was traumatised by sexual abuse we awakened her Kundalini Shakti. Her body was galvanised by an incredible set of arcing shocks. The healing was a turning point. The woman who would hide indoors became a wildlife photographer.

While many see Aura Healing as an add-on to traditional healing, it actually is a game-changer. For auras challenge the very nature of reality. Banishing ghosts, untangling past life mazes, blocking voodoo, clearing ancestral curses, and evicting alien intrusions are the extreme end of what we do. Elias a communicator and healer discovered that one room in his home felt ugly. Using a protection technique he cleared his home of ghostly presences. Overnight the room everybody would avoid became welcoming.

Does this exorcism give you the heebie jeebies? It shouldn't. Look at someone as a bag of chemicals and death becomes a full stop. See yourself as flame housed in a body and you will be more likely to claim your immortal self.

The final gift of Aura Healing is not strictly speaking healing. But rather it points to a robust, active spirituality. Well before we became healers in the mid 90's, we had seen cosmic visions and were taking meditation students in. But the whole approach was of the mind expansion. It was when we became healers that it hit home that we weren't just dealing with mind-events but bone-real energies. It is one thing to Know God. But when you Use God to save a life or reduce pain, then God becomes so much more real.


Tarun & Celia Cherian, Are Spiritual Guides. Aura Masters. And Founders of Devadhara Healing. They help sufferers fight the incurable, the lost find clarity and seekers touch the ultimate, through their spiritual initiative – Creators Child.