Celebrating The Rainbow God

August 14th, 2017

  The Rainbow God  

"Ribbons dance through the night air... brilliant green, robin red, champa orange, sunset gold, bluebell purple, fuchsia mauves... weaving, wefting, zefting, trefting... sleepy I wake... and marvel... who are you? I ask.

"I am the Weaver, I am the song that weaves... I am the cloth that forms the universe... I am the colours that form the world. I am passion, I am joy, I am knowing, I am the revelling, and I am the silence on which all this rests... beneath this world are my dark thighs... I am the song now clothed by song, now singing in silence... the world sings... the world is my song... to the right of your heart is my song... you are beetle on the cloth that I weave...

"I am panther... walking through a forest where every tree and hill formed because there I stepped... I am thread that holds this robe draped across reality... then I unloose the robes and you see beneath... the stirrings of the truth... I am the next step when earth you leave and on rainbows you place your feet...

"I was the one who woke you dear Tarun from your slumber 4 decades ago... and I put you back to sleep... I wake you now again... and put you to sleep... again and again till all life is rimmed with colour... Now I wake you to show you how I bind... How worlds I bind... You ask me... "Who am I?" I answer... I can answer in the rising note that flows like dhoti dancing in the breeze... I let go... do you follow the scarf of many colours or keep your eye fixed on truth's diadem on my inky body... But that too is lesser... For the jewelled truth is but a sparkle... Will you let go your eye of the jewel and feast your eye on the darkness beneath? Knowledge is but a bead of sweat on my reality...


The weaver of existence reveals himself/herself threading light through the burlap of our reality.
Passion, joy, revelling, silencethis is reality's fabric.
Panther, creature that silently slips through the forest of the mind and stalks man's arrogance.
From colour to more rarefied colour is our next step.
Look beneath we are invited. World, many inner cloths of deep intimacy, wisdom's jewels, but we are invited to not stop there.

The image reveals our world and its magic tantalisingly glimpsed...

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“Before I arrive, come gusts of joy... Or tremblings of fear...
I am Whirlwind. I am Rainbow.
I will toss you up, I will turn you around...

I am living joy that dances through life and death as if they are but doors to a home.
I am truth who some call The Great Flautist.
But I am not cold truth.
I am life in full peacock glory.
I am the undying in glorious sunset splendour.

“"I am many robed.
At my crest I am the One Light of unspeakable brilliance,
Then I am deep inky darkness cascading down like unruly hair.
Then I am platinum chain of intricate structure.
Then I am warmth, love, laughter in a brilliant range,
consider this to be a vesti or shawl I drape creation in.
Then I am cubes of intricate work which some scriptures or books term my subtlety or cunning.
Then I wear astral dhoti, shimmering with colours so beautiful it is like glass-blower’s breath twisting into gliding forms of dreamy perfection.    
Then I wear anklets of unquiet hue like lightning twisted into silver.
Then are my feet adorned, here with dust there with grassflower. This is the physical.
Below this I wear dusty sandals of elemental strength.  
{Here I have given you a simplified version of reality and its many keys}

“Looked at in one way I am the One rainbowing out in drapes to form creation and all, where yes even all gods are my embellishments.
Looked at in another way I am one God, one variant of an infinite freedom…
Looked at in another way I an one face of the diamond.
Looked at in another way, I am the rainbow that appears on the surface of a pond, the subtle sheen in the eye of a lover, the brightest, true laugh of a child…

“I like all Gods appeared after the first brilliant explosion of creation.
But I like all First Gods can travel before my Birth.
But I like all First Gods can travel after the Death of time.

“Who is to say what I am?  
Even I cannot.
Even I cannot hold all the colours of my being in a hand.
Even I cannot see the limits of my coils with eye.

“But do not think I know not what I am…
Or see not every twist of the thorn thicket of fate.
“I am breath… that crystallises into flute… that blows through eternity… I am eternity… {Unaahsii}

“Know this, we all emerge from the same place, Gods and humans, ants and stones.
And so while I am star above your life,
This too is true… in your beetle-tiny life is I.
And so I say this –
“Taste one spoon of kheer with relish, and I am there…”
“Love one night maximally, and I am there …”
“Bring joy to one friend,  and I am there…”
“Plant one tree and I am there…”

“I appear to many.
But usually always as rainbow or hued darkness.
Sometimes as brilliance.

“I have appeared to some in Middle Eastern Deserts with multi-colour eyes.
“I have appeared in the Northern wastes as South winds.
“I first appeared in India as a dark child with a colourful dhoti.
“I have appeared to animals, stones, rocks, forests.
“I have appeared before earth was formed and coiled the snake on which your earth rests.

“I invite you… come to me… or rejoice in you…  




Something must stir the clothes that life wears only then can we look below, the mellowness of a meadow, the joy of the cowherd or the panic of Pan...
Whirlwind and Rainbow... many religions ask us to plant our feet on rock... here we are invited to stand on rainbow... dance on whirlwind...
Whirlwind and Rainbow... many religions ask us to plant our feet on rock... here we are invited to stand on rainbow... dance on whirlwind...
Again the robes of reality are revealed this time with great clarity.
The manyness of The Gods is clarified...
The presence of The Gods in Life revealed...
The Curiousities of God's Paradox glimpsed....
Another of God's Paradox glimpsed....
The incredible assurance and promise of Creator's Child affirmed...
How reach the divine shown with great kindness...
Many times in many cultures has the divine fllautist shown himself... herself...
Again the cosmic invites us... come to me...

-- The Rainbow God Revealed Through Tarun & Celia Cherian

On a Personal Note: 'The Rainbow God' or Evansera as he introduced himself to Tarun in the early 1970's used poetry, art and deep yearning to open his mind & spirit....
    "'The Rainbow God' took on the burden of being the ground beneath Tarun's exploratory feet... He/she has been the frisson in Celia's Joy...

"Creator's Child richness, sprawling across cosmic visions, auras, healing, spiritual exploration, life rejoicing has also been shaped in part by him...

Apart from The Rainbow God, many Cosmic Beings guide Creator's Child... Celia's Spirit Guide Lord Zol, an inspirational figure central to some Middle Eastern Religions, Lord Maha-Ya, who has touched India, South America, Lady of The True Darkness, Zihunera, who seems to have parallels to the great dark mother... Others that are set in history like Mother Mary, Lady Sofeeya, Lord Jesus, Lord Rhiaonnen, Lord Shiva, Baby Krishna, Arch Angel Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Sandalphon...