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It is the humblest of the humble. The Chappal. Often kept outside of the Indian home. Used as the worst insult. To slap the Bollywood villain, to be flung at the politician, to squeeze the downtrodden or crush a cockroach.

And yet it is this humble chappal that leads us more surely to a great truth than the highest scriptures.

It teaches us that beneath the grime, the chappal contains level after level of deep energy... and that ultimately behind even the humble chappal lies God.

And indeed, whether you look at it from the view of the scientist or mystic, you sense how marvellous our world is.

The Scientist sees the Chappal contains enormous power, enough to rip a city apart. The Mystic sees The Chappal as miraculous, something in which God himself sits!

And yes, Divya has seen dramatically and unforgettably, what every religeous teacher has stated -- God is everywhere! In everything.

But more great truths lie hidden. And it is this, if behind The Chappal... however distant lies God, then The Universe we live in is alive and can be talked to.

Now while we have learned to talk to humans and animals, the truth is the whole world listens to us... and sometimes responds. Yes, even what are sometimes inanimate things respond and react, if we can learn to speak in their tongue. When that happens spoons can bend and stones fly.

But, just as we humans do not obey every request made of us, so too will stones and storms obey us. They may listen... they may if we try very hard understand, and if there's a synergy of interest they may respond. We may not always like what they hear, or their response.

We humans have our ideas of social scales, of what is important and unimportant. The Chappal gives them a firm kick in the pants. For it says, "We must be blind to praise a clear piece of carbon -- diamond and despise coal that powers our life. We must be stupid to consider the hat that covers a Bishop's head as superior to the chappal that protects our feet.

Now it isn't easy to read the language of Chappals, to do so with such beauty Divya has invested 5 years of her life. But that's less than half the time you spent to get throgh school.

Many when talking about ground reality speak of how coarse it is. The Chappal tells you another story of how miraculous it is.

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