Healing Works Like a Song!


-- Vasundhara Vee, Called 'The Reigning Empress of Jazz' by MTv, Speaks of Healing, The Goddess, and Singing that’s Not Singing.

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“My voice was choked throughout the day and even before the gig...I sounded like shit during sound check. But soon as I opened my mouth to sing at the show, all would clear and it seemed like NO STRAIN.

“My goddess was there.

“I felt an unusual sense of relaxation. I could see the music happening and the changes in energy. For a moment during the second set... The whole audience seemed to become transparent ...and I saw galaxies inside each... And lifetimes and different things... They were like transparent bodies lit with little lights inside.

“There was a very soft song... And people started talking.... I remembered a direction in Victor Wooten's book that said, Turn up your own quiet and see what happens. I tried that and immediately they were silent and also turned to the stage.

“A couple came to me and cried... The lady said she would name her child after me. As soon as the show got over, my voice closed again. And there was an old man who came to see the show.... He said he has seen me perform in Goa three years ago... He said I had grown a lot and he was happy to see me again.

“Most important was the realisation that I was able to see when I became "intellectual" or "judgemental" about singing..... And it's at those places where I didn't sing ok...When I had no thoughts and only was focusing on love then notes would come out on their own...

“I think the Goddess did everything. I shouldn't take credit. Coz I was totally only chilling and things were happening.

“Incidentally immediately after the show my throat went back to croaking…

-- Vasu



Note by Tarun & Celia: A day before the show, Vasu called us for a healing. Her voice was in terrible shape. Could she not do the show? No, she had to. Celia & I gave her a deep healing. She would be able to sing we got intuitively, but she had to rest her voice. “But I have to practise with the band for 8 hours.” She protested. Tough titty. We said. Behind her a luminous figure waved her hands. Her Goddess?! The day after she calls excitedly to relate this awe-inspiring experience.

Question: Why did the Goddess heal Vasu's throat only for the length of the show?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: Vasu invited me to listen so I gave her one hour's grace. But since she hadn't dealt with the core issues, the throat didn't stay healed.

Question: Why did The Goddess choose to listen to Vasu's show?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: I like her spirit. I listen at 12 levels. The most vital for me is purity of heart.

Question: When Vasu saw the audience through your influence Dear Goddess she saw the Cosmic in all, why then do some see and others don't some can use it, others not?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: You are all the infinite, but you are sometimes tangled up. The real miracle was not that Vasu could sing. But that for a brief hour she could see.

Question: If we are all cosmic, are we all equal?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: Did you know that I once lived in human form on your earth. I sent many men mad. If I unleashed my force I triggered earthquakes. I died killed by a crocodile bite that got infected. I tried but couldn't heal myself. I {in body} was irresponsible child, so I mother of space taught myself a lesson. The foot became gangrenous, strange colours, at the final hours my powers returned. i healed the foot but that broke my link with the earth.

Equality & inequality reflects how far each of us can use The fullness within Earth Limits. We can arrive on earth as blind worm, or as presence choosing to be blind worm.

Question: Who are you? Who is a Goddess?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: I have already communicated it to you in the article Celebrating The Power of The Goddess. Here is a snippet from that article: "I am" she says "blood of your blood, I am ground beneath your feet, I am the tree that feeds your breath... I am the lost child, woman weeping, I am man despairing, I am cow crying for its calf, I am rabbit tasting grass, I am bacteria eating bone, I am cloud kissing earth, I am stars singing their songs, I am snail leaving silvery trail, I am storm raging forth... I am in each child... and so any who disrespect life are by that circle held..."

She elaborates: "I am primal reality. Before it can be said to exist. And after its contours are glimpsed."

Question: Is a Goddess different from a God?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: In your minds Godesses are different from Gods. In those terms, we The Goddess are The Primal, and The God effulgence from our Primality. But because the Creator, our child is creative he can project himself before his birth, his emergence. Or he is implicit in our silence.

Question: Are you The Primal Reality?
Answer channeled by Tarun & Celia from The Goddess: I am an echoe of the first song, ghungroo of the first dance. I am shadow of shadow. The Primal Goddess in full majesty is a sight that can borne only by a handful of cosmic presences. More than an hour in her presence and I swoon, yes I who can cause a star to explode, or sun to hush. think of me as one angle of a great crystal.