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Parallel World Interaction:
The Aliens Are Next Door.

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Aliens n Durga Ma

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A colourful Durga Puja Pandal in Jayamahal had a thought-provoking theme. Aliens! And as we looked at we wondered about aliens what man can learn from them, how Aliens see The Cosmos and Divine? Do they see 'Durga Ma' as Durga Ma? Obviously there are many species of aliens in different worlds and realms.

The first time we encountered alien presences with dramatic intensity was in an incident we related in Tickle from the early 2000's which was sensed by Vinod, Vinesh, Rohini, Aunty Sukumar, Celia & Tarun. Yes 6 of us sensed alien presences.

Over time one of the key tasks Celia & I have taken on at a deeper level has been to get vaster intelligences and beings from other planes {Read angels and spirit guides} to connect with us, and help the earth. Obviously such a confluence takes decades or centuries to achieve. And any such interaction is usually extremely limited, fraught with dangers, filled with challenge.

Alien Intelligence

We were delighted to realise in November 2018 that a parallel world stream that branched from our world 16 centuries ago is brushing our world now. It will do so off and on this year {2019}. And...

“But what is a parallel world?” You interrupt.
Sometimes an energy locus we call a world branches into two worlds and follows different paths. These two worlds often move in close proximity. At specific times these worlds may interact with each other, brushing each other at one or many of 63 dimensions. A confluence that has significance...

But how is the meeting of parallel world’s significant? Who is meeting who?
What happened when Europe met Native Americans Post Columbus?
What happened when Britain met India?
“Oh god” you cry out “will they colonize us?”

Two worlds can merge, greatly influence each other, or offer each other perspectives.
In gross merging planets can melt, suns disappear.
In gentle brushing we can peep into each other’s worlds.
The interaction we are now encountering is very gentle brushing just 3 out of 63 dimensions… so thankfully actual colonization is not possible, but limited learning is…

Shall we try to understand things a little better?

Who are we meeting: Euronn. And Kaladhuggia.
In The Parallel World stream the earth inhabitants call our stream Euronn. And theirs Kaladhuggia. Interacting with Kaladhuggia is of great significance as they have attempted successfully to maintain a cleaner planet and relatively more political harmony.

Given specific time-space alignments our streams are out of synch so we interact with them in their future. Which makes their advances even more useful.

Invaluable insights from their world stream:
- For power they use proton smashers, which are located off planet, on another planet and outer space
- To limit humanoid population they spray a controller in the air which makes their skin a distinct colour.
- They use stronger anti-air pollution methodologies, using what they call a Thallic Oxide Honeycomb. Oceanic pollution was met by creating giant floating islands.
- They interact with another superior planetary civilization.
- Their political system penetrates to a district level.
- Their emotions are more regulated, they have deployed a system of rage inspectors.
- Their conversations use gestures to a greater degree.
- They have a potent religious system called Nafa.

Who can benefit from such interaction?
- Those dealing with
1. Technology: Esp Communication.
2. Species Saving.
3. ‘Organised Compassion’.

What is the opportunity time to interact?
- Jan, March… and a few years later.

How can I interact with them?
- We are organising a half day workshop to facilitate such interaction. PsyContact
Protocol Workshop details

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Love & God Tarun & Celia Cherian