Seeing with Closed Eyes.
An amazing experience by Celia gets our brains buzzing.



The other night, Celia saw the Moon beneath her sleeping eyelids. She was sleeping. I was awake in the moonlit room and meditating with open eyes. The Moon through the window fell on our bed at our feet. She woke and talked of the moon, and as she talked she wondered, if her eyes had been open or closed. I who was awake in the moonlit room and meditating with open eyes assured her they had been closed.

Even though our eyes are closed our eyes may not be closed. And just because we are asleep does not mean the mind sleeps. We register far more than we know we register. And our mind far vaster than the waking mind.

There are a million things I experience today-tonight that I did not attend to and thought I did not hear. Like a dog barking faraway, hum of the computer, my cold knees, but which some part of me heard.

And if I add senses beyond the 5 that I do not realise I have, like my body’s ability to taste itself, or my skin’s ability to see light, my hair’s once acute sense of wind shift and temperature change... then things get even more interesting.


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Then I may add stranger senses like an elephant’s ability to hear vibration tens of kilometres away with its feet. Or the shark’s ability to see the electricity shift in a prey’s body, then things get progressively stranger. What if these senses are ours only disused, for we know our body systems are tuned to magnetism and the season’s shifting sunlight.

What if with neuron’s tips, now particle now wave,  you hear a continent away, or a galaxy apart? What if stirring in the space between galaxies are a million conversations that you can hear? What if you could sense the creak of gravity-space-time?

And you realise that if we can listen... there is no limit to what we can hear... Call it the observant sense, auras, deja vu, telepathy, mind-speak, clairvoyance, intuition, or the limitless mind...

Sitting at the computer I decide to take what Celia has gifted us and push it with the waking mind...

I smell a faint burning, the heat of wires in the computer. {Hmm, no danger}. Then I push deeper and...

I hear a cricket a 100 feet away. {We've found animals with this sense}. Then I stretch our senses furthur and...

I hear the wind in a tamarind tree the other side of the building. I hear the settle of air in the neighbourhood. Then as I push deeper still...

I hear a heart murmuring half a block away. {We can confirm this through innumerable sessions with advanced students}. I hear the throat of a rooster clear a mile away, the blood rush to the red comb of the bird’s head.

I hear the crackle of force as people turn, wake weary or light, stir with early morning love, the gassy shift of an intestine. {Most of you have sensed physical energies}.

I hear the sunlight strike the air 500 kilometres away, though here it is still night. I hear the air ‘frussh’ with sunlight.

I hear dreams from across the neighbourhood, feel them form bubbles. I hear someone leave their body and die. {This is what we use in death escort}.

I hear the earth beneath. I hear the screaming of ionic breeze. I hear the tug of war of the Sun and Jupiter. I hear a filamenty being circle the solar system {This is what we use in interventions we rarely speak of}.

I hear the logic of the world chime out. {As advanced students like Amita P, Ashwin, Ravi, Shweta, Tanya have heard}. I hear the dead wake. And the living sleep.

I hear a golden angel. {Like so many seekers like Amita S, Ashwin, Bela, Divya, Geetha G, Ravi, Shweta, Tanya have heard}. I hear God begin a century long syllable. I hear sussurations behind.

Celia sees though her eyes are closed. Celia knows though she’s asleep. And so we hear though we do not. We know what we cannot. We are where we are not.

Celia sees though her eyes are closed. Celia knows though she’s asleep. And so we realise we do not need eyes to see or a brain too think.

Celia sees though her eyes are closed. Celia knows though she’s asleep. And so we realise we are the light that needs no eyes, we are the mind that needs no brain.

Our eyelids may be closed, but our are eyes open. 







Tarun reflects on Celia's experience:
Article Published Nov 2017: Images: Copyright: Celia & Tarun



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