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Sometimes Death Backs Down

  Death Revelations by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Creator's Child Spiritual Masters

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Are we helpless before Death? Can Death be asked to give up its prey? In this First Person Account, Brinda* J, talks about a near miraculous recovery of her mother.

“When I rang you up that day from emergency in hospital, I didn’t know what to tell you, I was hoping that you could help her with the onward journey.

“As it happens so many times that you start doing some process and I comply with your instructions , unaware of the outcome.

“So that day also, I just kept doing what you were telling me to do. {You asked me to locate her inwardly} I found Mom {Psychically} in a garden & she agreed to come with me to a level. But when she saw her physical self, she wanted to quit, but you {Tarun} said now it’s not possible to go back and she was told to come back to physical body.

“After that you asked one by one all close relatives to come and give some years of their life to her, the years thus contributed were used to make parts of her body heal again. She woke up within half an hour, quite ok. Doctors couldn’t give any diagnosis of her condition as all tests subsequently came ok.

“It was a very scary experience for me to understand & grasp your reality or totality of powers for the first time. It took a long time consequently for me to understand in my own terms that though you are my teacher, but somewhere you are much more than that, with absolute powers that can wrestle with death itself. Still trying to solve the mystery of experience that I went through that day, & the remembrance, still shakes me up.”

Why does Death retreat here? And refuse to let go there?
Now Brinda Jain* is a long run student of ours, and one of our finest seekers. And her mother, someone who loosely has been under our wing for 10 years. Brinda’s mother was in her late 80’s when this incident occurred, so why was she spared? Most of us reading this article have lost someone they have loved. And so this story will be particularly poignant. And some will say, but why did my mother have to go she was just 60? Why my dad at 55? Why Tarun & Celia did you ask death to let her go?

There are unfair advantages and disadvantages of being spiritualists. The advantage well, even death tips its hat. The disadvantages are that sometimes, life kicks the ego around terribly. Brinda could have been one of the leading techies of India, but had to shelve the American dream {Fat car, big home, huge paycheck, own company, fawning employees} to take care of an ill relative. But the troubles meant that her connect with the divine has been strong. No incredibly strong.

Kundalini awakenings, flaring energy gifts like healing 20 people with one touch… yet these too were cruelly stripped away, so love for siddhis doesn’t interrupt her spiritual growth.

So when Brinda wrung her hands helplessly at the hospital… it was ironic, here was a spiritualist, once capable of healing hundreds, reduced to psychic penury… As we looked at the mother, at Brinda, at the family… we realized that, the universe believed The Mother could shake off the illness.

The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth


Why? Because if Brinda’s Mother put the next few years of her life behind a mantra, she could cut down the lifetimes of reincarnational wandering ahead.

Why? Because Brinda’s father who passed on is a powerful spirit freed of the cycle of death and rebirth. And he was instrumental in helping guide her.

Why? Because while the mother had lived a good life, in the last 10, her large family had emotionally gone through doldrums and almost broken up. This healing, where 15 of them had to give up, one to ten years of their lives would help them bond again. They were valuing the mother, they were valuing the hub of their fanily.

Why? Because as you and I see that death can give up its prey, we will all be a little less afraid of death. And little more willing to live.

Why? Now Death, The Death Angels, The Gods do not share man’s fear of death. A death at 10, 35, 55 are not defeats. A death at 95 not necessarily ann achievement. To them a death postponed is not a triumph of life. But that said, a critical reason, why the death angels backed off is because this healing would remind Brinda, Devadhara Healers, Creator’s Child Spiritual Seekers, The Doctors, Nurses, Family that the spirit wields enormous force.

Now there are a thousand and one questions further questions you will have. Well, you will need to reread your copy of The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth.

The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth by Tarun & Celia Cherian

But more importantly, you need to walk out with the assurance while our mind sees death, with dread. Another side sees death as change of clothes. So at one level, this is a magnificent reassurance to us all. Death blinked. At another its death sniffing and saying someone wants to party longer? Ok, I guess.

Now here is a tailpiece from a cosmic guide who read the article... "We use Death as a way to amplify life. Sometimes it is a warning that quickens life. Sometimes its the curtain call after a full, entertaining movie. Sometimes it is a way to give a family or community CPR. Sometimes it is seemingly meaningless, even spur of the moment, even a waste... and yes, sometimes a soul may fumble... But no life is ever lost... You change bodies, exchange worlds, sometimes 'ascend' to worlds brilliant beyond measure... There are planes where death does not exist... But change always does... as those who saw but recently a great angel struggle... suffer and recover..."


Brinda* J's experience elaborated on by Celia & Tarun Cherian.


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