The Gifts of Forest Spirits: Glorious Sex, Babies, Healing, Life’s Embrace…


Forest spirits as seen by Creator's child Masters, Tarun & Celia Cherian

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Orgy in The Forest “We were in bed, in a forest resort, and we felt someone join us. A kind of a luminous presence that brushed my breasts, and startled Sunil*. ‘Oh just a play of wind & light,’ said Sunil. “But wind & light don’t do the things… it happened twice, thrice… even Sunil my dear hyperrationalist was shaken… when I called Tarun & Celia, they laughed. It’s a forest spirit wanting to gift us a child, to intensify our natural drives.” – Meera, IT researcher.

“Think of it as a threesome”, Tarun joked. When I protested I didn’t want that. He added on a more serious note, ‘while you may call the forest spirit, a woman, she really is an entity deeply involved in intensifying the richness of life’.”

“But if we make out in the forest resort would we really be having a threesome?” Meera asked Tarun. ‘Yes and No’ he answered in his typically exasperating way.  “Yes if you think the forest spirit as a woman. No if you realise she is an entity from another dimension, an energy snake or dragon and so moves to use life’s realities and fears and marries it with our need to fulfil ourselves through a child.””

Just as you are about to hop into the car and race off into the forest you hear someone going, "But... But... But..." Oh yes, it's the sceptic applying brakes.

What does Science think of the idea of Living Trees and Forest Spirits? Now let us step back and take a moment. Whatthe orgy in the forest revealed is that forests populated by living spirits or are living beings. That these can add interact with us and zing to our sexuality & fertility. and you are telling yourself, if they are real, and they are real, I can ask them to Protect. Look out for me. Warn. Keep us healthy... And as your mind goes on ahead the sceptic in you comes awake with a severe warning. You tell yourself well, I know it to be true and Tarun & Celia know it to be true, but if I go and tell my skeptic friends about this they'll laugh their heads off.

Not if they are intelligent open minded creatures.

First the ancients knew it to be true. We have the Yakshis of N India, Panaiveriyammans from S India, {he incidentally was a fertility spirit}.  Dryads and Hamadryads of Greece. Druantia of The Celts. Hathor of Egypt. Nang Mais of Thailand. Metaema of Estonia. Tane Mahuata of The Maoris. Pi-Fang of China. So? There are myths everywhere you may say. Well, 80% of modern medicine uses the discoveries of the ancients, some just capsuled, like aspirin and garlic, others derived from them, a few are synthetic but still use these building blocks. When speaking of their discoveries many shamans say the tree, the forest, the land spoke to them. From each of these countries come elaborate herbal and energy health enhancement and healing systems, like Yoga and Ayurveda. The most ancients of these texts talk of being inspired by a divine being or spirit.

Second, starting with Nobel Prize Winner, Dr Jagdish Bose, and modern ecological scientists like Cocroft, Dudley, Gabler, science has proven that plants can respond to pain, threat, they can defend themselves, help others, talk with each other chemically, biologically, electromagnetically. They are living beings like us.

Third, according to Science there's a vast difference between a plantation of trees, and a forest. Forests are complex, living entities. They are interactive organisations. Often behaving like a single unit rather than a disparate collection. Innumerable paths of deep integrity connect them, below the earth and above. One can look at it in two ways. First, forests are alive in the same way that Cannetti spoke of crowds being alive. Alternately one can look at it as humans composed of living sub-entities. In fact, process theorists argue that the earth herself is a living entity.

Fourth according to Science, forests are invaluable to us humans, protecting us from viral & biological epidemics.

Fifth Creator's Child experiments involving many of you reveal plant spirits can be seen by many, their presence confirmed.

As you look at it you realise that science and the ancients far from being antagonists, are deeply in agreement on the main points. 1} Trees are alive. 2} Forests are living entities. 3} The modern pharmacoepia rests on discoveries of shamans prompted by tree conversations. 4} Forests are life protecting beings, protecting us humans from epidemic. 5} Many of you have been involved in mini experiments revealing, spirits of trees, animals, humans and land.

Now that the sceptic has some assurance, let us return to the incredible gifts trees can give us. If zany sex was the starters what's next?

The Gift of Babies: Wonderfully two other couples experienced very similar intrusions or should we say invitations as Meera and husband did.

“I kept feeling this call at evening time drawing us to the forest. It was both insistent and also, strange and weird. Was it a ghost? I wondered. ‘No, it is the forest spirit. Tarun told me. Then he chuckled “it wants both of you to make love at the very heart of the forest”. While I considered it, I knew Amit* would have nothing to do with such uncomfortable pursuits. In fact the reaction he had when I suggested it was utterly comic. It is one of my favourite marriage moments.” – Sunita*, IT consultant.

Interestingly all three couples who invited forest spirits in, ended up with children.

You have by now put your luggage into the car and are driving off to the forest. A good idea. But you should listen a little longer... while sexuality is a facet, of forest spirits do not go away be mistaken that forest spirits are about bonking. Forest spirits are about about Life, about revelling in life, about joyously expressing onself, about flinging one’s seed, of ripening with child, of enriching the earth. To understand the difference consider this. Today we see sex as an intensely private thing. But nature sees it as a festival, a celebration. Where the seasons shift and body rhythms move together in a magnificent tango. So a flower scenting the forest air. Few humans would walk about today with the wild scent of sex proclaiming their readiness or joy.  We talk of orgasmic joy. Not of life pulsing energy enriching the ground we walk on. We talk of my child. Not earth’s child rooting in me.

Forest spirits don’t just help birth life, they also help heal and nurture it.  

The Gift of Healing: “Awhile ago Tarun had cut his forehead, with blood dramatically bleeding down. One day when getting the wound dressed, his blood pressure dropped dramatically, triggered perhaps by anti-biotics he is not used to,. He held the heart mudra, and I gave him healing to the back of heart. 5 minutes later we got up, and drove home. Ok Devadhara Healers here are 2 musts to remember. The Heart Mudra and Heal The Back of The Heart. But you may ask, where are the forest spirits stuff? Wait awhile impatient ones. Anyway, arriving back home, I was ensconcing Tarun, now a little grey in the healing room, when he gets up and bounds up the stairs. I scramble after, utterly exasperated. Up on the terrace, he is standing in deep meditation with a tree spirit. He had been told the accident happened and the blood pressure, because his energies were jumpy, and the trees behind our home could help settle the chakras. As I watched his heart turned a lovely green. The Tree/ Forest spirit had helped. And how!” – Celia

Sensual magnificence, fertility, help in healing, what next?

Trees and Forest Spirits can watch out for us: A dog was lost, the usual avenues weren't working. We asked a tree spirit to help. It gave us two invaluable clues, a drain smell, and chilly powder smell. Added to an earlier seeing that showed pipes, we looked and between a nallah, and a mini chilly wholesale place we found the dog.

Trees and Forest Spirits can Protect: Forest spirits can be protective & caring. We were searching for a lost teenager. We located him energetically on a park bench. But he was jumpy, ready to run. Finding him a second time would have been difficult. Very sweetly the trees exuded an energy or bio-chemical that soothed the rebellious teenager's mind. An hour later the parents found him half asleep on the park bench.


Incidentally, the image of the forest spirit is psycho-active. Spiritual adventurers and healers, note, protect yourself thoroughly before connecting up with her. forest spirits seen by Creator's Child Masters Tarun & Celia Cherian
This image of the forest spirit is active, it can link you to her, protect yourself if you connect.

The Ugly Side of Forest Spirits: “Recently, we Tarun & Celia had gone to a sprawling estate. As we were exploring it we came to a place of great heaviness. We realised that we had entered the realm of a forest spirit, a greenish entity with considerable power. When it became a trifle too intense we put her in her place.

“She wanted to feed off us so she could nourish her forest area. Perhaps if we got cut, bled and so enrich the soil. Instead we sent her to a place of greater understanding. We did nourish her, but not in the way she would have wanted us to.”

Now from ‘darling forest beings’ your mind has pushed them to the other side and is classifying them as little devils. Actually neither is true. Forest spirits are life spirits. They are strong, fierce, wild entities from a more primal time. They look at life with an honesty that is sometimes different, even scary. They are not always nice. They can bless us as we will see below in Amita’s beautiful example. Or linger and torment us, as we saw in a video, in which Zahid Testifies how he cleared a forest spirit.

But the truth is humanity, our selfishness, our soulless urban deserts, our civilisation that is busy poisoning the world is far from nice. Forest spirits are spirits of the forest, of the land, enriching it, spreading it, protecting and fostering nature’s way are its primal responsibility.

The Gift of Belonging: Awhile ago, Amita had to give up her estate land in Kerala that she loved. As she mourned it we realised that the land she brought up her children on, buried her husband in was deeply connected to her and would like to offer her a gift.

Celia & I escorted Amita to a wild part of her land. As she stood there she merged with the land. She could feel from its roots, hear from its leaves… She became the forest, many-layered infinitely complex, wondrously blessed. She was given a gift of seed. A beautiful thing. For whenever she feels landlocked in urban India, she just has to hold the seed and she is back where life in not this grimy, enslaved thing. In her is bird chirp. In her, the roar of spring sap.

The Gift of Love after Death: We have included this case in The Chronicle of Death and Rebirth. A human spirit that was to be reborn in a baby lost its way. Wandering, a half-ghost it was taken into a tree with which it merged. Half-human, half tree, wholly luminous.

We have come a long way. From wood for firewood to sensualist, green gynae, detective, protector, doctor, guide...


-- Tarun & Celia Cherian



We are in the process of finalising a book on the incredible gifts of trees and forests. We will release it in a few months.