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The Teacher of Liberation
by Tarun Cherian

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Awhile ago, 37 years ago to be precise, my elder brother got a wild bunny rabbit. We were in hostel in a school in the IIT madras campus. It was surrounded by sprawling greens and a deer park , next door. How did he get a wild rabbit? Well, he chased off a few dogs tormenting something and got the bunny. The dogs had killed the mother rabbit and two others of the litter. This had survived.

My brother brought the little orphan to hostel and cleaned out his desk. We put a bowl of water, some greens, some hay for a bed, ensured ventilation by making a crack in the desk bigger, and gave it, it's very own little palace. But it was wild and would have nothing to do with such blandishments. It scratched, thumped slammed against the little cupboard. We decided the next day we'd go to town, and get a cage. After study hours were up at night,, we had to go up, and leave the bunny in the cupboard.

The next morning when we came down, we made a beeline for the cupboard. We encountered a tragedy. So frantic had it been to escape, it had slammed itself against the wooden walls and broken its neck. We buried it. We were both sad. And deeply proud. It was just two weeks old. But it had taught us something precious.

If you have a choice between life and a nice box with green in it – Go for Life. Even if you have to die of a broken neck.

Today is teacher's day, and we would like to give thanks to our gurus. We have had no formal human teacher, but we have had many guides. Foremost The Shining One who sits at The Heart of Creation. Then some from the first Circle of Becoming, Cosmic Creators and Guides. We have had many fine human examples to follow, too many to name. Many from our family, friends, students and patients. {Yes, many of you have fought impossible odds, death even and earned the universe's respect.} Also like the great founder of The Nath Tradition we have had many animal teachers. A magnificent Dolphin Teacher, Doggy Gurus, Frog Illuminators…

Sometimes people come to us and talk about reaching liberation, about the spiritual path. Sometimes we ourselves wonder how to grow deeper… the discussion meanders into gurus, meditations, rituals, symbols, pilgrim spots…

And it is here that we must interrupt ourselves and listen to The Bunny Rabbit. For gurus, meditations, rituals, symbols, pilgrim spots… cannot take us to Freedom. Even the greatest of Maharishis could not push Trishanku to heaven only with his own formidable force. Buddha's search came from an anguished horror at disease, age, suffering. It is said on the night before his crucifixion, Jesus bled drops of blood.

If we wish freedom, we need to ask ourselves this, do we want freedom? Or do we only want a bunch of green, some water, a nice box? Do we want freedom? Do we want freedom strong enough to break a neck? Conquer hate? Get a God to Smile?