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Awhile ago, Elias one of our Devadhara Level-1 Healers discovered his folks were being targetted by a Govt department. It was not one person, but a chain of people. Bureacracy supports its own.

So Elias went to the department and created galata. Humiliated by the upstart consumer, 6 of the low level staff poured out out and gave the burly Elias a beating. Ripping his shirt, breaking his specs.

Instead of crawling back into his hole and licking his wounds like many of us would do. Elias turned the tables on them. He proceeded to conduct a dharna in torn clothes outside the department. In 2 hours it became an embarassment and a huge potential issue with journalists scenting blood. From both sides high level intermediaries were sent. By evening apologies and reparations were extended.

Now could Elias have handled the situation right at the start differently? Perhaps. Perhaps he could have just greased a palm. {But that would have been the usual cop out}. Or used a high level contact in the first place {The high level contact may have suggested option 1 for such a minor issue}. Perhaps he could have been quietly, and stubbornly persistent. Perhaps he could have got 6 others to accompany him. {But many of us have no one to accompany us, let alone ourselves}.

Elias he did the most important thing. Took the most important step. He backed himself. And when he was helpless he used his helplessness as force. He was willing to pay the price.

The Nobel Prize winner Satyarthi fighting for child rights in India in his fight has been beaten a hundred times. He is once said to have taken his shirt off to a journalist and revealed a body covered with scars.

As part of Shweta’s growth, we brought her in direct connection with The Source." {To quote from Tickle 35 } "When Shwetha looked deep she encountered… we asked Shweta to ask her Goddess doubts she had. One question was “Why are you associated with so much bloodshed?” The answer of The Dark Goddess amazed us: “Change is not bloodless” was her incredible reply." 



Addendum: When Elias went to the govt department his sacral chakra was churning. It was churning at the injustice of the department and being sidelined on other issues. When he was being beaten up and giving back, {others got black eyes too}, his root chakra was principally coming alive. When he decided not to turn tail and run back home to mama, his heart chakra came alive. He showed the old style Heart of a Lion.

Now you may wish to dismiss Elias as an arrogant fightercock. Don't. Ten years ago when we were discussing how long it would take Elias to genuinely become a Deep Healer of Ghosts. He got the number 25 years. Most seekers are aghast if we tell them anything will take more than 6 months let alone, 2 years.



A Trick Question: In psychic terms we have embedded a message in the seemingly nonsensical divider between the text and the addendum. What does it mean/contain/do?



Love & God, Tarun & Celia



Devadhara Strength For Life's Fighters: Now you may say I am trying Celia & Tarun, Iwould like to take a stand but can't. Well, Devadhara Healers and Cosmic Heart Spiritualists use your chakras. To find courage give to your navel. To get over humiliation give healing to your abdomen chakra. To get the courage to move forward give healing your thighs and heart.



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