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We’ve known Ashwin for 10 years or more. And we tend to think of him as a solid guy, a deep thinker, a wonderful spiritualist. And forget that he is indeed a cool dude.

The other day he walked in, wearing dark glasses. Wow. Here was someone else. And actually when he wore his specs and took it off there was a marked difference to his aura, to himself. His solar plexus chakra glowed.

There is an old saying Clothes Maketh a Man. Of course countered by the other aphorism, ‘Don’t Judge a Sausage By Its Skin’.

We were advertising a young vibrant corporate clothing brand. How could we rapidly enhance sales and market share? Obviously great ads, the line The League of Global Indians, by Kapil & I {Tarun} would make a difference. But the breakthrough came from Ramesh our partner. How do you interact with your retailers? he asked. I take a room and show the products the client said. Instead Ramesh suggested we take a big hall, do it with props like a cool car {We wanted a small copter but couldn’t organise it in time}, surfboards, oak barrels, kayaks, to highlight the aspects of the Global Indian lifestyle. The hall caused a 60% increase in sales. For once the retailers were convinced they pushed the product in a way no salesman could.  

When The British were in India, they seemed invincible. Though in numbers, they were hugely outnumbered, but not easily overwhelmed. So how did they rule the world? How did they often defeat armies 10 times their size? Discipline. Assurance of their superiority. In great part, the power must go to their clothing. They dressed as British, wearing often impractical crazy corsets, hot coats, setting out correct dinner settings. They reinforced their identity with clothes, uniform, accent. Which reinforced core attitudes, like ‘One Englishman is worth a hundred natives’. And the assurance of their role in the colonised world with ‘the white man’s burden’ aphorism!

Compare Gandhiji in Suits with Gandhiji in a Dhoti. The first has a strong 3rd eye, weak throat, indifferent heart, strong solar plexus, slightly twisted root. The second has a halo, a glowing heart, shrunken slave navel, a glowing root. Now obviously we are comparing two different human beings. But that separation, that commitment to a life was greatly enhanced by the clothes. The danda while a prop, also gave him the inner confidence to hold firm to his conviction.

Ask a Judge how different it is with or without his attire. Think of a Doctor without a white coat, would you trust him as strongly? Look at a message. One comes from The Vedas, another from your paanwallah, would you weigh them equally?

At a very deep level, we ask God, his answer will blow you away. "I was formless... Then I became aware of myself. That awareness, is like a cloak of brilliance. It pushes me to strive to find ever more transcendent aspects. The other side, that which awareness cannot grasp has another effect. You can see it as clothed or unclothed. when I formed worlds, and populated it with my aspects, my thoughts, I was surprised by how different I could be, because you see me in a way. Your wondering makes me relook at my totality. Your stupidity could be likened to a mole on my skin. I peer at it trying to set it right. You, in one sense, are threads of my clothes. Yes I will discard you {Or reabsorb you}. But who i am because you have your transitory existence enriches me."


Many Gods and Our Reactions to it






Love & God Tarun & Celia


Exercise: You may also wish to consider an issue. Reread God's answer. And in it he speaks of how his clothes are vital in expanding him. Enriching him. Consider the poster below God's Clothes and our Reactions. And see we are seemingly taking the same reality and down playing the difference. Both truths are truths. One dictated. The other inspired. In this contrast you realise how debate and difference enhances and enriches.





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