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If we ask, ask sweetly, insistently people will listen. And sometimes act in ways that enrich us all. Our next door neighbour was willing to listen to Celia strongly enough to make significant shifts to his entire home plan. And that's not an easy thing to do. That is a remarkable thing to achieve. For the houseowner would have had to speak to his architect, the builder, redo at least two rooms... He'd also have to speak to his wife and kid and explain why a neighbour 3 homes down could change a plan to save one modest tree.

The second thing is this, it wasn't Tarun who spoke, but Celia. Now many imagine that Celia is sweet, motherly... Because Tarun does more of the talking, and sometimes spelling out of hard spiritual truths. Here we see that when it comes to being a warrior, gender is just hogwash.

The third significant point is clearly this... our best intentions may not lead to the results we hope for. We pushed to save the tree, the homeowner agreed, but it was too late. However, having good intentions may give us rewards that are out-of-this-world. And not in the wimpy way we often say it. But in the real way it is intended.

By caring we met an immortal sage. Now we humans make too much of our importance and intelligence and wisdom. The encounter with the Immortal Tree Sage shows up our human pretensions. For if we today we stand just 20 years from serious climate calamity, energy crisis, groundwater catastrophe, pollution threat, solely responsible for it is man's blinkered intelligence still paying lip service to 18th c rationalism and benighted science. Yes our respect for intelligence over caring, our shortsightedness may lead to our mass destruction.

The biggest thing we learn from The Immortal Tree Sage is that we are not alone. We can reach out and connect with many, with life itself.

The next thing we learn from The immortal Tree Sage is forgiveness. The willing of The Tree to forgive a terrible species that has killed your neighbours, burned your home, poisoned your water, concreted your green planet.

The sixth thing we realise from this encounter with The Immortal Tree Sage is that we are immortal. We will not die when we die.

The seventh thing we realise that the dead, those on the other side can nudge events and perceptions in this life. It lead us to the face like bark.

The simple truth is life will offer us to death. whether individually or en masse. But what Life actually offers us is Life. The opportunity to live with caring, in harmony, with love. To live tall, to live as immortals. And these are lessons any of us need. In this life and the next.







Love & God, Tarun & Celia

Talking to this immortal sage has inspired us to write a book on Talking to Trees... we will be bringing it out in a few months.



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