Thoughts on washing dishes. And hearts.  


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We have all heard it. The noise level change when a maid is upset. When you’ve corrected her. Pointed out the dirt in the corner. The unwashed plate.

Our actions can grumble.

Sometimes we can do so deliberately. Sometimes we don’t realise the tone of our body has changed from calm to shouting.

For example, a lovely maid, Hepsheba’s washing went from gentle to Richter scale when my mother ticked her off.

Yes our actions can grumble.

And sometimes as we wash dishes and let off steam. Things work themselves out.

But our actions may not just grumble. Our actions can shove others. Our actions can writhe and wrench. Scream… and bleed.

Now sometimes we cannot control our world. Sometimes we cannot control our minds. But we can control our actions.



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And we can start there. For… Sometimes if our actions stop grumbling, our lives will stop grumbling.

Many slow transformation, but deep transformatory systems like Yoga and TaiChi do precisely this. In a world where life can be hellish you take small things and invest them with dignity. Take little actions and harmonise them with the infinite.

Take a breath. A step. Doing dishes… and allow it to find the thread that binds the world.

And you may think this is such bullshit. But think, every little habit like brushing your teeth carries so much history. The way we sit in chairs and Indian villagers on haunches.

One day we were taking a class on spiritual transformation. One of the exercises involved walking… As I was taking Boby, a kalaripayattu master and seeker, inward… it was a great pleasure, for he did not just walk, he felt the ground, he was like a panther… this was his domain.

A small step for man, but truly a giant step for mankind.

Yes, a deeper sense of calm and balance can enter as we allow our body’s natural balance and rhythms to participate in life.

As we allow ourselves to practise Yoga and Taichi we can up the ante…

Years ago my mother had written a book of simple prayers… in these the ordinary chores of life become prayers.

When we let life in, turn our faces to the sun even the most tiresome chores become joys. Every moment becomes a prayer….