Devadhara Healing: The Soul-Deep Aura Healing System.

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Healing Body, Mind, Spirit.

All in The Aura.

In The Week, SmartLife, May 2014

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“Aura Healing works on the belief we are spirits… with physical bodies.” And so by corollary health can be boosted through a whole spectrum of impulses… physical, behavioural, thought, emotive, and spiritual…

If the spirit is healed, it heals the body.”


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Devadhara's “Soul-Deep Aura Healing… begins with the scan of the aura to find out anomalies and areas that need attention.”

To add to what the article referred in passing as 11 aspects, or points; The Devadhara Healing Scan goes deeper into the aura identifying 11 Energy bodies… and numerous transcendental forces and dimensions like soul connections, shaktis, cosmic dimensions. Not just the 7 chakras, or 7 energy bodies that New Agers believe describes the human aura. This deeper look at the dynamic and infinitely complex inner universe helps identifies as we mentioned before… “anomalies and areas that need attention.”

At Devadhara Healing we have discovered that illness is multi-layered. That underlying physical illness are two deeper levels. To quote Devadhara Healing Founders from The Week; “Most diseases have their roots in a troubled childhood. Also, prolonged stress…” these leave one vulnerable to heavier soul baggage… “All illnesses are deeply rooted in ancestral and pastlife carryovers, black magic, or the result of environmental degradation.” {And we may not have conveyed to the journalist, but also significant are; ghosts & intense thought forms}.

Powered by Universal, Cosmic Core Healing Mantras, Devadhara Healing deploys an extraordinary spectrum of healing force that goes from Soul to Cell, nudging the sufferer back to Nature's Promise. Devadhara Healing works from the perspective that “All healing is self-healing.” All healing uses the body, mind & spirit's immense ability to heal itself. That embedded into every cell are soul patterns that invite us back to wellness and joy. “Through the healing process, the body is encouraged… {back} to positive patterns.”

“If the spirit is healed, it heals the body.” -- Devadhara Healing Founders are quoted as saying in The Week.