Why do we still believe in love?
By Tarun & Celia Cherian



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There was a time, when we were dating when we gave our parents, grey hair and ulcers. We did the most outrageous things, as all lovers do. For example, there is a road that goes from Churchgate Station to Fountain. It’s a broad and busy road, with a road divider. We decided to create our own Bollywood script and gave each other passionate smooches every few feet for close to half a kilometre… In a stunning testimony to then Bombay’s cosmopolitanism, hardly anybody looked or bothered.  

What goes around comes around, in the last 20 years, many of you, our Creator’s Child babies, aura clients, spiritual seekers and healing patients have given us what we gave our parents, only magnified.

We have through many of you, our glorious family been through an education in love’s craziest shades… from the funny… to the truly ghastly… And the gloriously triumphant.  

-An adolescent who spent 3 agonised months thinking a kiss was going to result in a pregnancy. And through the worry impregnated herself with a chronic illness that’s lasted 10 years.

-A college kid who spent his entire 3 years, making love to 3 new women, a day, for 3 years and just before he was about to be rusticated came to us.

- A woman who after losing her child and her marriage slept with 3,000 men in a frenzied 5 year period.

-A father with the not unusual two wives. But with the less usual, male lover too.

-A mother with a lesbian lover, a husband and a sugar daddy.

-A boy who blew up his family wealth over a gold seeker.

-A woman caught up in a tangle with 12 relatives.

All this is crazy… but it is when we take it a step further that we go from the confusing to the utterly ghastly…   

-A woman who as a little girl was passed like a meat parcel between 15 relatives, over a 10 year span. Now the moment we heard it our bone marrow chilled.

-There’s a boy whose uncles decided the way to manhood was the Spartan way. So why should we not despair?

- A battered wife who would have ended up strangled to death, if her kids had not come home early. So why should we still believe?

-A man reduced to psychoses by his wife’s threat of a dowry case against the parents.

Now this violence, sexual abuse, booze, drugs, starvation, terrible enough becomes infinitely worse when you add past life tangles, black magic, demonic possession, or plain insanity. Now many of us have from childhood been indoctrinated by Western School of blinkeredness where you think Yoga is just another form of exercise and tantrics are fangless wonders. A pretty girl went to her aunt’s place, for 15 days, she returned a 50 year old woman. Every night she has a dim recollection of her aunt chanting mantras over her.

It is said that the world’s greatest prize fighters come from disadvantaged neighbourhoods. And indeed they do.

And so here is why we do not despair, for given a chance, a real chance so many of you have risen from the pits of hell, scarred maybe, but triumphant.

- The girl abused for 15 years, after 6 healings she has started a child rescue centre. It does good work.

-The boy who was raped by his uncle’s is an activist and is ranked as one of India’s bright hopes.

-The woman with 3000 lovers has found true love.

Creator’s Child is not a community of new agers believing in a false blackhole of victimhood. But souls who demonstrate incredible courage, impossible faith, wondrous joy in a world that sometimes makes Dante’s hells seem like retirement villages.

We salute you. We Salute each of You.

Those who’ve endured impossible childhoods… we salute you.

Those who have had their hearts broken and re-mended it… we salute you.

Those who have taken their pain and made something glorious of it… we salute you.

Those who have risen like lotuses from terrifying muck to world-embracing unfurling… we salute you.

Those who in hell have lit candles of glorious joy… we salute you.




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