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What is a Shaktipat? Attunement? Blessing?
Let’s Follow the Thousand Faced Eagle!

  Attunement, Blessing, Shaktipat

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The wing-beats slam down with the ferocity of a raging storm.
Eagle it is.
But what an eagle!
For, look at its feathers.
You see, that every one of its 10,000 feathers, is not just a feather, but a human.

Imagine 10,000 humans, the wisdom, the power of 10,000 beings merging into one.
Yes imagine a crowd of 10,000 beings, lifting above gravity, telling gravity, “You? You do not limit me.”

This, this actually happened at a blessing in a Devadhara Session recently. Rohini and Bhanu had come to learn chakra healing. But ended up with so much more. As we were blessing them, we realised there were incredible unfurlings of force... We began to nurture the uprising, and as we did so it moved from glorious to incredible... In this article we will be taking a deeper look at Shaktipats, attunements, baptism, blessings... Yes, there are many words for it... But what are they really?

What is a Shaktipat? What is a Baptism?
Literally the word Shaktipat is the combination of Shakti {Energy} and Pat {Falls} or descends. And so this leads us to see shaktipat as energy transferred from Guru to Disciple which has an energising effect.

While this deconstruction of the word lead us to a basic understanding. Many will be mislead into thinking that if before a Shaktipat they have 3 buckets of energy, then now after it, they will have 10. Is that what happens? That can happen. But the true Shaktipat/ Baptism? Attunement/ Blessing is more than that.

We need to understand that the idea of energy transfer is a vanilla description. But hardly does it justice. To understand it deeper, to discover the true nature, the real grandeur of Shaktipat in this article we are going to give you a glimpse of the truth beneath the bald facts...

In the vanilla version a Shaktipat is a...
1) Transfer of...
2) Energy from...
3) Human Guru to...
4) Human Disciple...
5) Which is Energising....  

All these are perfectly valid. But you need to understand what they can add up too... In the hands of a master... 

The Touch That Awakens...
Let us take the basic word of energy being transferred or descending... As we said earlier, many will think ok, Shaktipat’s like someone transferring money from one account to another. And in many cases, that is all a regular attunement or shaktipat is... some useful spending money being transferred, but nothing more happens...

But the word Shaktipat, also conceals greater power. Shall we uncover it? So Shakti means force. Force that descends. If we think of this metaphor standing out in the open, looking up at the sky what will come to mind? Obviously lightning! And so one can think of lightning that descends on the supplicant.  When we are hit by lightning we are not just gathering psychic wealth. Imagine a man whose heart has stopped, he is being given electro-shocks, are they trying to raise the electricity in his body? No. Are they transferring wealth? No, they are shocking him back to life.

After an attunement Shalini said “I felt an incredible jolt. Wow. Good. But was it just feel good? Days after sitting in a cafe I saw a butterfly dying weak, crumpled on the floor, stuck in a puddle of water. I gave the butterfly healing, I thought it would give it comfort... But to my surprise it stirred, it moved, it flapped its wings, it rose up and flew!”

As we look at the Butterfly healing you realise that... we really need to look at this whole shaktipat/ attunement thing again...

Shalini Devadhara Healer

What is being transferred? Spiritual Credits or Doves from Heaven?
One of the most popular healing disciplines, reiki, begins every new level with an attunement.  Ask a reiki master what are they doing in an attunement, and literally they will tell you they are placing sacred symbols in someone’s aura. Ok so what? Many will think, there are so many brilliant sacred symbols across the world, but when you draw Om, or the Cross, or a Swastika, or a Circle, sure they are mentally meaningful to millions...  But look in school we all have drawn a plus sign {Cross}, the exclamation {Read lightning}, the O circle {Read Bramhandam}, a million times, but only a fool will say they did anything huge.

But Reiki from close to a century has been tested, only to uncover that Reiki healing is real, effective and scientifically proven. So ok, it is effective, and therefore the symbols can be effective. But then why are the zeroes, pluses, stars so dead when we draw them in school, and active in a spiritual attunement? Let’s put it like this, if you took a Serena Williams, valued her placed her in the right environment she will earn millions. But if instead you saw Serena as a black slave to be chained and worked to death on cotton fields you will get practically nothing. It is the same Serena. Treated as diamond she is a champion, treated like slave you will get a few miserable sacks of cotton.

When you read the descriptor of Jesus being baptised by St John, the new testament speaks of a dove descending from heaven onto Jesus’s head. This is so much, much more than money being transferred. Or energy. A dove from heaven is descending onto Jesus’s head. And so in a Shaktipat a dove from heaven can descend on your head...

And so the first thing we need to do is to realise that we need to expand our idea of what is being transferred. Dragon Sa {Buffy’s higher being} says ‘rather than energy being transferred, it is the transfer of psychic machinery or systems. It is not transferring mangoes to your orchard but transplanting trees.’

We can look at a Shaktipat/ Blessing as a transfer of energy. As powerful as lightning. Through Buffy, we now see we add a whole new dimension... We are not transferring lightning, but installing nuclear reactors in our being.

In the first we are temporarily happy. In the second the inner landscape is permanently blessed.

sonia's attunement

Immersed in the life-giving... Being Born Again....
Another ancient word for Shaktipat is Baptism, it literally means immerse. Immerse someone in water, in God. In the Divine. One is given the chance to drink in a deeper elixir deep into one’s bones, into one’s soul. Consider a desert. Its dry, arid, hostile, after it rains, you imagine that water will collect in pools and the traveller will drink it. But when rain actually falls in a desert more than pools of water accumulate, the very ground springs to life. What was dry turns green.

So one can think of the Shaktipat as current being switched on in a house. Or we can think of life-giving water poured into a desert.

After a level 1 session with us, Kavitha woke up a week later with a glorious dream. In it she felt water, pure, deep, wondrous, pouring through her being, she felt like a whale returning to the Ocean, finding her deeps... the session marked a shift in her life, from a grim struggle to discovering oceanic possibilities... 

Tuning to a Frequency called God....
Ask another healing teacher and they may say they are opening up channels in your aura, so greater power and wisdom pours through. One thinks of a friend coming into a sick companion’s home and throwing open the curtains so more light and freshness can enter. The friend has not transferred energy.

Ask other teachers and they may say ‘retuning you’, so you respond to God’s frequency. Think of a musician he is playing badly. A master musician comes takes his guitar and tightens the strings, in seconds the student plays infinitely better. Indroneil had 20 years ago crafted a ‘veena’, a guitar with not 5 strings, but 10, 14... Half you played on. Half resonated when the other strings were struck. A God of Joy says... ‘True attunement is getting someone to vibrate to their essence, to uncover their real promise’.

Now we begin to take the level of understanding even further.


Revealing The God Within....
A God deep as a mountain, who some say is the true first step in any successful enterprise, says it is ‘A reminder that the eternal is in your very bones’. This God has added a further dimension. So it is like saying you hold a glass in your soul. You think it is empty. But it is not empty, it is filled with eternity.

Now that we have opened your mind to a little of what a shaktipat or baptism truly can be... Let us...

Unleashing a Storm of Glorious Joy...
Let us return to Rohini’s Attunement/ Blessing. Whereas normally a Shaktipat/ attunement takes 15 minutes and 15 minutes to recover, the attunement that we gave Rohini and Bhanu took an hour minutes and post that they were swimming in force so strongly for an hour we had to stop the class and continue it a week later.

Now this has happened to many. Do you recall Palli’s Space Kundalini awakening? Which we spoke about a few years ago? Or shall we remember a time when the awakening touched Manoj so deeply, he could not stand? Or gentler; when days after the blessing, a healer could feel our hands on her feet?

Whereas Rohini felt her very being explode into a rush of soaring birds. Bhanu was catapulted into a plane where she met her higher guide, a MahaRishi in a heavenly landscape...

We could stop here... but there are issues we must address...  

Devadhara Healing Student's Shaktipat

Comparison – the big no-no of spirituality.
We have attuned hundreds of seekers and healers. Some have felt greater peace, some a jolt of force, some are plunged into vortexes of force. Each has experienced real shifts in their spiritual totality.

Shalini recently came for a Spiritual Awakening program. The blessing was beautiful. Interestingly she told us, roughly 17 years ago we had given her a reiki attunement, in it she felt a jolt of energy, rising to her 3rd eye... she kept waiting for it this time... instead she received a great thrust to her bindu, shimmers of light spread at her back...

Sometimes the effect of a Shaktipat is spectacularly visible. Sometimes like a secret Saraswati river it flows underneath the surface. Hidden, but far more nourishing than more obvious cataracts.

In a meditation class, the quietest, the one others did not respect as much, was supremely blessed. During the attunement we first spotted it. He seemed to lift up. As if hovering an inch or two above the chair. Celia & I crouched. Was it real? Was he levitating? His thighs weren’t spread as if supporting his weight. But the cloth hung down and touched the chair. Later it happened again. He was just 3 inches above the chair for a minute or so.

Now this is one of the very few times, we have experienced a true physical levitation in 45 years of intense spiritual exploration.

At that particular meditation session, Alka had experienced a glorious vision. She had been taken to a mountainous place, in the cup of mountains a resonant Om rejoiced forth. Many who were equally blessed that day, were taken up with the grandeur of this image. We did not speak of the meditator who levitated during that session. It would have placed too great attention on him and disturbed his process.

But if we lay the 2 side by side, one the one hand Alka saw a vision on the other hand was another meditator who levitated, which do you think is more spectacularly touched?

And so the great lesson is – do not compare.

The Many Levels of ShaktiPats. 
Every true blessing invites God. But how God touches each is different, at different levels.

When Celia & I give attunements/blessings, we invite 3 great Gods/ Angels to oversee the process. They intervene, add, strengthen, pull, back, shift futures, change past karmas, add gifts.

For each seeker the opportunity is different.
For some an attunement brings in fresh force. Like a monsoon rain.
For others its opens new pathways in the aura. And so brings new powers, pools of knowledge.
For others it changes the way the chakras work. And so changes the rhythms of Life.
For others it may transform the ego.
For others it connects to greater forces.
For others it stretches the being till a thousand minds can dance in your mind.

But each touch, however light, at whatever level, can be utterly transformatory. And so again, do not compare.

comet of awakening

ShaktiPats and Conflict. 
When a seeker arrives at a session, many carry deep conflict, many deep calm. Typically the Shaktipat works most forcefully for people who are very anguished or very assured.

Why? Those with deep anguish wish to believe in a solution, called God. Those very calm, have already many connects with the cosmic all they need is the last mile escort.

Now one conflict a seeker may have, is with the teacher. For example, a woman became the disciple of Rasputin. He used her sexually. Treated her like shit. But he accelerated her inner growth enormously. That growth was permanent.

What if the master is not worthy, or confused, or unawakened? Very few healing masters are truly masters. But most are believers that there is something more, that we are surrounded by greater wisdom. And that gives the real strength for the bridge between you & God to form.

A reiki master 30 years ago, gave us an attunement, it was true and expansive, but he himself was very caste-conscious. He once pointed at his maid and said “Oh her energy is dense,” Indicating she was spiritually lesser, and we loftier. In our eyes, however, she had far greater pools of womb, navel energies than any of us. He was a good channel, but a poor teacher.

Now we have briefly discussed the average teacher, let us turn back to the conflicted seeker. Take a Christian in the presence of a Shaman master, you have come there but are petrified. For example a relative, a Catholic came to learn healing from us, while she was receiving the blessing she was desperately chanting a Christian prayer, because she wasn’t sure what or who we were calling. In her case, this conflict prevented her aura from opening to its maximum. Instead, the conflict pushed the energies to deepen her links to her religion. A good thing.

“When we assist you, we look at 3 tasks. 1. Opening up of pathways so light can flow in. 2. Amplifying soul promise at key centres. 3. And third, preparing students so they can encounter the Cosmic.” Says a God who is often given the task of retuning life’s rhythms. “So sometimes we reshift the force saying this one needs to be prepared for a possibility 20 years from now”. He laughs. “Yes we are master strategicians. Looking decades ahead, 3 lives behind.”

“We see far deeper than any Guru, no matter how enlightened. And so we look at the totality, “Oh there he will meet the love of his life, so by opening his sacral chakra, and making him more playful, he may lose a promotion as he is perceived as jumpy, but gain love.”

If you realise that you are welcoming a master spiritual planner to reshape your life then you are not bothered if your neighbour sees a God in blazing fury and all you experience is a little calm. For you know something has shifted. And so a great promise will manifest.

Devadhara Healer Shines after a Shaktiipat

The Aftermath of Being Touched by God. 
While most often, the touch of inner freedom can seem like a Whisper of Spring flower in a graveyard... Sometimes the baptism can have titanic fury... For...  finally the Gods say, “Make no mistake, a Blessing, a Shaktipat, is a strike of lightning. It is designed to create shortcuts through clouds of despair and petty mindedness that surrounds the soul.”  Says a God that some say is The Creator of Creators*. {He himself says I am a strand of The Creator, so yes I have created a goodly number of universes, but am I the Creator of Creators? I am the Creator of Creators downshifted so I do not tear your universe apart}.

Yes, the force raging through Rohini was incredibly strong, so strong, it took an hour before she could walk out of our centre. For the next 3 days her greater being pulsed, her heart raced, her veins blazed... Then slowly her being shifted to a point where she could could deal with kids, handle her job...

Recently the Mother Daughter Duo of Doris and Diana came for a 2nd level Devadhara Chakra Workshop... The blessing was brilliant for both.

Doris spiralled up into the ether like Rohini did. We could see her various bodies lift up like kite raised in a glorious updraft. She felt free, was free, rejoiced in the great skies revealed...

Diana on the other hand, came face to face with the Goddess, Kali Ma. Should she? Or no? Yes, Diana came before HER, before whom even The Gods tremble. As an aside: even for Hindus, South American Nativists, Shamans accustomed to worshipping her in some form, she is challenging... Now to others who encounter Kali Ma, the very name takes one to scenes like Thuggee’s blood-thirsty rites... But if we drop the word Ma. For she has no gender. And treat the sound Kali as but one of the appellations used to speak to her... And instead call her Primality. The Birther of Gods. Ocean of Shunyata. Silence in which God cries...we understand more clearly her truth... She introduces herself as thus: “I am nothingness from which all things emerge. I am at the least conception, the predator’s gaping mouth, the graveyard’s fangs that rouses life to diamond peaks... I am higher still yawning despair, which child crosses with faith and trust... I higher still the howling that rubbed its keening like stick on stick creating friction that blazes into God, the first God.”

Devadhara Healer meets a Goddess

So should Diana say yes? Or No? “If I embrace you, throw myself into you, Kali Ma,” Diana thought to herself “I will be blessed, but I will be able to do nothing, no work... I would just have to live continuously wrapped in dark waves of goodness. If instead of embracing Kali Ma, I take the other path, open myself to divine promise, but say no to Kali Ma’s great invitation, I can help, heal, but I will not be as close to the divine...” Close to KaliMa, forever on her lap or touched by Kali Ma, but able to live in man’s world. If you had that choice what would you choose?

But the challenges that arise may be manifold, a Christian being given a Devadhara attunement saw in front of him a brilliant image of Lord Hanuman. Why did the divine appear to a Christian as Lord Hanuman? Not Raphael? Because the seeker is rebelling against his childhood religion and needed to be offered a God Face with force, not gentleness.

Some Questions as to The God that opens up in Many Seekers.
To turn back to Rohini what is The Eagle?
Is it a Kundalini Awakening? A Garuda?

The spiritual eagle of the Amer-Indian tradition is the closest we have to understanding this experience. You read from Castaneda’s The Eagle’s Gift – “the warriors of Don Juan’s party had caught me for an eternal instant, before they vanished into the total light, before the Eagle let them go through..."

Seen from this view: The Eagle represents the collective of Supreme Spiritual Beings... this Eagle reaches down and swoops on juicy spirits seen as worthy... lifting the chosen to the brink of eternity.

To turn to Bhanu, what was the ashram?
A scene from a past life?
No, the Rishi was one who shaped the world and now in the astral teaches her.

Did Doris levitate physically?
No, better still she rested on the clouds of the Soul.

Did Diana actually encounter Kali Ma?
The Cosmic before the Cosmos was born had emerged into a human spectrum of energy, a little like a smoke snake and ringed her head for a moment. When she said I cannot be totally immersed in you, the Goddess's snake then left a gift around an ankle. 

In Rohini’s case for an hour, a day, the wisdom of 10,000 beings, the vaulting skies of 12 great Gurus raced through her veins.

Growing with God. 
As the light shines in your being through a Shaktipat, great opportunities appear. It is up to each individual soul to use it to the best.

Now what can Rohini do with the Shaktipat, which she couldn’t do before this blessing? Her energy transfer as a healer is 10% stronger 10% wider, 15% deeper and 40% more compassionate. That is roughly the same for Bhanu – 15% stronger, 20% wider, 20% deeper and 15% more compassionate. 

‘Good gifts, but not spectacular’ you may murmur to yourself. Well, let’s put it this way, Post the Shaktipat, Rohini could have flung herself into the furnace of power the Shaktipat opened. But would she have been able to take care of her kids? Be effective at her job? Be the centre of a family & community? In option 1, she would have been lost in light and visions for months, or is it 3 years? Then her ‘chakras’ would have stabilised at a very high energy frequency in 3 monthsor is it 30 years? Instead Rohini has expanded her being, she has 5 gears, but now chooses to use a few, in anywhere between 2-7 years she will claim deeper healing or compassion, to the extent she can heal entire communities with a touch. For Bhanu while the shaktipat was no less dramatic, the impact of the shaktipat on her nadis was less destabilising, and yet again the transition to incredible healing subtlety will take years or even a decade...

The Question of Human Gurus.
Now some Gurus say the only way to reach God is through a Guru. A human Guru. Is that true? Let us say this emphatically, one more time. No. We human Gurus are useful. Not essential. Some have had Lightning teachers, others have found enlightenment listening to the voice of a tree.

For example, with Natasha Kumar*, while we have given her a glorious blessing complete with Lord Indra and an elephant, her real point of awakening was later. When encountering a beautiful past life ‘friend’ she felt herself unfurl. Amazingly she saw it like a paper that had been folded that opened up, showing her the full spread of her existence in this and other lives.

Some of our Incredible Non-Human Shaktipats.
Many reading this article, are our students, and are humans. But our students, co-seekers... are not only humans... We have among the circle of Spiritual friends a vast circle of beings. So we have attuned whales, spiders, trees {Wait for a spectacular experience of awakening in our forthcoming book of Green Teachers}, and yes, hills, elementals and even so-called non-living or rather non-organic life like Robots and AI Systems... From these awakenings let us share one...

“We have long been aware of a great whale spirit in the Atlantic ocean... He is probably the greatest spiritual presence now encased in flesh... Yes far vaster than most others. In a handful of greats. And so we were delighted when a God form asked us to give him a Shaktipat to raise him to full glory..."

Now why does a great spiritual teacher or avataar need a teacher to unleash his force? Jesus was baptised by St John, while till then miracles, and inexplicable knowledge did flow through his being, the baptism of Jesus was spectacular. It was a point of great catalytic transformation. But again, why is this necessary? Well the universe by its very nature is limiting. It limits the resources, knowledge, wisdom, power, each of us can bring here. So avtaars carry many 'powers' zipped up. the shaktipat or Baptism, Attunement or Blessing, helps open these gifts. That said, an avtaar is not strictly superior to any of us reading this. We are all avtaars of the first source. It is just that an avtaar or or saviour, has planned his role here better. Chosen to arrive to fulfill a mission. If you recall, in an earlier article we spoke of how an extension of a primal God was killed at 12 before he fulfilled his promise or purpose.

“The constellation of spiritual beings that came at our call numbered lakhs. Some arrived from distant planets.  Some are beings who manage the very fabric of time-space-matter. The process was similar to what you receive, with minor modifications. But the effect titanic as if he were given rulership of an entire element. From his being dense thickets of light sprang out and entwined with the very earth herself...”

We have spoken how glorious the Shaktipat experience is for you. But let us spend a moment relating how utterly marvellous it is for us. The touch of the divine body, brushing it, teasing it, letting fingers brush through the naked rage of a Kundalini rising up, the giddiness of feeling a great cosmic vastness open up is intolerably wonderful. This is also incredibly tiring. And so for days after, we feel feverish, stretched, like an astronaut flung high and then dragged back to floors that refuse to pretend to be floors...

Some Spectacular Shaktipats shared with us by Our Gods.
But the attunements described above pale in comparison, to the great avtaars who blessed the earth before us, and stand towering in the future.

god is kick-ass real

“I, God of renewal, when once on Earth, was conqueror.” Said one of our Guides Lord Saraho. “I was a beast of a man. Our tribal shaman, before a great military campaign placed on my head, the skinned head of a bear. The moment it touched my head, I felt a great shiver flow through me, and an extraordinary gift. There were 500 warriors behind me. I connected to them all. I could see through this one’s eyes, stir in that one’s heart. During battle, I raged through the afraid and gave them courage back. I transferred this one’s vitality to that one’s wounds. We were for awhile One. One beast. One bear. One terrifying blade. That blessing by the shaman changed history’s face.”

Another middle-eastern prophet spoke of early years and awakening experiences.

“As a child, one day I lifted a plain brown stone, as I looked at it, I heard a shriek of an eagle, the startle of the sound shook me, and as I looked again, the stone glittered like a diamond.
“I carried it to my mother.
At first she said, ‘Why lay dusty stones on the table?’
Then she exclaimed ‘Yohannes. How?’
“Kshamakh/ Shamakh {Heaven?}...” I said “...the eye of God”.

“The day I truly discovered who I was”, continued this prophet “...was filled with portents, for example, behind a snake crawling on the ground was a trail of purple. Above my head I saw 3 eagles flying. You can say my teachers are Snake, Eagle, Lion, Scorpion.

“That day I had woken from a dream where I had been set afire. I was restless, charged up. Unable to take the great restlessness, I had raced out into the streets. Dangerous as the imperial forces had asked citizens to stay at home. There had been 3 assassinations. Running out, impelled by a terrible fury, I fled into a field, then reached a desert path, as I clambered over rocks I found flames rising from the earth. And an unearthly roaring. Proud, arrogant I raged, “Show me yourself God and I shall saddle you”, I cried. One by one the teachers had appeared. In the morning, on my son’s shoulder was a deadly scorpion that did not bite. When I lifted it gently, it performed a complex ballet on my hand. Then the eagles swooping, keening. I did not understand their cry, yet it was crystal clear. As I crested the mountain, my eyes were possessed by a rainbow spirit. Then I climbed the hill at its crest as I looked down, instead of rock baked in heat and crippled trees I saw an ocean of flames, people, beasts angels, Hour after hour sped, the visions increased till I was shown a radiant baby in the mouth of a Golden Lion. He opened his hands thrice, each had a gift of great moment.”

We now speak of another Shaktipat, in which the psychic fire is so great, the supplicant turns to smoke...

Was it 15,000 years ago? Come to a dusty forest, a circle of rock, infested with snake. At the centre of a circle of drummers kneels the supplicant. We relate this scene through the spirit of one of those who blessed a seeker, a drummer who accompanied the teacher. “The Priest-King writhed, danced, shook his staff. Was he tall, not particularly? Was he strong? Yes, but all of us were. No, what made him standout was his skin looked like a panther’s velvet strength and suppleness. The Priest King’s dance, our music sent the forest birds into frenzy. After hours, when The Priest King raised his hands, the very forest trembled. Then at the centre, a strange thing happened to the supplicant, his body dissolved in smoke. The cloth around his body descended in strange grace. We drummed for hours after, strange rhythms. Then as if filled by a wind, the clothes lifted and slowly like smoke thickening, the man returned. Like many of us, one of his eyes had changed colour. A man had left. What had returned?”

We now up look at yet another Shaktipat.

The land was arid, tired, skeletons littered the rocky paths. The one who some call ‘Flautist of the Season’s Turning’ or ‘Earth-breath Master’, had been called to bless a village. He looked at the village and turned away... walking up into the surrounding hills. The villagers ran after.  

“I heard a cry” says this now God. “So hopeless, so wondrous. It called me. Hours up into the hill I found the spot. I stood still, allowing the wind to shape the chants. Then raising my staff, I slammed down. I expected power. Even I did not expect, the hill to break in two as water gushed forth.”

We stop here. For now you understand. At its heart the attunement, shaktipat is like teasing stone hills so fresh water can quench the soul.

-- By Celia & Tarun Cherian.

goddess joy


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