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The Swan of Song and
John McLaughlin

By Vasundhara Vee


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“I was in a concert in Dhaka where Mc Laughlin and I were performing. After my show – it was really unforgettable… I’ve never felt so loved… such a feeling of sharing… the audience {all 3000 of them} felt like beautiful loving clouds sitting in chairs {What a magnificent image} – Anyhow it went off brilliantly – my whole band had been keyed up about the thought of playing on the same stage as a maestro like Mc Laughin.

After my show I settled down to listen to Mc Laughlin {and his band} – As I was watching them I saw this huge, vaporous white swan, {behind, around}… I realised it was giving rise to the music. Every note that was being played was surrounded by the quiet of the swan. I thought of Ma Saraswath’s swan. I thought of The Music Tara soaring on a swan and it struck me it’s literally true… there is a cosmic hamsa and it can bless our words, give wing to our song.” – Vasundhara Vee, {one of India’s finest Blues singers.}  



Comment: The simple truth is that anyone who does anything with dedication, and depth... 'with all your heart and mind' will find God. Be it music, sticking stamps, writing ads, or belly dancing. And when one does so, God will arrive... be it as the cosmic hamsa or a loving glow...