Awaken the God Within

What's Your Pet Saying?

Has your dog turned snarly? Is your cat restless? Has your horse lost pace? Did someone come in to your home when you were gone?

In the past decade and a half, we've talked to dogs, cats, cows, elephants, owls, mynahs, crows, frogs and even snakes… These conversations, apart from completely overturning our ideas about life, can give invaluable insights… On how to care for your pets better. On the whether of the weather. On Life itself.

Note: A. Not all animals will talk to us. B. Animals have zero interest in where your gold jewellery dropped. C. Animals can lie. Either when afraid, or when protecting their turf. D. We are animal communicators, not animal handlers or trainers.

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“They only care for that stupid baby...” – A conversation with a dog that had turned sullen.

For an article by Tarun, Celia & Buffy on talking to animals click here

Animal Gurus
We've had many animal teachers... Dolphins, Frogs... But the greatest influence has been Buffy. Doggy daughter, astral traveller extraordinaire and yes, Guru.

Animal Healing costs: Cost:Same as human healing only home visits attract cab costs. Note: We are not vets, and cannot medicate.
“Something's bited my foot.” – Buffy, our doggy daughter and in some senses guru, a conversation that revealed she'd been stung by a bee, not fractured her foot.
“Don't go out…terrible water & howling” – a crow warning us of a terrible rain. A very useful warning for in the deluge that followed many were stranded.

Animal Healing.

Some of our greatest healings have happened for animals. They have amazing powers of recovery.

We've healed incurable illnesses like distemper, helped with chronic conditions like mange, assisted recoveries in all kinds of conditions.

“When you were gone Ro came in with a man with not nice smell...” – The landlady had come in with an electrician.

Animal Conversations Cost: Animal conversation and aura scan session cost R 2,000 upward, plus cab fare.