Talking & Fighting is Serious. At first, when I went to the Swine Flue Virus as a friend it was loving.

But when I went in as foe, I did so, not taking it with due seriousness. Unprotected. The moment I entered its realm it attacked with incredible fury. It nearly got through.

Later in fury I went back to annihilate it. And it said in a very plaintive voice, a great truth. "We are all children of...the great one".

And that is what we can too easily forget... every microbe is a child of the creator.

After Swine Flu something worse! While intuiting about swine flu we got good news and bad news. Good news, while swine flu will touch many only a few thousand will die of it.

However we got the less pleasant message. That something terrifying is possibly arriving in its wake. Is it a mutant virus or bacteria? We're not sure. Only that it resembles a ball and in a cluster looks like a tape.

However, we are not helpless, we can ask for another possibility, another future where this new epidemic doesn't arrive.

Here's what you can do. Give healing to the earth. Imagine it is filled and surrounded by the colour orange. Or if you are an advanced healer go upto the soul level and shower light down on the clouds surrounding us.
If you use these techniques and find them effective please do let us know.

The Swine Flu Image is protective. Can be talked to! Can be fought with!

The Swine Flu Virus Image connects to the virus. You can use it as a protective tool. Take a printout of the image every dabe a little red chilly as an offering to keep u & loved ones safe.

Alternately you can encounter The Swine Flu Virus Image on an inner psychic plane and fight with it for the life of someone you love. However this is not to be taken lightly for if you actually encounter it at the akashic level and lose your health too may be compromised.


Traditional Spiritual Recommendations: Since our faith and self-belief is connected to our family faiths, here are a few recommendations. You would & should naturally approach the guiding figure of your faith.

For Hindus. Appease Lord Shani or approach Lord Ganesha as a child seeking his friend's help, certain it will be granted.

For Christians. Hold a cross, esp if made with stone or iron: Pray directly to Christ or Say Psalm 121. Alternately hold an image of The Good Shepherd. Or a Black Madonna statue of Mother Mary.

For Muslims & Jews. A knife, inscribed with the words as Abraham was willing, as you were merciful to him, so now, so here.

For Buddhists. Draw a black circle on a white sheet. Draw a white horizontal line across the circle. Pray with these words. I who do not see approach the great one who does. I who am trapped, approach the great unknown that is free.

For Atheists. I am. I am more than I know. To that I do I reach. I am. All around me is only what I see. I am. Only that do I know. I am. I hold strong. I am. I have shaped the earth. I have reached the stars. I am the eye of the universe, the heart of Life. I am he/she that faced millennia. I am.I am. I am.


Devadhara Healing Symbol for Swine Flu Infections:

The Swine Flu symbol can be used in two ways. First just keep the image in front and continuously create mentally yellow swirls in a clockwise direction. Chanting Devadhara Ghadhi.

Alternately you could draw the symbol in the order given, chant Devadhara Jha Ghadhi. to furthur charge it and place it in the aura.


Self-disgust. In broader terms, the Swine Flue Virus appears to represent a sense of self disgust for humans, for swine it appears to be a sense of disgust at the quality of life available to them. ..............

Know God. Use God. Be God.
Question: How effective is long-distance aura sensing? As compared to close-up aura seeing almost as effective. But one can miss psychic attack &shadow body energies.
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Can healers help with swine flu? It appears to connect to ancestral energies. Also healers must be willing to take on danger. For even in long disance healing the healer's immunity is tested severely. Please use energy shields.
All suggestions we have to offer must be ratified by the health specialist you entrust your life to. Allopath. Homeopath. Unani. Siddha.... Devadhara Healer. Self or God.

Fighting Swine Flu with Devadhara Healing. Some Suggestions. A psychic report by Tarun & Celia Cherian, Co-founders of Devadhara Healing:



The Swine Flu virus appears like a crystal ball. At the centre is a living dark black coil. This is embedded in a square structure. In turn linked with an x structure. This is important: one arm of the x has a structure, possibly an RNA fragment or complex protein with which it binds itself to cell walls.

Suggestion for medicare industry: The way the virus binds itself can be targeted.

Suggestion 2 for medicare industry:. High frequency sounds should disrupt the structure of the virus.

As healers, much of our work is long distance, sometimes scanning the auras of people literally across the globe with nothing more than a 10 year-old photograph. And doing healings for severe, degenerative and chronic cases across the world. We set ourselves the task of psychically mapping the Swine Flue virus. And trying to find ways to fight it.

How can I fight Swine Flu?

Herbal Remedies:

If someone is infected, Haldi & Water & Honey 6 times a day, could help. This helps in 2 ways. Swine Flu appears to attack through secondary bacterial infections. Also it appears to sit at the navel chakra area, hence the digestive system.

In a severe case Raw Garlic crushed in honey could prove helpful. This could also be used as a preventive.

Avocados may help. Vitamins A & D may help.

Pressure Point Remedies:

In the image given to the left we include a set of points marked in red, stimulating these gently, by rotaing a finger dipped in oil to lubricate it, for a minute or two upto six times a day could help. The points given in bold are the more important points.

These points will also be useful for those at risk.

Healing Points:

In the image given to the left we include a set of points marked in blue, giving healing to these should help strengthen the affected person. The points below the navel and 12 feet below the feet are most significant. Since the greater damage to the person appears to be through secondary bacterial infections healing the throat and lung tip chakras are important.