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This is the first issue of Tickle, the Creator’s Child monthly (hopefully) newsletter. The other name we considered was nadi, which do you prefer? Any other suggestions? It’s about anything interesting, unusual, weird, wow that happens to any of us – C2 types. So send it in - Dreams, inner contacts, issues, experiences…whatever.

Big time visitors. 25th March 04. Vinod calls us at 10.30 at night to say come and check out something in their front room. Celu, Buffy & I go down. We enter and wham! Feel a huge surge of energy. 3rd eye is tingling. Chakras opening up like wow. Celu feels it too. The lights are blinking on and off, (which never really happens).

Vinod had noticed it when he’d gone to put the cordless back on the hook and almost fell down. He’d then called Vinesh, who also felt it.

When I challenge the energy being/s, I feel as if I’m a baby compared to it/them. It/they seems amused. The name they give is not very clear…vish…(avishnaka) Celu sees 3 figures. One blue one and 2 yogish figures. I see a blue figure and another figure. To Vinod and Vinesh it’s the numbness when the crown is wide open. To Celu it was almost fear, like a chill down the spine. To me when I opened to their power it was like waterfalls of light running down the spine. It was roughly 12 when we had enough and tootled off.

Takeaway. Not all beings have bodies. These intersect with our magnetic/electric energy. It was a brilliant contact, not requiring us to be in mild trance states. It was beautiful. They are archangelic/deva level, individualized facets of the same matrix/ greater energy being. We aren’t really sure why they dropped in to our corner of the universe, but are certainly glad they did.

Q of the month: How do we unfrog-in-the-well? Celu feels, the way things are today, work tends to become centrestage. Our sense of self-worth gets linked largely to who we are in that hierarchy, or what rewards we can extract from that world. Life as a whole gets pulled in the whirlpool of its force. People, friends, life becomes secondary - just ways to help us cope or get ahead. So we tend to find our world shrinking, nuclear, even sub nuclear. Do u agree? Have a perspective.

Issue1: Possibly hits women more. Home khana < Restaurant stuff. Baby making machine < Career slave. Great meals < Great Cookbook. Embroidery < Art. Soho < Career. Evidence for: A friend had a baby, promptly a month later headed off to a 2 year stint in US minus baby. Counterexample: a new secy of ours asked us to keep her working as late as possible coz she has nothing to go back to, her hubs and m-inlaw don’t talk to her.

Issue 2: What we do is dictated by where we are in the hierarchy. Peco’s may be more fun but Spinns more in.

Issue 3: Postponement of life. A friend’s quit corp world to start an adventure outfit. Some say that’s wonderful. Others may ask why did he wait so long? Is this a solution/symptom of the problem? Its modern life that keeps saying postpone life so u can have the money to enjoy it. Like the entire sex-marriage thing is ‘permitted/encouraged’ a good 10 years after the biological clock kicks in.

Some ways to stop being a frog in the well

A. Uncareer? F the other day said he wasn’t really interested in a career, just a series of jobs. Karen’s done just that. Some 10 years ago dropped out of a radio station manager’s job in Canada to head off to mexico and islands that serve space cakes. But it’s also mega nomadic. How grow roots without staying around? How find ur heart without wandering?

B. Find ur heart. Follow it. Seema loves her community radio stuff. Though now its successful everybody’s trying to hop on to the bandwagon. What if money says no? N’s attempt at pottery temporarily interrupted by stint at aol and need to get more moolah.

C. Know vot’s important. Like S’s devoted to his kid. The job’s great but…look family’s numero uno there. But wot if ur a Picasso?

D. Don’t build to the wall. Mr Sukumar left space at the back where we stay. So all the uncles, ammachi’s and squirrels and birds can come in. Lotsa gossip. And life.

E. Don’t talk. ‘Just play pool. Don’t haveta talk. Get a lot of saying done.’- Karen.

F. Love thy neighbour. Counterquestion: Are they next door? Are they human?

Are we in wells? Should we get out? How? Lets do it. Write in. Tell us how.

Do U like Tickle. Do u wanna be on for other issues. Please contribute.

Opinions and substance. Do send it on to people who would be interested.

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