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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the tenth issue of Tickle, a monthly newsletter from Creators Child. (CC is a spiritual initiative - to awaken the God within – it's channeled through us, Tarun and Celia Cherian, and a host of hugely talented mystic students. For more –

Other senses.
A lot of us have been checking out auras of people around us. Diraj noted in a drinking session, how after some alcohol the principally 3 rd eye oriented IT crowd had auras like babies. In interviews, Vinesh has seen auras light up when questions are put to people. Celu & I have been trying something beautiful. One of us chants something and the other watches the difference it makes to the other. For example when I chanted ‘Kundalini Devi, under my breath Celu saw it as a shimmering pillar of light. What we say transforms us.

Before the Turkish quake and the Tsunami I felt an overpowering sense of oppression, a deep sense of despair, I'm not sensing the disaster itself but the impact on people. In fact, the afternoon before the Turkish quake I asked Celu if anything had happened again in Andamans. Talking about senses here's one for our eyes, the street in front of our home is covered with brilliant yellow. (See anything beautiful with your eyes or eyes please write in.)

Other conversations.
The Death of Skin Bin. She looked far worse than the starving Buddha. And while we fed her in addition to the neighbourhood dogs, she stayed skinny for the last 6 months. A few weeks ago, I did a body merging with her to find out what's wrong (a slightly dangerous practice) and realized her intestines were completely decayed. But decayed intestines or no she'd outlasted predictions of her death, so when she wasn't in her place one day we checked with Puppy alias Tiger where she was. He tentatively walked towards a drain where she often holed up in but didn't seem to want to go there. He then said that she didn't want to play with him. We checked and she had died. (Being part of any conversation that's meaningful, including ones with humans, please write in.)

Other worlds.
There are worlds encircling worlds. And some of us have been traveling to some of them. Diraj has been sensing other worlds. One is an alien green universe. In fact smelling them too. His journey there's often accompanied by a tunnel experience. Another example, Celu was taken by a spirit guide to a planet where energy beings were like long stick insects and filaments of pure energy. Yes sir no bodies, but electric with life. (Experienced any strange dreams please write in.)

Other healings.
Petra has undertaken a healing that's proving most magical for the person she's working with: unicorns, whirling space ships…!!! Subbu when giving us healing during a session was so sensitive to energy she almost fainted…Amazing! (Part of any healings, please write in.)

Other bodies.
Tired of the uncertainty, Tony decided to prove to himself the truth about the spirit. He sat in a chair and willed himself to walk out and look at himself! A round of applause is in order we believe. (Had any out of body or in body experiences, please write in.)

Other actions.
Usha & Alex run a caring organization called Sahayata. After the Tsunami they distributed 19,050 packets of food. Then turned to putting damaged boats back to sea. For just Rs 2.90 lakhs they put 29 boats back. Usually we talk of how the spirit can enrich life. This example, is one where, corporate effectiveness made a big difference with thrifty budgets. (Heard of anything heartwarming like this, please write in.)

We are 70 members in Tickle and only the Lord knows how many more who get it from their friends. So please write in and share your experiences. It could be about a new experience. Or the joy a baby brought in. Of being taken to another world. Of being struck by a sunset. On discovering a new code for the universe and on coping with a job loss. Tickle's about being Souls on earth, the horizon's beyond this world and the deeps in this one.

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