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This is the eleventh issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there.

And the award for courage goes to Bundle. A 15 day old brown-haired pup was crushed under a Maruti. And even with both hind legs crushed – bones exposed, spine possibly damaged, the skin ripped off a leg, still found the gumption of giving me a bite as I rescued it. Lots of healing and deep blue light dulled Bundle's pain. As Celu & I took it to CUPA, an animal shelter, it fell asleep on my lap. It felt good to be this trusted. If I had both legs crushed I'd be screaming my head off.






Bundle died a day later at Cupa. And the fact was after I picked it up from the road back home, I'd wondered if it was kinder for me to just wring its neck. “The inner answer given to me was “no” . As I was drawing out the incident trying to make sense of it, one of my spirit guides dropped this into my head. “Consider the possibility that Bundle came into your life because you needed to deepen your compassion. So it's the pup that gave you the incalculable gift.”

Now a month earlier in a scan of Buffy, I'd seen a figure – a white figure with a dog face – that I associated with Distemper. And while the figure assured me that it was leaving Buffy, some of her residual symptoms had worsened. Later when talking with Isshuma, a spirit guide, I asked him the stupid question if he'd lost anyone he loved and how he'd coped. “You don't cope with it, you grow with it,” was his answer.

And we are seeing things... We continue to be amazed how brilliantly the people who come to us can sense things, it took us years to be able to spot . Like Velhu who saw auras beautifully at the very first session. In fact he went so deep into the session that his etheric and mental body slumped out of his body!

During a class, I'd chanted a Shiva mantra, and asked Shekar and Monica to check it out. Interestingly Shekar saw me become a deep black. And Monica saw lots of shadowy forms receding into infinity. Try it, it can be spectacular. Get one person to say a prayer or chant and check it out.

In Coonoor we saw some beautiful earth & sky chakras. One of them had spins we've never seen.

Now, before the incident happened a kid was feeding the litter of 5 pups which were pottering around the road. And I, taking Buffy for a walk was saying to myself “soon one's gonna get crushed, another will die of diarrhoea, another'll…oh god why?” And Bundle seemed to give the answer – of trust . Written in deep healing patterns into bone, flesh, blood. Revealed in the courage of a pup, willing to take on someone 100 times his size. Shown in rough kindness, as later a 4tonner army vehicle screeched to a halt, and the driver got off, booted a pup out of the way and started again.






A week or two ago, I went inward and behind the inner doors was…God. Like a sun. Strong and gentle. Like I felt, washed clean and blessed. Like seen, understood, cared for, strengthened, like everything's right. I felt bathed in God's light. And it's there for each of us. And it is each of us. For paintings that catch this experience go to the art page.

A few days ago in the evening sky, a pattern of a chain of star like beings were moving, they were helping realign the earth cords. One of them was Isshuma. And it felt like “Hey wow I know this guy.”

We've been keeping track of the rips in the earth's aura around the Sumatra area. While much of the underlying psychic pus has been cleared, physically the area is still deeply vulnerable. We've done some work with it, but the message we've been told is that it's up to us to conceive of a new way of life where we live in greater harmony with other species and the earth. And it comes with a warning by Isshuma, “Many civilisations and species have failed and been wiped out . You stand at a place of choosing, a place of power, a place of great wisdom, a place of great possibility, do not waste the chance. Whatever you ask for, that will be accelerated.”


Deep healings... Many Creator's Child healers have been participating in some spectacular and deep healings. A lot of Creator's child healers have been working with past-rooted healings, deep guilt issues, past abuse and reincarnational healing.

For example, Tina, Celu & I were giving healing to X. X's body began shaking, and her hands and legs began shaking involuntarily. Petra has been working with people deeply hurt in the past. R is in the process of changing a deep seated past issue. D is overcoming obsessive fears.





It can be spectacularly beautiful, deeply transformatory and... In one case, while we had the room completely protected a psychic attack came from within. In another, Celu felt a dark, bone numbing presence in the room.





2 articles have come out that include Creator's Child work on other lives.

Total Recall. A three-decade-old Indo-American research project suggests reincarnation might actually be a scientific fact. Varuna Verma reports.

Unfinished business or unending saga? Perin Ilavia on reincarnation..

Goodbyevertising. The 3rd time or so in the last 5 years we found ourselves in a pub with Vinod and Vinesh. And sipping water (not milk a la phantom or neat vodka as I used to), we met Sunil who when told I was quitting advertising officially on April 30 th , quipped that we were becoming full time mystics. Interestingly when Monica was practising Reiki on me after her attunement, I felt as if a coating was being peeled off and discarded. As if a self was taken off.

Issue. In an email, Seema wrote in to say that the deep bonds of love she encountered as a child are no longer there, at least in Kerala. What do you think?

We are 70 members in Tickle and only the Lord knows how many more who get it from their friends. So please write in and share your experiences. It could be about a new experience.Or in reply to Seema's encounter of loss of bonds. Or the joy a baby brought in. Of being taken to another world. Of being struck by a sunset. On discovering a new code for the universe and on coping with a job loss. Tickle's about being Souls on earth, the horizon's beyond this world and the deeps in this one. Till next time, Ciao.

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Healing Tip: When giving a healing you think is specially deep, or for an infectious disease, please put a purple shield of crackling energy in front of your solar plexus. And use the salt water protection. Also give the person daily long distance healing.