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This is the twelfth issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there.This time we thought we'd share with U some bits and pieces on auras.

Robed in 7 layers of light. Or 8 or 17? The sheer ease with which you guys see auras is jaw dropping. As we've told you often it's taken us years to see what you see in a day or 2.

Litna saw all 7(+1) layers of the aura on the second day of her session. As did Priya, who instinctively knew which was my faulty chakra on her very first scan. As did Usha who sensed 6, and in half an hour learned an esoteric technique that took Tarun a good half a year to develop. (Litna put us on Cloud 9 by saying that we were good teachers hence … Thank u Litna, we have totally swollen heads and are loving it.)

Monica felt the 4 levels of the mango tree, and that seems to be the norm for trees barring a wizard of a rain tree with 7 magnificent levels, spread over ½ a km!

The real story is that we, each of us, is magnificently, multi-dimensional. And clothed in some magnificent outfits.

And in fact some are wearing crowns in secret! Vaishali had a brilliant crown, during her meditations. Rachna who experienced 4 levels of chakras above the crown (!!!!) and went to her soul level. Murali's aura at the mind level is a shining white robe.

Now if all this 7 layer stuff seems daunting. Remember, It's not how complexly you sense, but how accurately one sees that matters. For example, for a healing Tarun saw 7 layers of stuff, Celu saw a vision of dried earth. The second was more insightful in directing the healing, the first helps make the healing more comprehensive.

Advance notice. Often these visions come in dreams or just images from one's intuition. Zahid's been getting images that reveal the future with deep power. He warned a colleague that he was going to lose his job, a week ahead. Suddenly, no warning and the guy was dropped. (What he saw was empty, wringing hands.) He also warned Sharukh Khan, of impending danger, and no he doesn't know the guy.

Everyone can. Everyone does. Everyone senses one level of the aura. That which ‘appears' as the physical. To underline how mysterious the mundane is…consider this…

Buffy's been spotted in two places physically at the same time, again. After we spent too long at Celu's mom's she landed up in a physical body…that faded after a few seconds. The fact she was ill of course…er…seemed to have ‘helped'.

Dhiraj is (busy) wandering around out of body. In fact, one day he was walking down a corridor and found he had separated in to 2 beings which remerged together.

Change Gods.The change Gods seem to have chosen to bless the circle of Creator's Child, sometimes with restlessness, sometimes with new vistas.

Libni's going to Dubai. Post marriage. Deeya's in Mumbai. Zahid's shifting careers. Sushma's heading from Bangalore to Mangalore, into the glorious unknown. Angel's gone ½ day. Reema's shifting jobs.

New Improved Tickle.There's an article on auras. Sunday Herald, 2002. And yet another on crowns and crown chakras. You can read it on the articles page. And also view some mind boggling auras. Do take a look at the spiritual art page, which has been recently revamped.

A special request. Some of u in the group have never written in. I don't know what u feel about Tickle. Maybe u're not getting it at all. Maybe it intrigues u. Maybe u hate it. Whatever – please please write in. Accolades. Criticisms. Just a simple hi or bye. And then send it on. We'd like Tickle to reach the world. May the CCTickle tribe increase. Ciao. Till next time then.

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