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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the 13 th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. This month, it being 13 and all that, we thought we'd share with U some encounters with ghosts.

Friendly Ghosts: Tanya's experience:


“Would like to share the experience when I went to Tarun and Celia's place for my third session of meditation in May, since it was late and I was tired, I stayed back. I lay down to sleep and was fast asleep in 5 minutes. But after a while I felt a little uncomfortable as if someone is watching me. I could see figures around my bed and lot other places in their house.

Later when I told Tarun about them he told me that they are energy beings or could be spirit guides. The most striking one was a lady with long black hair, fair as milk with sharp nose, who was very vivid and also was very expressive, she said she loves Tarun very much and will always take care of him. There were lot other beings on the terrace. I was not scared but very intrigued and fascinated with them. The lady with black hair is always around Tarun and I see her most of the time when I go to their place or just think about Tarun and Celia.”







Not-so-friendly ghosts. Z's experience:

t happened mid august. It was really 3 separate incidents where Z, his brother and sister all saw a white being, transparent and like a woman. It wasn't all-pleasant, as in some instances the being tried to attack.

When I removed the energies long distance I spotted no less than 6 energy beings from snake forms to human.

“I'm dead help!”: R's experience:

R started being able to see ghosts after her grandfather died when she was a kid. Today at funerals she often sees the dead person look at her. Sometimes as if asking her help.

The touch of Ghosts: Rm's experience:

Woke up, when I felt myself being shaken awake. When I woke I saw this being in mid air slowly dissolving.

Ghosts of the living: T's experience:

Woke up, when I felt a presence in my room, saw the being walk towards my parents room, that's when I realised it was my mom astral travelling.

House occupancies: A's experience:

Gone to A's house new house when she told us she didn't like the feel of the whole house. When we checked there was a presence localised in the kitchen and a strong energy field caused by a well that had been built over by the apartment. We could translocate the energy being to higher planes. You could compare this experience to an earlier one that Arun Shankar had, where the manifestation was so strong he left the new flat on day 2 itself.

P's experience:

P has experienced a being that mocked her. When we looked at her psychically we saw the same thing. During a deep healing session we asked it to leave.

P could still sense another energy being around. When we held it and asked its name we discovered that this red being was principally her own fears animated.

S's experience:

This is an earlier experience a good 2 years ago, and was linked to an active psychic attack. When S was meditating suddenly all the windows in the room began to rattle. When we checked later her meditation energy had challenged the force sent towards her. We had to stop the underlying psychic attack and things went ok.

S2's experience:

This is an earlier experience again a good 2 years ago. S was sleeping and felt a vampish being trying to do the coochie coo. When we checked later discovered, it was a woman strongly attracted to S2 who resented his fiancée.

Understanding Ghosts

We are ghosts that wear bodies. Not to worry your normal world is filled with ghosts. {Heh, heh}

So some ghosts are humans and animals that take off their current bodies permanently {read die} and get sidetracked. Frankly many don't know they are dead. It feels like an unending dream and so latch on to people that can see or guide them.

Other ghosts are memories of the dead, their strong vibes animated by another energy source, often nodes of earth's power like old wells, buildings, earth energy lines.

Other ghosts are what may be called ghosts of the living. Each of us is a being with many levels. So when we travel astrally separate from our bodies we may be spotted as ghosts. It can get more complex than this however. For we are energy beings and very strong contrasting needs can cause your whole energy being to multiply in two. Read Tickle 12 about Dhiraj's double consciousness experience and the ones about Buffy's double body stuff and you'll get the possibilities.

Typically ghosts can't impact the physical, to be able to do so, they are drawing on an etheric source of energy. This often means that there could be a strong charge of energy associated with the people in the house or an energy source as we mentioned earlier. For example, many poltergeist events are classically related to homes with young adolescent girls.

As rule of thumb, ghosts that are whitish coloured are usually less likely to be able to affect the environment than black coloured ghosts.

Spirit Guides. High funda Ghosts.

Not all beings in the universe have bodies. Some have never had one. Others are earth creatures who've gone beyond them. Each of us is surrounded by deeply caring beings one can call, guides, devas or angels. We need to call to them in a language in a language they'll respect. They don't always inhabit this universe either. Read the experience that Vinod and Vinesh invited us to experience a few years ago, its in one of our first Tickles. Alternately just go back to your attunement experience at your Creator's Child session. Many were enhanced by your guides and angel forms!!!

Handling Ghosts

Creator's Child students have been attuned to a host of protective energies. And all of you have been given no less than 4 protective devices. The most useful are in these cases salt water. As it takes the onus of you. You could also use a bach flower remedy, called Aspen, helps close the aura down. It should be available at homeopathy stores, but isn't homeopathy. Its designed for self medication. Do pick up a book on Bach flower remedies by a writer called Mecthchild Scheffer, she's the best on the subject. The remedies are really useful from sleeplessness, to infections, bad bosses, guilt trips, depressions. It's a useful tool.

If u need more help in handling ghosts u know u can call us night or day. Or u can catch hold of Dhiraj & Tanya, Shekar & Monica who have been taught to handle ghosts and would love get their hands on a few.

Please keep writing in, dropping in. There's a host of new students. We'd like all students – old and new to meet at the next CC encounter - scheduled for Sept 4, around 5:30 pm. Please keep that evening free. Till next time then. Ciao

P.S. Do take a look at Tarun's new art site. Send it on to any one you think loves art and maybes looking to acquire some.

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