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Tickle is officially one year old. Happy Birthday. Thank you for being a faithful reader of Tickle.

And thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the 14 th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child.

Sept 4, 05. Energy stampede. We had a monsoon CC gathering. Complete with storm and fury that turned back atleast 15. 20 came and created an energy stampede. Using a powerful chant n rhythm technique. There was a familiar energy color circle and …

We indulged in aura gazing and mapped out the prettiest pink to the whackiest auras.

We played an ESP game, where one person projects a card and the others sense it. After the first few tries, when people were fresh and got what the sender sent {or close}, we noticed that people were guessing in clumps. Receiving not what the sender sent. But what the strongest thinker in a group felt was being sent. INTERESTING !!!

And then we indulged ourselves – vast volumes of Black Death were consumed( u got to drink it to describe the experience of Black Death), large slabs of cinnamon walnut cake were swallowed along with melt in the mouth spinach bars. And then the skies opened again. Magnificent lightning lit the skies. Water flowed. Roads were blocked. Some even had to wade back home.

This time we're sharing a potpourri of incidents. All are experiences of CC students, barring one.

Love is exchanging ankles.S was working late in office, when he slipped and sprained his ankle. By earlier experiences he knew that by morning his ankle would balloon out, and he would be in excruciating pain. So he just drove home and decided not to share the bad news with his wife R, but just asked her to support him with some healing, as he was tired. ( R is a second degree Reiki healer.)

The next morning, S was in for a pleasant surprise. His ankle was much better and there was not a trace of the usual swelling that accompanied a sprain. S drove off to office in high spirits. Not so R. She got up the following morning with a swollen ankle and excruciating pain !!!

Not attending your own funeral !!! M was playing at home when the doorbell rang. His mother asked him to see who had come. It was Mr N enquiring about his father. He duly informed Mr N that his father was not at home. Mr N then left the house, walking down the stairs with an odd gait. M skipped to the kitchen and told his mom who the visitor was. She dropped the ladle into the vessel she was stirring and jumped. Her husband had gone to town for the funeral of the very same Mr N, who had expired a few hours back.

M says he refused to open the front door for a very long time. This happened all of 40 years back, and he's still a little jittery about opening doors !

Back from the dead! S was in post op. And died. He felt a pressure at the heart. And felt himself go out of body and up a tunnel. Glowing misty figures met him he felt like a ball of soft, gentle colours in their hands! They escorted him back. And he could see his body from above. Checking the battery of monitors, doctors had declared him clinically dead for a few minutes.

During a session with M, when we she went deep in to meet her reiki forces, she described a similar tunnel.

Forget the Met department. Ask the Crow! Before the torrential rains, the night before, the crows were cawing in a strange way. When Celu asked them what was happening, she was told to run. Was it an earthquake Celu wanted to know. The crows talked of wind and water. A week before the rain we were told heavy weather was coming only it would come from Mangalore side. The day of the North Indian earthquake we were taking an advanced teaching session where we were talking about listening to the elements. Off hand at 9.00 am I listened to the earth and found it grumbling menacingly. Was an earthquake going to hit Bangalore or Karnataka? I asked. Was it happening in India? The answer was No, No. Put the whole thing out of mind. Only to learn after the session was over of the killer quake. After that someone asked us what would come next, we were told fire. Perhaps the Delhi blasts. Or maybe more: Something dealing with fire and the ground. Possibly lava/ volcano. We are seeing no real let up in the disasters. The reason for many of the quake-related activity deals with some shift in a major earth chakra in the Sumatra region. Water, Earth, Air, Fire, Space.

We are seeing 2 phases with intense global trouble. 2007, a major water tragedy on an awesome scale. 2014 to 2018 will be a bad phase with the year 2016 characterised by intense rioting. This phase can be horrific. Accompanied perhaps by sabotage of chemical weapon dumps.

None of these are inevitable, but are ‘positive' times for certain energy shifts on the earth's part to happen. Time when big momma turns over in her sleep.

Suddenly this Tickle feels too gloomy. So here's a tailpiece from Buffy.

Sanjay gave us some yum sweets for Diwali. And now Buffy has turned Sweetenarian. “You know you gave me a very nice white thing when the crackers stopped last night, this night also when the crackers stop I wouldn't mind getting it again.” She loved the milk barfi so much now she won't touch her erstwhile favourite – gooey bakery pastries. So I called her ‘The Mongrel Queen'. Probably, caught the sarcasm, bcoz, she asked Celu if it was a good thing to be called Mongrel Queen.

Guess we've given you ample food for thought. And Gloom. And some smiles.

Do call/write in with reactions – more experiences. {Ps Shekar we forgot the experience u told us about. Vin & Vin the one on drinking in breath has yet to arrive.} We love hearing from all of you.

Ciao for now.

P.S. Do take a look at Tarun's new art site. Send it on to any one you think loves art and maybes looking to acquire some.

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