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Love and Light for 2006 - for always.

And thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the 15 th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child.

13 th Dec 05. or was it 11 th Dec 05??? {Alas a Tuesday not a Friday}. Thanks to Pooja and Shweta inviting us, we had a talk at Oxford bookstore on Ghosts, Guides and Angels. Around 60 humans turned up. Ghosts attendance figures were unknown. {Buffy was miffed at not being invited to the bookshop. Especially as she is under the impression that chapters are bones.}

Actually, by one account it happened a few days earlier. Mr Murali's wife had dreamt about the whole session a few days ago, including an incident where a member of the audience with a problematic leg, shifted from the front row to sit next to them. The implications are not just awesome they are huuumungous. If we are a rerun of yesterday…

For those who couldn't make it, here's a brief teaser. The talk started with: Ghosts of the present: humans spotted astral travelling. Went on to talk about temporary ghosts: people in transit. Zipped through more permanent ghosts and the fact they usually have unfinished business. Then switched to the Ghosts of past lives. Then Ghosts of the future. Then we did a quick tour of stone, plant, animal and mountain beings. Spirit guides made their appearance. And angels were heralded by the quote from our spirit guide ‘E' who described them as ‘Peons of God'. The talk was dotted with a lot of your experiences. S' near death experience. The cases of Angel's & Arun's house hauntings. Veena's dramatic OBE's. Seema's rattling house. Z's ghosts.

Drunk on Oxygen. [Statchutorry Wornning: Meditation is injurious to drunkenness]. For some strange reason, Vinesh & Vinod decided to do a breath oriented meditation after their 3 rd /4 th /5 th pitcher. From a fairly pleasant state of communion with the freer parts of the universe they found themselves back to Go. Stone cold sober. They cruelly inflicted the same treatment on a few of their friends. The result was the same. The moral of the story: don't drink and breathe, it is injurious to your beer.

The Case of The Missing Camera. Part 2. [In the nail-biting part 1. All the Creator's Child Force pitched in and tried to locate our first digital camera, and many accurately located its box. An ESP success but…] Rushing for a Christmas party while waiting for our most unreliable mechanic, and shooing Buffy up, we for the first time in 12 years forgot to lock our front door. 30 mins later, in a land close to Bangalore called RMV extension, Ro & Vin called us to say the ironing man discovered it open, and they locked it up, under the ferocious eye of Buffy, who actually snarled at them as they came up to check. A day later I asked Celu, have u seen the camera? I checked the usual place we keep it, a basket. Then asked Celu to crosscheck as my crosschecking sometimes leaves a little to be desired. Basket was opened, basket was unwoven. Cupboards ransacked. Psychic sight used. Searches were futile. Basket was searched again. Finally we went to sleep. Woke up earlier than usual. At 7.00, with the certainty we'd find it. Open cupboard, look in the basket. It's there.

And the explanations are: A) One of us sleep walks. B) The camera sleep walks. C) Buffy said that day a figure in white had come into the house. D) Don't Know. Don't care. E) All of the above.

Double blast from the past. We'd given Pooja a brief write up on of a few of her past lives. A week ago she'd gone to a hypnotist. And one of those lives popped up. She was so excited she called us ze moment she returned to this life. Confirmation.

Tina's b'day suit. After gorging on sinful pastries at Fresco's, Reeba handed Tina her b'day gift. But before it came out of the bag, someone challenged the assembled psychics to guess the colour. Tina got dark pink, Tarun got red – the exact color of the suit. Celu got white with pale pattern. She too was right. For that was the description of the gift wrapping (also not in sight)

Thanks for the bump. The other day, we spotted a bump on Vinod's Optra. We sympathised with him. But far from accepting our sympathies he was pleased by it. ‘Now that the bump has happened I'm free' he said. ‘Now I'm driving the car around, not the other way around'. To quote Vinod loosely. Now that's a real attitude of gratitude!

Do write in with any thing u'd like to share. Experiences, praise, grumbles ……… Its a pleasure to hear from you. Ciao for now.

P.S. Do take a look at Tarun's new art site. Send it on to any one you think loves art and maybes looking to acquire some.

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