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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the 17 th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. {It's a trifle delayed cause, Tarun's been busy at a book, so…if u know a publisher of spiritual books we will be most grateful.}

Awakenings: It's a season of huge awakenings of all kinds.

Between the Supernova and the Volcano…

The first act in Bela's awakening took her to beings who introduced themselves as Lords of Light. But far from being sweety-sweety, they are of such astonishing light and love that the force on her was like lightning or a tempest.

The Second Act: So powerful is the impact these beings who have introduced themselves on various occasion as Sai Baba, Lord Shiva and Christ, one needed to awaken her Kundalini Shakti to prevent her from being torn apart by the torrent of light. An experience which is characterized by a volcanic opening and continuous streams of lava through one's being…

Peaceful expansions…

Bobby is in the throes of another kind of awakening. A cooler one, but no less expansive, sometimes as he says, ‘I just touch my forehead and a cool current runs through me. It takes me to an expansive space beyond space.' Here the feeling is of consciousness losing itself in consciousness. Of immense, transcendental peace.

Celia's Minute with God:

God: The King: “I was sitting in church. I could only hear the silence and in the distance Tarun trying to shoo out our faithful 4 legged follower – Tiger. I was speaking to God/ praying, when before me appeared a person in a majestic red coat edged with white fur. He wore a golden crown. He had a long face with a white beard.”
“U couldn't be God, u're dressed to kill”, I said.
“ If I wore ordinary clothes, would u recognize me?” came his reply.
“I then proceeded to ask him questions that were troubling me. He answered some. But for my toughest dilemmas, he insisted I find the answers for myself. I thanked him and returned home.
Tarun said I had a wonderful glow around my body.”
And the next day, God: The Horse… “The next day, I decided to talk to God, the King again, this time he amusingly appeared as a Horse.
To even things up I guess.”


Ruddi : the clairvoyant…

“Want to tell you about 2 of my significant experience…

In one of my dreams, I had seen my room mate, who got an excellent CAT percentile, NOT getting through the main list of the college where he applied and was confident of getting through…. 5 days later, he got the result and it was exactly as I had dreamt!!!

I had always known in one corner of my heart that SP Jain was not for me… And there was an incredible force speaking to me from within sayin I will anyways get through in IIT kharagpur… I was disheartened when I came in the waiting list and lost all hope… but on april 4 th , I was pleasantly surprised to find that the waitlist has cleared and I got through!!!”

The Mysterious Y…

Symbols are powerful. And a cornerstone of our work involves using their power, this story has 3 figures Two who don't know anything about each other.
Boby during the course of his awakening received a range of esoteric symbols one of which resembles the Y. Imagine our surprise when 3 days later, Amita who hasn't met Boby sends us this same symbol. She received it from an amethyst stone she talked to.
A month later, I am undergoing a teaching dream, and I am being taught some energy moves. One of them is the Y, which sends a huge jolt of energy reawakening my kundalini Shakti.


Dreamtime healings…

Shweta has been having some huge dreamtime healings. In one, she went into a place where a Buddhist master gave her healing. In others, we featured. In one, Tarun's supposed to have done something 8 days later.

A lingam of power…

We started the session with a root chakra atibeeja process. And psychically everything, began to tremble, Tina told us it's like a huge tower of smoke rising, a vortex of power tipped with volcanic flame. A lingam of energy. Tarun began to shake with the energy he was giving. Celia saw the images before Tina told us about it. As we looked beneath Tina's body a darker Goddess body formed. This burned with volcanic flares at the major charas then blazed into a heap of diamonds. Wow!


We were giving Anasuya and Ashwin healing, as part of their reiki session, the energy was simply furious to say the least. What made the session particularly magnificent was when Celia looked up and felt a presence – it was the figure of Jesus!

Great healers need great healees …

Tiger is back in Tickle, he's picked up mange, a fairly terrible doggy skin disease. And within a week, and one bottle of neem oil its been arrested. One month later, he's far better, scruffy as usual…but the sores have healed and no fresh ones have started. What is most amazing is the speed of his recovery. And his marvelous sense of gratitude: we get paid in {smelly} bones and toys {broken plastic bottles} left in front of our gate.


Jazzy auras…

Ashwin was having a Jazz show at a rock pub! When the band played their auras became bonfires, merging with each others, sometimes curling to form new meta bodies. One piece full of silences that turned nuclear at the end was like a magnificent attunement.

Try mescal-ine…

Went for a concert of a ‘French' band called Mescal. One piece, a desert piece was huge, pure samadhi stuff. The kind which removes your head and puts in a cloud there instead.

Or chocoate…

Imagine this: Shekar, Tina, Celia and Tarun around a melted bowl of chocolate. And toasted puffed lotus seeds on toothpicks, dip in and mmmm...Believe us its yummmmmmmm…

Lavender sleep…

For 3 days, Sachin {8}slept 3 hours or so… That means you had one very overactive kid and one very sleepy family. A few drops on his pillow and he slept 15 hours. Happiness. Scents work…

Or maybe you prefer dead crow???

We gave Buffy a shampoo…She's on heat and is eyeing a neighbourhood pup. “Aah male. Aah not neutered. Aaah you'll have to do.” Imagine her horror when he just plays around and doesn't get into action. Maybe she sadly concluded he didn't like her smell and to correct that, rolled around in something that smells like dead rat.



Aliyeh has started a lifestyle store called Native Place. And with it are a 101 worries and tensions. In the beginning she was a wreck, now she looks much improved. She attributes her new peace to a philosophy she calls: Khalas. It's over. You reversed the car into a lamppost? Khalas. It's over. You lost business yesterday? Khalas. It's over. Today is today.


Zee TV interviews Celia…

It's a different feeling being on the other side of the camera, as Celia ex-film person discovered. The Zee interview is part of a series on women who are doing exciting stuff. It covered auras, past lives and what inspired her to go from bindaas college kid to bindaas mystic.

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it.

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