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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for being there. This is the 18 th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child.


Spirits and auto drivers: Roughly a week before Vinod & Vinesh's mom - Chitra, went to a temple town; she had a dream where a spirit told her to enjoy her trip and that her auto driver who would take her around would be Sashi.

The dream got tucked away to the back of her mind. Midway through her trip in the auto going around from temple to temple in Gurvayur she asked the driver; what was his name? The answer hit her like a ton of bricks. Sashi!!!

Getting it wrong: We ‘tom tom' our successes, it's time to turn the spotlight on one of our failures. The parents of A came to us to locate their son who went missing. We kept seeing him deeply troubled, traveling to various religious spots. He had a dark figure behind him. Another psychic, the relatives consulted independently, saw an identical scenario.

After a few weeks, we had almost decided to call off our search when the mother asked us a poignant question; was he alive? We contacted A's spirit, and he reassured us that he was still on earth. Except now he was staying put. The one troubling thing was that Celu kept seeing his astral presence around our home with disturbing regularity. Was he severely ill as we believed, or had he passed away? To be sure, we decided to throw the question open to select students.

Roughly 70% believed he was alive, though many had the feeling that he was ill; Sushma felt that he something bad had happened. Some were surer of his location than his state of health. Dhiraj and Amita felt he was in North Karnataka. Many who saw him, independently saw the same scene, grassy area, barbed wire, semi-urban, a room governmentish. The remaining, 30% had the feeling that he had passed away. For example, Nishi & Angel got the categoric answer that he had passed away. Vinesh had the feeling that he was near a grassy area, with barbed wire, close to death, or having just passed away.

What should we tell the parents? We were in 2 minds…It was when Shweta, had a series of dreams where ‘A' reached out asking for help, appearing close to the end of his tether, that I asked the parents to redouble their efforts. The clues we gave them: a place in a Northern direction, within a radius of 150 km of Bangalore, possibly a temple town {or near a temple}, in a neighbourhood with lettering that could be bala or baya, a governmentish building; an office/ school/ railway station, close to it was a grassy field, with a neighbouring drain… from these clues we asked the police to search especially in ballapur/ dod-ballapur.

The search was unsuccessful. But the excitement generated got a maali to pass on a story to ‘A's aunt, about a mysterious death in another locality, close to the time of A's disappearance.

‘A' was found to have passed away on the night at which he had gone missing.

We were appalled by the fact that we had for 2 months given the parents false hope. Adding to their agony. {Tarun had taken the call that the weight of psychic evidence pointed to his being alive}. When we re-examined the whole issue, we realized that in some ways we had come agonizingly close. In some we had misread the clues. In some we had forgotten that life after death and life before death, have different terms of reference.

Locationally, we were closer to the facts, A was found close to Byapanahalli station {When Tarun went back to the lettering he saw he realized it was closer to Baya than Bala}. Which is in a Northern direction of our house. And certainly within 150 km.

To the question was he alive? While some students had got the answer right. We had not seen him as dead, just either severely ill or very mentally disturbed, possibly haunted. But where had we gone wrong? I realized that the question I'd got an affirmative to was: are you on earth? The spirit was on earth. The other question I'd asked was are you connected to the physical body? Again it was connected, but not in our terms. I had used the certitude provided by these 2 answers to ignore counterevidence: Like the dark shadow behind, I assumed that it was a negative influence. Like the sharp pain his mother felt when attempting to contact him. Like the views of a range of students. Like his constant haunting of our house.

What then of the travel we saw initially? We realized the scenes we had seen were through his eyes. That the spirit indeed travels. That especially when the spirit is caught up in deeply troubling concerns.

Another learning is that contrary to the belief that a suicide is damned forever, or damned at all, we learn that they are just lost, guilty, tired… Poile's vision of ‘A' as a little child on the lap of the Goddess is deeply comforting and supports the idea of reincarnation not as a mechanical assembly line but a process that is deeply blessed.

We psychics, mystics or what have yous can be fallible. The inner world is less certain than the outer one. So should we stop what we do? A friend of A's family put things in perspective. She said, even if u were wrong, the fact that you kept fuelling the search helped bring discovery and closure. We may get things wrong, make mistakes, but as long as we do it with sincerity, the universe seems to assure us that it will use our mistakes positively.

And yet perhaps the real lesson lies deeper. We often see ourselves as people who help and support. Yet could the universe have not brought A's parents to us, not because we could help them, but because we could learn from them? Inspite of the fact that we got so much, so wrong, A's parents were deeply touched by the fact that we tried. Dealing with them, all through the months of terrible uncertainty we learnt so much…even in the depths of despair they were unfailingly polite and thoughtful, displaying a heart-wrenching civilization and polish in an intolerable situation. Please join us for a moment sending them love.

We'd like to thank all our students who responded to our appeal for a second opinion.


Sometimes we forget how momentous the first encounter with the inner universe can be. Divya's account captures the incredible thrill of it. While we love the compliments… the force she truly experienced is not of Divya meeting Tarun, Celia & Buffy, but the enormous power of Divya meeting Divya.

COLOURS.....they can do magic....actually they ARE MAGIC.... MAGIC !!!!!!! WOW!!! sounds so magical...Tarun says we are like witches who dont realise our powers...yes..i agree because we all think that - seeing is believing but what Tarun and Celu are trying to teach us is that ...believing is seeing....what the mind can conceive and believe ....it happens......so beautiful...there is a sense of responsibility and freedom which makes you feel so good and complete... My way of thinking and looking at things are changing...you know ....you keep thinking in only one direction and suddenly you realise there is so much of space around you and you can think in so many ways....that ...you cant even imagine in how many ways you can think...you become more creative about everything...including life.... It was a divine experience....the attunement...wow!!!! and when i gave my first healing....i could see my master...it was a beautiful orange figure....with long hair.... i could see colours when i was giving healing to shilu....we were cracking jokes and she has an active funny bone....i started gaining confidence when i started giving healing.....Tarun and Celia ... they are such great teachers....the word - great seems so small....just so tiny....they make things so easy to understand, divya was wondering how can someone be so positive ,think so positively like Tarun..... The whole past life thing ...is so fascinating its like you go look at the mirror you see yourself as a handsome guy, and next time you look at the mirror- you are a girl and you want know what you will look like next time........... It is the same old you but you dont remember what you saw in the mirror the previous time....but what if you could remember.....haaaa.....life would seem so strange from what one believes....ya....i know what it feels like.....you know its like you know swimming and you should enter the lovely sea and you start entering it and then you realize that the ground beneath you is slipping....and it is a beautiful sensation.....you will enter deeper and deeper and are surrounded by the sea and its hugging you and you are loving it .....you will think differently and in a broader way - like a soul should think...the ground which was concrete..which was your preconceived concepts and your set of defined values do not exist anymore and the sea which is " THE MAGIC" and which is your new way of thinking and perceiving is everywhere and you feel so good that you entered the sea......... A SHINING GOD AND GODDESS made so much difference in our lives and made it more meaningful.........and it is not enough howmuch ever we thank them...... loads of love, little witch.....

Incidentally Shilpa who also attended the Reiki session, with Divya and quite loved the session had an amusingly acerbic rider: “It is good… But you have packed a one month's course into 2 days.”

Full Moon Madness:

Full moon time is one of the most psychically alive…Last full moon, Shwetha explored the finer nuances of the Ida nadi and its mysterious secrets with us. The'Moon Nadi' is like plugging directly into God's veins. It was a time of high magic that we rode. Where boundaries blurred and beneath the sober face of the everyday, the world revealed that it is silver and moon mad.

The Healing Presence:

Ok, all you Creator's Child healers who aren't practicing their gifts, here's a wakeup call… Deep healings can call up forces of truly astounding power… The healings of Tina, Padma, Arun, Shwetha and Yogita are humbling in their power and intensity.

“Waves of energy pour down on us… dissolving my boundaries. The hair on my body stand at attention. Shaken, rinsed, washed, blessed made new.” Tina's healings are often spectacular, in this one she felt being placed in the presence of God, here is what we felt when giving her healing. The truth is healings can be magical for the healer and the healed.

“I am lifted up and out… my body keeps shaking with the energy long after…” Yogita's experience as told to us.

“I am the earth… I am everywhere, I am the universe.” A. Padma discovering that healing isn't just about getting well, but discovering how amazing we are.

And also, apart from being so wonderful, it also makes a difference…So please start healing again!

“I am eating more.” – D for whom ½ chapatti for a meal used to be overeating.

“Something deep changed.” -- Arun's experience as told to us.

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it.

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