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This is the second issue of Tickle. It’s a monthly newsletter from us folks at Creators Child.

(CC is a spiritual initiative - to awaken the God within – it’s channeled through us, Tarun and Celia Cherian, and a host of hugely talented mystic students. You can read more about us and what we do at

Thanks for writing in. And by general consensus, the name Tickle stays on. The incisive replies to the first issue by Tanya and Usha Abraham are at the end. And a special mention to Anand, a young reporter at Vijay Times. He mentioned being beaten up and not getting time to shave being a part of his job. But inspite of his perilous schedule he had time for us at CC, Thanks Anand. This month, thought we’d share with u a whole host of incidents around psychic healing.

Healing Works. K has kidney stones. We give him a Chinese colour meditation. The stones clear in 3 months with no other medication and hasn’t recurred for the last 7 years.

It’s beautiful. Stomach’s out. Tarun’s feeling sorry for himself. Give him healing on the terrace. He says he sees “a rain of diamonds falling down from the sky.” And sometimes it’s easy to forget this – healings not just about returning us to drab normalcy. But reminding us that we are magic.

15th May 04. The Toothache and Fear of healing. R comes home for dinner, complains of a toothache. Tarun puts his hand to it and a little later she says she’s fine. A younger kid comes along and wants to know how this works. Asked him to put his hands out and send energy to him. He jerks his hand back, saying it was trembling inside. Explain that it’s not unlike electricity that flows and lights up a bulb, when u switch it on. “Wow” he says and nods sagely. Unfortunately…the younger kids parents don’t really buy into healing, so he may not use this remarkable energy. But there’s one kid richer from his healing experience.

The Toothache returns. (It needs a spiritual root canal!) A few days later R’s toothache reappears – the root problem, a family squabble is interpreting itself as anger translated into dental problems. Likewise, years of refusing to see people, relationships, etc for what they are has given M a vision problem. Deep hurt with his boss’ at work who have refused to reward his hard work, has given K gallstones. (Vinesh u can’t guess the names here). Often healing demands that one confront root issues. Of course, finding the root of the problem is anything but easy.

Illness as enforced learning. V has hormonal problems. When she heals her relationships with her family she is told she will be healed. “Damn, why do I have to rake it all up” she asks. Confronting the root problem is not easy. To many, illness may seem the easier course! In fact, some have stopped healing programs of even severe, incurable illnesses that were showing markedly positive results. Sometimes this soul learning bit may be just too extreme - like on 3rd June 04, I see a butterfly being bitten to death. I am about to kill it and save it from agony. I am told in no uncertain terms not to interfere.

The Disco Foot. Half Healing. Buffy, came to us with distemper – more than 80% pups die if they get it. Reiki attunements, oodles of love, Nishi’s syringing in food and she pulled through. She’s now 2yrs 6months and has a twitch in her legs – almost a disco dance step, has lousy digestion and terrible teeth. So, why if distemper can be beat does the disco foot and picky appetite remain?

Can’t heal, but can release. Healing works. But not always in the way one expects it too. A friend’s friend had terminal cancer. We are told it can’t be healed, but we can release him. Tarun undoes his life cords in the middle of the night, by morning he has passed on.

Q of the month. How kick the Devil out?

Strangely much of the distrust we’ve experienced with healing has come from Christianity, where healing miracles have stood at its core. Healing and reiki comes from the devil, is what we have been informed. Equally, primitive rationalists are closed. A friend’s friend with diabetes refused to even try. It’s not rational we were told. There’s mistrust about healing. And some shifts – for eg. We were invited to be part of a multi-disciplinary clinic. Aura-photography for diagnosis has become widely accepted in Europe. What are your feelings on the subject? Have you as a healer faced this? Or is such distrust wise? Do write in and tell us. You can e-mail us at or We look forward to hearing from you.

A letter from Tanya.

I would like to share my opinion on the question of the month … How do we unfrog-in- the well?I thought about the whole scenario where the topmost priority for most of us is our jobs .....well to start with lets take the example of the whole outsourcing industry. It is making waves and people are getting good money, hence most of us have forgotten where we are going or where we all want to go for that matter. In the whole process our dreams have taken a backseat… and when I speak to my colleagues and my friends very few of them know what they are doing or what they really want to do ……… normally the answers are :

1. I don’t make plans. I take each day as it comes ….

2. I really don’t care about my dreams ..

3. Whats the use of knowing what u want to do in life , what u think never comes true , life takes its own turns….

4. I want to earn lots of money so that I can do what I want , only when u have money u can fulfill your dreams….

5. I am just working for money , this is not what I want to do … I am saving money to open my own boutique /snooker parlor/saloon and the list goes on.

I just want to say that to reach new dimensions, to expand the boundaries and to follow your heart we should have patience and satisfaction… to know how much is too much. Today very few people have “tolerence” or (sahan shakti) left …. Nobody wants to take “shit” from anyone… people have forgotten that everyone makes mistakes and it is us who have to forgive each other. Most of us are very protective and suspicious about everything and everyone around….that does not leave me out of the picture. I am also a part of this cycle. I feel it is because we all are “independent” and don’t want to make compromises.

From Usha Abraham’s desk - Divine intervention ? U tell me

Last week 2 friends of mine and myself were at Barton Court, had a few minutes to kill before our pick up car came along. We had been in the meanwhile discussing the collection of funds for a YWCA project. We had received some money from the government but then had to collect the rest by loan from the bank. We thought we would have a cup of coffee at Coffee Day but could not find a place to sit as all the chairs were occupied. Then we saw
this single gentleman sitting having his coffee and we asked if we could share the table with him. Ignoring his presence we discussed this money problem- how we would handle it, borrowing money etc. After a long time the gentleman asked if he could comment on what he had heard us discussing. He said that he was an accountant, and told us in few words where we were going wrong on our calculations and also told us how we had to be cautious when handling large amounts such as this borrowed from the bank etc. The advice was sound and has got us re thinking about our fund collection. Now who or what directed us to this chair and how did this man happen to be an accountant who had dealt with such problems?!!! I can only think of divine intervention or coincidence.

Thanks for listening to us. Do write to us.Give us your opinions.Accolades. Criticisms. Our contacts are or call us at Bangalore 91-80-25309525. Also do pass this on to others. We'd like this to reach far and wide. Till next month. Ciao.

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