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This is the 21st issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to the new Tickle readers. And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. This Tickle has been delayed. But it's worth the wait. In this we have some magnificent experiences, but this time we also include the price tags. Also check out

Cosmic Experiences  

Anthara Ganga! “ From past few days im having the feeling of being lifted out of my body...... its a beautiful experience…simply superb... it felt like a cold viscus liquid flowing thru my head ... like the " ANTHARA GANGE" its so divine...cooling...cleansing...and sooo filled with joy... i m so excited my hairs are standing in attention...” – Divya.

Brushed by Infinity. “ Sucked out to an infinite space, infinity, pure infinity... don't want to return...” – Bela.

The Price: Soul-stretch marks. If you were to climb Mount Everest it would hurt right? In the first, Divya went so far, the question of whether she could return sane was real. Bela's soul-stretch, has made everyday life a noisier, even barbaric din…However, the reverse is true, imagine being this vast and not stretching to see it. You are this vast.

Mega Beings

Poseidon Adventure. We were swimming at Benaulim Goa, when I spotted this gigantic being of multi-coloured aura rising up from the sea. When I asked Celu if she could see anything at sea, she too saw the same figure, in her version he held an oar. He stayed with us for a few days, sometimes it appeared as if to him we were delightful little jellyfish.

Two Mountain Spirit Encounters. 1. Way back from Goa , the train stopped in a tunnel. Could feel the spirit of the mountain ‘look' at us. Enormous, heavy, ancient. 2. On the way to Pondi, I merge with a mountain spirit. Wham am lifted up to a place, where the whole world is covered with flame, then I am expanded into space, a crescent moon rims my skull.

Kali Ma. In a healing for Shwetha call her Devi. A blazing pillar of light emerges, which introduces herself as Kali Ma. Shwetha's woozy for an hour after.

The Price: Confusion. The other day as I woke I saw a bunch of little earth energies, marching up our stairs. Who are you? I asked Kobolds, they replied obviously appalled by my ignorance. For some reason this becomes just too much, for just that week we'd met elementals, Gods, Angels, Mountain Spirits, can't one just laze in bed without people trooping in? Besides indoors we meet earth spirits, outdoors there's even stranger beings; the bureaucracy of the sewage department. Now some who speak the language of self-realisation talk of blissful certitudes, in our experience the further out we go, the more confusing it gets. But in turn, ‘The less u know {because u see more}, the less perhaps u need to know'.


24 ghosts in one evening! A few days after, her adeptship Shakti Sessions with us, Shalu went to her friend's place only to discover great heaps of ghosts. She set about clearing them with a vengeance. The Price: She also fell ill for a week after. Excess even with ghosts can be injurious to health.

Woolmer's Spirit. With all the controversy, Celu went in to ask Woolmer's spirit for clarity. He categorically asserted that he hadn't been murdered but died of a heart attack, there had been an argument. But with all the jazz of aconite and strangulation we thought we'd been mistaken. The Price: Confusion, because at the time we channelled this, the Jamaicans were convinced it was murder.

Graveyard chats! Days after sessions with us, Rohan & Steven pop over to a graveyard. They have a long chat with a spirit. The Price: Do a long-distance check, they're safe. Whew!


Flame around the flame. “ Today, 4 the first time while lighting the candle for doing reiki…I saw the aura in colours around the candleflame…it was so beautiful.” – Amita. The Price: Each of you have been able to sense energies with us, many of you have complained that afterwards the colours and certitudes fade. Well, magic has a price — self-belief, and the price for self-belief is often just practice.  

The Tickly Healing. Children feel energies with greater clarity. For Mohit, it's so real, it's tickly, even when our hands are a good 3 feet away. It's a wonderful thing for we often get heavy in healings, and Mohit reminds us all we are doing is tickling cells back to health. The Price: Balancing. Here we show a world where there is more to the physical, there in school for Mohit is a worldview where the barbed wire around the physical is still in place. However, the Tickles help blur the edges, laughter can't be bad even if it's not prompted by physical fingers ?

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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