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This is the 22nd issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to the new Tickle readers. And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. This Tickle has been delayed. But it's worth the wait. Also check out

From head 2 head.

Circles! I've been brooding over paintings of a core experience, it centres about circles. Sachin who we've been giving intense healing to long-distance but literally no other contact, tells his mom, “Tarun uncle's drawing circles”. Wow!

Chop-chop! D dreams we are cutting her up. A few days later, we actually have to, as she's picked up a range of nasties. And we have to get right into the depths of her being to pull out stuff.

Death in advance! R while having a bath has the image of a friend dying. 15 minutes later, he gets a call, his friend has died.

Keep practising! Celu offers me 2 empty hands on which she has mentally placed a pink and a blue bedsheet, I get which is pink and the design on it. Spontaneously, keep practising your intuition. Don't bother if it's right or wrong, just keep noting it down.

Life after Death.

Strange connections. We take P after her father's death to encounter his spirit {This we do rarely and very selectively}. She goes back to her hometown where she tells her folks she's been meeting psychics but doesn't say where. Her sister has a dream in which she gets an image of a long haired, dark-faced healer! Her sister hasn't seen us at all!

Saying goodbye. B comes a month before his death and tells his daughter he wants to move on, he asks his daughter to let him go. It's a terrible, terrible trial for her, finally she manages to find the strength to say ‘it's ok'!

Refusing to let go. 3 years after her father's passing away S, finds herself at times griefstricken. When we looked closer we discovered a small portion of his being that hated to move on, had fed on her grief and become a kind of independent entity that fed off her.


Ghostly hug. V wakes up in the middle of the night to find himself hugged by a woman. He wakes up, on checking we find it's not a ghost. But a portion of his own root chakra energies linked with that of someone else getting activated and getting a life of its own!

Other Universes.

Dotty worlds. “ Wake up to find my hand has strange mauve and purple spots. It's magic. The vision persists for 5 minutes.” Asked my spirit guide, he explains: The difference in the assumptions of the worlds had such a strong impact on my senses they found it difficult to refocus on this one.

Veiled worlds. “ A place of delicate veils, filament like. I am seeing an inner energy level of another world!” – Tarun.


Arghiz. Beings from between worlds 1. For the last 7 years J's being has been a kind of hotel for some transuniversal beings, these are terrible alien energy creatures. Clearing them has been extremely difficult as they've sort of put him as a must visit place on the equivalent of the Lonely Planet guide for the universe. The last set of creatures were metallic and had no wish to move “we are the arghiz” they kept repeating as if that explained everything.

Feeders. Beings from beween worlds 2. S, a wonderful being hosts a range of energy beings, some that look like eggs or octopuses, we call them feeders. One set, the worst has been with her for several centuries. Feeding off pain, hurt, hate, hopelessness. As we remove them, they say “U are my food. Why shouldn't I eat you?”

This Universe.

Golden blazing. “ As I was walking Buffy, w as feeling sorry for myself, you know how it goes. And suddenly I came across two rocks and a flood of winged ants burst out like golden smoke moving off into a blazing evening sunset. And the Kundalini seemingly quiet in me revealed what I should have known, known, known, the world outside is the world inside. The dancer outside dances within.”

More mountain Talk. {Remember the conversations in 2 tickles before? } Going to Coonoor, not feeling too good, the mountain invites me in. For a brief while I feel what it is like to be the mountain with a million eyes or fingers, part of every being on its surface. Then I am invited deeper into the earth core . If you accept our knowledge, you may fall ill for awhile I am told.”

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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