Tickle 23

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Tickle 23

This is the 23rd issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to new Tickle readers. And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. It's a trifle late and so is twice the length.

Madhuri spotted at Creator's Child party!!!

You are handed sealed envelopes. No one in the room including Tarun & Celia know what's in it. All you know is that one is a star, the other an object! And wham Sonia gets it right “that's Madhuri” she says. The next in degree of closeness was Celia's intuitive pic “a woman with chingly hair and striped jacket”. Rivaan was the one who came closest to getting the watch getting a metallic square window like/ frame like object.

We can see the unseen, look beneath matter, so Creator's Child wherever you are, sharpen your intuitive muscle. As you will see later it can even help with tax planning.

Then came the psychic dumb charades with Peymaneh starring with her guessing, spotting the werewolves. Kamal, Bobby, Litna… actually everyone excelled in acting.

Energy feeling was something everyone threw themselves into. Biswatosh's hands crackled with power… too hot to handle. Roshni was subtle. Divya's was interesting. Janani's clear. Shweta's mysterious. Arun was enthusiastic in feeling… What? Arun's transformation has been so remarkable… Bela asked what he was eating for breakfast?

The finale was, like always, the circle. This time it was about letting go and opening up. We blazed with high voltage energy. Actually with head stretching energy. It was very spacey as the circle expanded to ring infinity and the universe.

It's Raining Babies. Marriages. Love. Caring.

It's raining babies. Kusum just had a beautiful girl. Biswatosh's child was on the way. Sanjay's magical child was born in December. Mala & Lies are ‘yenjoying' their 9 months of joy & ultra sounds. Not all however are having it that easy and one of our special CC Women had to let go of her child through a searing operation. And since to help we had to literally go into the womb, energy wise it was crazy.

Now to aura eyes, pregnancy is magical. And our scans of these varied damsels, have shown fireworks, dizzying circles of light in & around the womb. Of course this usually happens only when the foetal spirit visits! And may also happen before one is actually pregnant.

Meanwhile cupid's been busy. Arun Shankar, healer, copwriter & xperimental musician is tying the knot. Zahid, editor & foreseeing cat is getting married soon. Kamal, spiritualist & movie buff will soon be doing the ‘pheras'.

But who says the nurturing instinct hits only adults? We were walking down our layout and we saw a mother dog, who was dishing dinner out to 7 {or was it 10 puppies?} . One pup was getting left out. That's when a construction worker child, maybe just four years old, picked the pup up took it around and placed it close to another teat. The momma dog didn't let out a cheep, trusting the boy implicitly. And the boy, imagine a little boy doing that!

Many of us care, quietly with no fanfare. Like Mr Jayaraj helping a friend's son clear the PUC exam. There is a twinkle in his eye as he does so! Part of the reason we, Celia & I, have been able to do our work, is of course your support, also the enormous support from Tarun's parents to buy our home cum centre. And the wonderful thing of my parent's support is that they are deeply committed Christians and don't quite get the direction we are going in, and yet support us.

Now one of the things that make us most human is of course, the bonds between parents and children. And how better to celebrate it than with a child's poem? Ammas & Appachens. Moms & Dads, this one's for you.

DADDY By Kamini Saldanha

He's All I Ever Needed

{Or At Least Wanted.}

When I Look Up I See Your Face

It Looks Like A Happy Clown

With A Smiling Face

When I See A Perdana

It Reminds Me Of Roy Saldanha.

You Drive So Fast

You'll Never Be Last.

You Zoom Past Others

Sometimes My Heart Flutters.

On Those Long Road Trips,

It Really Made My Stomach

Do A Flip.

Now That Your Home

We'll Never Be Alone.

You Need Some Lessons At Cooking,

So Start Booking.

Those Unhealthy Snacks Have Gotta Go,

Try Eating Oats You Know.

Your New Bed Is Wonderful Yet High

You Shouldn't Be Grumblin Roy

Because Lilo Can't Jump On To Say Hi

Sai Baba blesses Divya. Sonia & Roshni glimpse the light.
Shalu becomes the temple.And Mala meets god & God & God.

Sai Baba appeared to Divya in a dream, and blessed her and the ones she loves. He had a missing tooth and looked older. {Interestingly she noticed her 3rd eye had come alive in this vision. When Lords of Light come to us, the 3 rd eye often pulses. Remember the Tickle where Bela encountered Lords of Light?}

Sonia & Roshini in their sessions with us brushed the ultimate. One saw god as a brilliant tree, with leaves of shimmering light, and the other as blazing joy.

Shalu was renewing her Shakti meditation, and one exercise involves becoming the temple of the Goddess. There was a moment when suddenly all her work & training worries fell away, as if a grey curtain had parted. Within her eyes were a darker, more ancient presence, deep, powerful, from the heart of the cosmos.

Mala, like many of us, is confronting tough times. And when we took her in to her guide for advice, her guide took her further… into a temple, so real and heavy it made reality look flimsy and ‘pheeka'. A lingam as if made with incredible weight. And then Lord Shiva, Godess Parvati & Lord Ganesha. All with an incredible vividity showering blessings on her. We felt great huge waves of energy sweeping us deep into the unknown.

Now you may tell yourself, these are special people. And that's why God reached out to them. Yes, but it's easy to forget so are you. Veena once sent us a deeply beautiful sms that she signed off as ‘erstwhile witch'. There are no erstwhile Creator's Children. Only those who remember and those who find it difficult to remember. The Force is With You.

Who's Life is IT anyway? The courage to reach for our dreams.

We live our lives, chasing after dreams. What makes a great difference to the lightness of our footsteps is if the dreams are ours. Sometimes a Creator's Child session is what many of you have used to reach for your own stars, and change the trajectory of your lives. More recently, Ramith has done precisely that, a lawyer he has also become trainer, personal motivator and as you will see data recovery guide. Likewise Arun has become an RJ too. Shalu is attempting to fly, overcoming stiff opposition to be an airhostess.

Now this is the real world and those who go for their dreams may have to encounter some truly depressing boulders…

Crash! And the Creator's child stances.

We've all had our worlds and schedules interrupted. Janani, the other day found her emails hacked into. Last week our computer crashed and we lost books we've been working on for the last year. Now the first thing a Creator's Child has that helps one cope is the Stance of Gratitude. To be grateful for the good. And the bad. To me I had to be grateful for the reminder that every word, every book is finally, ultimately, illusory. That the real difference we make is the nudge to the spirit. The real pyramids are built on spirit. Our real, in fact our only achievements are inner ones. Also it gives us perspective. For the same day Shweta was told her father had to be hospitalised in Mumbai. Where was a computer crash and where was a father in the ICU.

Now Gratitude is not fatalism. It rests on the second. The stance of power. U create your own reality. And ‘if shit happens we can turn it into fertiliser'. Aliyeh, last month was told her shop lease was coming to an end. Was it the end of the road? While her initial reaction was to give up. She realised it is opportunity to raise her bar, to consider going for a loan, and going bigtime. For us, Ramith & Arun stepped in and retrieved our lost books and oodles of data. Spending precious evenings to do so. For Shweta's dad it was her family doctor who prevented an unnecessary heart operation by pointing out that it was a kidney issue. {Now we will not go into the other stances, read up on your notes.}

Thank you all for contributing, for sharing, for coming to us to remember that you are lights, now in human form.

The Circle of Life Is Finally Happening.

We are having our First Circle of Life Session. On the 16 th Sunday Evening 5.00 pm. What is the Circle? Simple, just a few of us meeting for an hour, centred about a theme. The theme is Spring. This is open to all Creator's Child Students, their close ones and Tickle readers. Since the space is restricted you'll need to confirm your presence.


Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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