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Tickle - Ep. 24: Spring.

This is the 24th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to new Tickle readers. And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. This issue begins to gather material from the Spring Creator's Child meet in March…

The Spring session burst with force… And there were many versions of Spring offered.

The Suddenness of Spring. There was Ramith's Moscow Spring: ‘In Bangalore , you don't really have spring. You need to climb latitudes. There it bursts on you, surprises you. In Moscow as a child, spring had spring. You can see the change, abruptly the colours of the world changes. Snow, ice melts, green leaf bursts through. One day the colours would be browns, next a green freshness would sweep like a Mexican wave. Hope would rise out of the ground. I, a child, up there on the 20 th floor would have a bird's eye view. Sometimes on Sunday's appa would drive us. And we'd have Russian forests around. Each breath pure.' In urban India , we forget how amazing Spring is. Arriving with a jolt, an abruptness. Reminding us that in a breath, an hour, a day life can change.

Fresh & Pure Spring. Freshness scores big in its association with Spring. Tanya's Spring was yellow of ‘sarson' fields. Jayaraj's Spring: was similar, a picture of a white chrysanthemum who's aura was a white glow. Shalu's spring was of ‘Magadi poo', a tamil song she sang with incredible purity, no accompaniments. Just a clear, high voice wrapped in a hint of sensuality. Or as Poile puts it beautifully,

“This year awakens not in January,

but now – when the northern skies are a melting blue

and the air smells of baby leaves and honey.”

– Poile Sengupta's Spring

Love's Spring: Divya's Spring was of love, and we heard a love song in urdu, which she'd composed herself! A magical little piece of 2 lovers who meet, yet pause unable to speak or retreat.

Fool's Spring: The Tarot introduces us to the idea of the Fool as Spring. And the first steps of newness always are utterly foolish. As when we fall in love. Start a new venture. Begin to follow a dream. It's puppyish. Cutey-cutey, but as all entrepreneurs and puppy's know, there is a price. Outside Riblet littered 5 pups. “5 there were. One the rain took. One the drain. One for the crows. One went to the rheum-eyed virus. The fifth, steals from the mouth of his mother: Riblet's teats are black rubber and run dry. The pup shall survive. In today's world, it's not the wisest of things. To survive we mean. But the puppy does more than survive, he dances, he runs, he tumbles, he nips. And so in our surviving is a freshness powered by a tail dizzy with life.”

Hope's Spring: Many in the group, and among Creator's Child had lost someone close. And a powerful impropmto healing underlined how Spring rises from death's ground.

The Dutch Spring Jumps Petra sends us all a message from Amsterdam , one with a completely different idea of Spring. In Dutch Spring means 'Jump' {literally: spring: I jump}. And she gives us a poem that jumps above pain…

“ After letting go in winter time

of relationship, anger, pain, heavy drama...

NOW it is time to jump and embrace the sun

and let the warmth melt my ice.

The last few tears dry up.
I take off my old skin of memories,

and throw off the rubble of my broken heart.
I feel the wind in my hair,

Ready to fly.

OK...Jump! I did it.”

Fighting Winter. And Aborting Spring. Just a few months back we were involved in 2 searing healings. In one, someone was close to death, having had a stroke … but each time she came out her desire to get back to usual caused her to overdo things and triggered off a new stroke. By trying to jump directly to summer, Spring was stumbling. In another healing, we needed to assist in someone's abortion. Because of the huge conflicts, after 3 days of strong medication, the person's heart was in danger of giving up. We needed to go into the person's womb. A terrifying experience. While the child spirit had decided to call it quits, the body consciousness of the child refused to give in. Like a trapped wolf it refused to give in. We had to go in deep, to the animal will to live… finally it let go. But in its letting go it reminds us that even where our mind's despair, the body has a deep will, deep meaning,

The End of Spring: 3 weeks ago we were out on the terrace when an unseasonal Spring Storm burst loose. It was craziness, the lightning flew sideways in ribbons low above the rooftops, the clouds roiled, the rain drops were huge. It seemed like a portent. In Today's world with the threat of environmental disaster a distinct possibility it's difficult not to see every unseasonal storm a sign of the end. And not as what it is…


Spring Storm: 20/20 format.

“Lightning flying sideways, one bounce to the boundary.

Raindrops smashing down like cricket balls.

Clouds roiling like Mexican waves.” – Celia & Tarun

Sometimes in life we look at every mis-step as the end. It's easy in a world where sameness is interpreted as quality to forget how vital inconstancy and variation is. Someone whose heart never misses a beat is better off than someone who's heart is less certain, is what most of us think. That's far from the truth, in actual fact it's the reverse, someone whose heart has the occasional misstep, quicker beat is actually more resilient and less prone to heart attacks.

  We are living in a world where there's hugely serious issues, but it's easy to forget that the reason we landed up there is because we let numbers rule our lives, GDP dictate our world. We are unsafe because we tried to isolate ourselves from nature… and succeeded. Our world is coming unraveled, because we followed a rationality that's blinkered by linear logic, by its assumption of physicalism. And its time to reach for, no, not technology, but perhaps see in the puppy's tail, the bud's quickening, the pulse of force coiled in each of us… for the way out.

Life's Spring: From words, in the Spring session, we went to direct force. To the circle, and what with wandering spirits being expelled… figures floating around… the rush released in the circle was like a mountain stream gushing with spring water, almost terrifying. But beautiful.

Now whether through mankind being wiped out en masse or individually by heart attack, we are all, each and everyone of us, going to die. And yet the truth is that each of us is going to survive our deaths. For we are beings of light. And even though we often behave quite the reverse, that is what we are… And it's time to remember that. And by remembering that we are unlimited, we can help make a difference… help be the difference.

God's Spring: Many of us are growing deeper, each in your own special ways. Some seeding the clouds with…

“It's raining Gods & Gods at my place.

And each time my 3 rd eye pulses.

Sometimes it's a heavy trance.

Sometimes it's a gift.”

– Divya.

Write in: From Spring we move to the arid heat & the fullness of summer. And we would love to receive messages from you. Anything new in your life? Any crazy spiritual experience or mystic moment? Any moment of deep joy? Or terrible hurt? A holiday? A thought? An observation?

“Wisemen chew cud, experts write reports…The fool can do something new”.

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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