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Tickle26: Cloudburst of Miracles.

This is the 26th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to new Tickle readers. And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. This issue like the last one is a guerrilla attack on the spirit, and will touch the spirit from many directions. Films, writing, photographs, fortunes and of course experiences. You can say this one's about miracles.

First we are sending u a miracle: The fresh step. It's also posted in a section called Send-a-Thought, Send-a-Miracle on our website . This will have thoughts, and astounding stuff which you could send on to friends. While you do that please check out the rest of the website. It's as they say: New, improved. New stuff. And also clearer direction. We've been in the process of crystallizing our thoughts on our meditation & soul exploration path. We're calling it O! because that's what the God within truly is… while you're at it Check out your Fortune: Numbers of Fortune, gives a more comprehensive pic of the month. Covering work, health, money, love…


























It's a Miracle: Here's an article written by a Creator's Child seeker, Veena with a colleague Chetana, in Deccan Herald. U can access it in a section on our site called sharing wisdom. Or use this link.

Twist Time

A Death Foretold. It's the sheer ordinariness of this that is so striking. Shwetha was going into a swimming pool's changing area. She saw a girl and just knew someone in her family had died. She came out 5 minutes later and saw the girl crying bitterly, she had just been told her father had died! Now here the miraculous has a bitter-sweet taste. For the miracle doesn't make the girl's suffering easier. For Shwetha definitely can't tell her about it. And yet, if intuition can twist time, even if ever so slightly, we are all freer, all less prisoners.

Forewarned isn't forearmed but certainly has opened eyes. A friend of my mom's was recovering from an illness. We warn him that his health is still suspect. To take it easy. He goes on a trip and lands in a hospital. He emailed us that we'd said his stomach was suspect. Our message didn't save him a hospital visit. But it has made him more aware of how far reaching awareness can be. And perhaps that is a greater gift than being saved a short trip to the hospital, however unpleasant.

Forewarned and Butting in. Once in a while in random way we check out seekers and healers who've learnt through us. X seemed to be in a dark pit. We pulled him out psychically and got him to meet us. He'd fallen into a sort of trap… hopefully warned is armed.

Shake-up Space

Long distance visitations. Long distance healing can be hard on the giver and receiver. You sometimes wonder if you are just standing with empty hands. Sometimes we send with the healing also an image of a healer or angel visiting the person. In one case, that we did this recently and the person ill in the hospital saw a figure appear as a swami. It helped give her greater hope.

Long distance explosions. In another case, S was abroad and we were giving him healing. First his aura lit up, then one chakra at the feet glowed. OK so what's new? Then the chakra turned big like a great lotus or sunflower gone mad. It started tossing out petals in miraculous spirals moving out… out to eternity.

Touch God. There's nothing like going to the most obvious and ultimate source. This example by Shalu & Divya is remarkable also for just how much God crosses religious boundaries. New age seekers, of one religious background finding a touch of hope in the house of another religion whose followers sometimes believe God blesses only them.

The other day i n shalu were walking n wanted to go to a coffee shop but we dint know why we were walking towards the church and we just entered the gate n started feeling the pull and the heaviness  ...  there was no thinking from now on ... we were pulled inside ... shalu  saw colourful bubbles merging into her being... i saw white light and when we were jus enterin the church we both saw bright powerful violet light .... of an oval form and a sharp point of white light emerging from its depth ... we felt overwhelmed by the power.... there was chills , goose flesh , feeling of knowledge , the feeling of finding him (if god is a he).... he was high- but there for us , i was wondering he comes - n touches us and still our problems remain ... he doesnt take it away from us... may be because when we look back n see our lives we would see less of ourselves if would help us every time .. he is there not to take our problems away everytime but to say he is jus there for us .. to lift us up when we fall .. to show us way if we get lost ... he knows that we can grow out of every problem .. he wants us to do that... and each time we become more stronger ... we learn our own lessons ... he makes us feel better .... there is less of pain...

    I n shalu sit there for sometime feeling so blessed and feeling the trickle of new life and faith in our beings .... the feeling is enough that he is there for us ....
    shalu is having her tough times , we prayed for her , she saw some colourful figures entering her that made her happy , while i was feeling dizzy she saw a mother like figure standing in the entrance ... holding something in her hand ... she greeted her , thanked for coming ,,,, felt the feeling of love its unconditional , it is massive , endless , godly , full of life,everywhere , every time , ... ,this a fuel for our lives now... we lived every moment of it ... still live ... touched by god ....” -- Divya

Film: R U the Light??!! . Help in Keeping The faith. This film illuminates the journey into the light. And for those on the ultimate adventure, or taking on the difficult task of being healers in a still fairly sceptical world, it gives hope & strength.

Don't forget to write in to us. Call, sms, e-mail- whatever.We love hearing from you. Love and Light. Tarun and Celia


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