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The Chappal Revelations.

This is the 27th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to new Tickle readers.   And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. This issue is heavier. Dealing with heavy issues. We start with The Chappal revelations, a reminder that within the humblest stone is a magnificent gift. This e-poster is also included in Send-a-thought section in our website. We then share a magical dance with the rider, many of us like Bilva have spotted the cosmic, but are we talking about it, are we letting it be part of our lives? We then select the best from our blog, a luminous deep end revelation about The Aura of God. We then address a serious issue in The Metamorphosis: This deals with the dark night of the soul or the price tag of God.   We We close with a beautiful thank you from Chaitra who accuses us of being responsible for her happiness.  

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The Dance of Light.

Bilva, apart from being a media pro, and a senior dancer in Akka Leela Samson's School, is a mystic.













On her arrangetram, as she danced, something wondrous happened… the audience disappeared and she found herself in a stage of great emptiness. She herself found herself dissolving, evaporating… her body became translucent like a crystal bowl, and through it a strange beam of light began to shine, filling her, nudging her… What is the body? Who moves my hands when I raise my hands? Who fills the body? Whose light shines so I may know? Luminous questions… Luminously answered.

Like many who have had mystic experiences she has hoarded it, rarely talked it over even to the people she loves the most. In fact, this is the first time she shares it with anyone. And often mystics keep the incredible to themselves. For fear it will be laughed at, belittled, and so the greatest truths lie buried as the more usual takes centrestage. And this is the challenge and opportunity for each of us to take the most spectacular experiences and set them as stars. It was almost 20 years after I had some of my most spectacular experiences, that they began to emerge in my art. And so I do not point fingers but plead, most of you who read this have experienced some incredible experience, some observation that opens a chink of light. Shove your foot into this chink, use yourself as a crowbar to break open the prison doors, there is another world beyond it.

There are mystics and psychics reading this who can change their very bodies, who have changed the temperature of furnaces with their minds, who have touched spirits across worlds, who have returned from death, who've wandered beyond the planet, some who have felt themselves become one with the cosmos… each of you hold in you an incredible glimpse, do not let it be buried by the ordinary. It is an ember blow on it, it is a key open worlds with it, it is a rock build a life around it… Some share it, some think of the freedoms it offers, some use it… some take it and plant it in their being… Please whatever you do, do not waste it…


The Aura of God One day Celu asked God: “What is your aura?” Celia has a habit of asking the unaskable question. And surely God chuckles as he answers… “All colours… All worlds… All realities…” And then comes an addendum: “But my purest being is gold… a hush of fine gold.”

The simple truth is that there is God. An entity of incredible joy & power. And this entity, which can with a word create a universe, can also stoop down and talk to you without shattering your eardrum. 

The simple truth is that we are part of God's very being. All this, all of us are flickers of energy around the great godhead. 

ll who have done the Creator's Child course can feel auras… Most have sensed auras in 30 minutes flat… And so this is both opportunity and responsibility… for auras is not just about spotting illness, or uncovering secret… its about realising that beneath our world has a slip of magic, and a body of tanned gold… its about glimpsing the ultimate.  But to do that you need to stretch your senses as you did so beautifully in the sessions with us. Or do so everyday as you feel the eyes of a stranger, or the silent rage of a boss…


The Metamorphosis. Or the Pricetag of the Spiritual.

{Names changed to protect the identity of the people in spiritual transition}

One of the greatest short stories of the early 20 th century, in fact of any time, is The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. In it a man wakes up as a cockroach. It details how those around him began to react to him, and how he himself changes as the very basis of existence changes, the lostness, the anguish, the unbearable sense of inner curdling.

Kiran has for the last 2 ½ years been going through an intense healing process with us. During this time, she has had to change her very basic reactions to life, rewrite the very way she thinks, feels, dreams and lives. At times she felt this change process was so drastic, she described it as being a blank CD, as if she had been completely erased…

Spiritual Transformation has often been described as a metamorphosis where we turn from caterpillar into glowing butterfly. In the modern context it has usually been described as a magic wand to help cope better with the world around you. It's time to point out the price tag you will need to pay as you spiritually reengineer yourself. It's time to point out what the caterpillar feels as it turns sluggish and torpid, as a strangeness wraps threads about its body, as it hears ugly crow beaks searching out its cocoon, as its bones twist and muscles are torn apart, as it staggers out, once a solid being well rooted in the world now a strange fragile creature with still wet wings, and skies that call…

Sakina is a kundalini student who while activating deep forces, has also used the inner freedom to change from a regular career to one where she becomes a global traveller. In the process of change, she has had to fight with her family, for the right to travel. She lives a 28 hour day, in the day she lives in a hip MNC environment, her evenings are spent studying for her new career, in the edges of the day, her conservative family and their expectations wrap her around, and in the deep night she deals with the arcane forces of the shakti. To top it all her old friends are threatened, and her new friends aren't really friends. She sometimes feels the change as she moves between selves, is unbearable. And it is. The forces that she is going through is tectonic. And if you think the cultural or egoic change is dizzying, you must appreciate how magnificent and terrifying dealing with the Shaktis is, these are core forces that shape the very universe. One day you feel like a Goddess the next like a dish rag…

Kamini is a housewife who gave up a lucrative career as a manager to care for a sick child with a degenerative bone condition. As she progressed with us as a healer she found herself catapulted deep within, and this highly efficient manager finds herself being taken into deep trances for hours on end. Meanwhile her life partner who was approving as long as the meditation remained in the shadows has begun to react with uncertainty as she opens to cosmic dimensions. Now things don't come in trickles but as landslides. And so death, bitter legal family inheritance fights, ugly labour disputes add to her problems, besides now her other two children who are adolescents need more of her time. In one of the more horrific of medieval punishments your legs and hands are tied to four horses, these are then driven in the four directions, and you are literally torn apart. Sometimes this is what Kamini feels. And again, she is just midway through the spiritual process, the other day she found herself unravel and become light… disappear from this world. “I sometimes wonder why I come back” she wonders. Now what she is undergoing is literally stupendous, but she usually has no one to share these with, barring us, she still hasn't worked out how to use these gifts to heal without falling ill, and the inner transformation is at times so challenging her bones seem to hurt.

The simple truth is that the Spiritual Journey is not a journey, it is a Transformation. It is giving up yourself to gain yourself. And while the self you gain is magical, the process isn't always magical. It can be and often is challenging.

So does that mean you should stay at home and let God like a sleeping dog lie? Far from it. For there is something worse than being ripped apart and reformed. From the psychic point of view, ‘normalcy' is like being buried alive.

Sameer when opening to his other lives has discovered he was a shit in 30 other lives, after the shock of seeing this wears off, and once he has discarded simplistic crime-punishment thinking, {I have to be punished in 30 lives to pay off my psychic debts}, he may begin to realise that he has a choice. He can continue to explore lives where he is a sidekick in a horror movie or maybe there is another possibility. That since he is at the projection point of life he can remove the horror scripts and turn on some romantic comedies. Better still he may see that he is the A} Scriptwriter B} The Actor C} The Director E} The Lighting Boy.

A passenger strapped in to his seat, audience member who can dictate the movie, or director? That is our choice. If we exercise it, the straps that hold us in may be less restrictive.

The truth is that you are on a spiritual journey, whether you like it or no. So you cannot choose that. You are a spirit. You are on a quest of discovery, exploration, expression, fulfilment… Of this you have no choice. What you can choose is the path {There are millions}, you can choose the destination {There is no single trajectory}. You can choose what the journey will be like.

Now, spiritual metamorphosis can be difficult, and it has been called the dark night of the soul. But not all who transform themselves go through the terrifying trials of a Milarepa. It does not have to be terrible. At least, no more than adolescence was. In fact, it can be quite the reverse, positively exhilarating.

What will it be like for you? That depends on how deep you trust the force, trust the process.

Today, you are a dog in a dog eat dog world… tomorrow you will wake up as a what{?} in a god knows where{?}.

Before Kafka was an equally great fabulist, who wrote a greater and even better known work called the ugly duckling… in this a misfit duck realises he is a swan.

We are all lights… so fascinated by shadows, we think we are the shadow.

Thank You for the Thank You. "Its me Chaitra/Chato (as tarun used to call me in Scion). I just wanted to drop a line and say hi. A friend of mine was having trouble in life with many issues and i was telling him about my experience in meditation which had magnificient effects on my life/future. It is true  I personally hold you guys responsible for my good life.!"


Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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