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Tickle : Ep 28

This is the 28th issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to new Tickle readers. And a special thank you to our old readers and contributors. This one focusses on death, cemetries, life after, god...


















Rest in Peace. We'd gone to the Tiger Hill Cemetery, Coonoor. {A place where among other things wild bison visit}. It had an incredible sense of misty peace an astral dreaminess… Here's a film that catches the magic.

Movie: Rest in Peace. (click on left link)

Now strangely, in the cemetery there wasn't any obvious energy, but as we were going back in the car about a kilometre away… Celu said “hey look”. And both of us saw the same thing, spirals of blue-white energy. It was as if the energy wanted to avoid us and our gaze!!! Later, closer home on a walk in Bangalore we were passing a cemetery, and we saw the same blue-white smoky fingers. {So what are these fingers? After we die one part of us, the etheric side, the side impressed with sensation, merges and melds and forms a group kind of existence. Which is why it is wise to let the dead rest…}

Let the Dead Rest. Q's father had passed away, about a year ago. {We had helped his sister encounter the father's spirit}. While everyone else in the family had encountered the father's spirit he hadn't received a message, Q felt left out. A year later what he encountered was anything but pleasant. His father's putrefying corpse approached him and said “leave me alone”. You can imagine his shock. {Usually by 6 months, the person's core has moved on, and after that if you contact what you think is the dead person's spirit you may contact the etheric clothes worn by another spirit also. Or as we saw earlier the spirit you encounter may be an amalgam of many energies…}

The Mist-erious Road. Further from the Tiger Hill Cemetery, Coonoor, is a rickety, estate road that clings to the mountain. It was late evening as we were driving back home. The mist came in…visibility dropped…the road vanished … Here's a film that takes you on a magical drive into the clouds.

Movie: The Mist-erious Road. (click on left link)


3 takes on Death.


The Suicide, The Meditator, The Onlooker… Usha was meditating in Cubbon park. It was beautiful, peaceful… As she came out of her meditation, she sees a passerby looking oddly at her. She looked up, in a tree next to her… someone had hung himself, possibly while she was deep in meditation.

This strange frieze of The Suicide, The Meditator, The Onlooker… is eerie, almost seeming to be able to frame life and death. The Onlooker looks and yet he cannot act except by looking. He is possibly horrified by the meditator… his glance however is like a hit in the gut {Does he think she is a Tantric?}… The Meditator caught between the Onlooker's eyes and The Dead Man's vacant stare is transfixed. Lost in meditation has she been separated from Life? She wonders why did The Suicidal Man choose her tree to hang himself. What effect will it have on her? Think of The Suicidal Man in his despair choosing to hang himself, does he notice The Meditator, is that why he chose the tree? Does he choose it simply because it is the best tree? Was he hoping she'll wake him and persuade him to live? Or was her aura so calming that it gave him courage as he took the ultimate step?










Our Many Deaths.

The Everyday Death… Sz of late he has started talking of death. And that's, scary especially if you are his mother and if you've got the same message that he is dying. However, our scans showed him to be in fine health, {overfine from his teacher's point of view}. What we got however was that because of the drasticness of the change from years of healing and child development work his current ensouling spirit is thinking of moving on, but this does not mean death… all it plans to do is hand over the baton of the body and personality to another soul! Disconcerting thought… “You yourself Tarun have experienced this, there's little of you inwardly from your ‘earlier incarnation' at 17. You changed spirits and actually returned back.” – ‘Lord Ish'

Cellular Death. Reincarnation. Now with all this talk of death it's easy to forget that we are constantly dying, cells changing… Did you know our cells die and are reincarnated, a little like we are? However, they do not necessarily reincarnate in the same body. Many cells reincarnate in the bodies of those around and close to you! Or even neighbours. Both next-door neighbours and those who share the same kind of life challenges! This is truer if your loved one is the same sex, says Celu. You know the funny snaps where a dog and owner become more like each other. As a corollary, keeping a pet can help people recover quicker from illness. We pick their robustness. However, they being closer to their physicality are more unlikely to pick up any illness from us.

The Funnier Side of Death

Suicide. Belly Laugh. Now all this talk about death may sound morbid and sad. Here's a counter. An acquaintance ended his life sometime back. What was revealed to us was that at one level he thought of it as a great prank. {Of course, he was a little remorseful when a close one broke into tears.} But he was someone who liked to live life large and he did but it wasn't as wild as he really wanted, so his death {for him} capped it… he'd gone out with a bang.

So sad, who will the Ghosties talk to? D attracts ghosts and her home is packed with ghosts. One had the temerity to pinch her butt in the bath. We channelled her spirit guide who showed her how to evict them. Hmm… D then wondered… but what would happen to the ghosties, so sad who would talk to them?!?! Live and let live.



Sometime ago, an ashram came out with a doomsday prophecy that the end of the world is nigh. Now, x called us in great despair. Celu's answer, “Enjoy your life, live life as if each day is your last…” is apt for any time, today, or doomsday. Later, Shwetha asked us the same question, and we spent time, checking the flows of time and force. 2011-12, when many see disaster, also coincides at a time beyond which many cannot see a meaningful future. However, the spirit's uncertainty is not accompanied by world-ending disaster {though severe earthquakes may happen}. We see the phase from 2016-2018 as far more uncertain and also a severe time of turmoil at 2033.

However, as we always say “U R The Creator's Child. U Create your own Reality.” And what is needed more than ever is for us to make the meaningful the centre of our lives, to reach out to rock, tree, animal… {We will include the full sensing of future energy flows in an article/ film}.

3Faces of God

Give God a home... We'd gone to Bela's to see her Ganesha Pandal. And it was wow. She'd created it around a deep mystic experience she'd had and it was huge, painted in gold and stunning. And because she had invested the temple with a deeply meaningful personal experience it had become a real temple, with deep energies. We'd returning home wondered what was the force really like beyond the cultural representations... This we got in a marvellous message that we include on our website...  

Reach Deep. The Dark God. Seema has spent the last few years exploring the deeper cosmos. There she encountered a figure mammoth and deep, a meditative figure darker than darker, a primal figure. “All space comes from me” was an answer it gave. {I've taken the liberty to depict the being from my experiences.}

Cleanse me in your purity. While dealing with some particularly ugly energies, i'd one day felt dirtied, at which point i realised that i'd needed to cleanse, the figure that came was one that i call Mother Mary energy...pure, whitish blue, electric harsh, yet mother gentle.

You are bigger, than your problems. And {incidentally} the Universe. Had gone to Shwetha's house and in one room there's a power place, and an amazing thing happens you feel you become larger and your head's brushing the ceiling and it feels like you are sticking out beyond the room. “It was a primal challenge that God faced, how fit himself into a small space, how crawl into a steeple of hands that he makes. Sometimes there are blips, places where maintaining the virtual universe around us becomes difficult, usually those places become temples, mosques & churches. ” Lord S.

Death in Earlier Tickles. In earlier Tickles we've covered various death, ghostly and angelic experiences… reread… Tickle 13, 16, 14….11, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 26…

Ps: We need your help in a few months we will be launching Devadhara Healing, in group sessions.

If you know someone who'd be interested, please tell them about us, will send a formal email, a little while later.

Write in: Preferably before we all die.

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