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This is the third issue of Tickle, a monthly newsletter from Creators Child. This time we thought we’d deal with intuition. (CC is a spiritual initiative - to awaken the God within – it’s channeled through us, Tarun and Celia Cherian, and a host of hugely talented mystic students. For more

Welcome to the CCTickle group. Its made reaching Tickle to you guys tres facile. Thanks.

Lucky guess! We’re all born with intuitive powers. The key is learning to trust it. Last month, Tarun went for a friend’s wedding in Yelahanka. Was supposed to follow the vehicle in front of him, but lost sight of it in the melee. He and Karen (another CC student) just followed their intuition and found their way to the reception hall. (Tarun was ravenously hungry, so it could have been his stomach smelling out the lunch too).

X moved into a house, but sensing something was not kosher trusted his feelings, and called amused packers and left just 2 days later. I checked, it had infestations of some really twisted energies. Without seeing the house I could see its walls were cream, doors were white, window frames that were brown and the exact position of the problem areas.

Trust what u see…hey, but are u seeing what you’re seeing?! A few years ago, we lost our camera at a picnic. Celu kept seeing it between 2 coconut trees. Since there were a 1,000 coconut trees, we looked but no luck. A week later unpacking the bag, the camera tumbled out from a t-shirt… on its front was 2 coconut trees!!! One of the problems is of course interpreting what u see…here there are no easy answers.

A few months ago, a friend in another office asked us to intuit what she was wearing. Between the two of us we saw olive green pants, cream top, shoes open on top, red scarf/book/underwear. The answer was olive-green salwar, light top, red underwear and bathroom chappals. Interestingly, Tarun had seen the red underwear, but since I hadn’t seen the red underwear, we’d hedged our bets and wondered if it could be some other triangular shape like a scarf.

Getting it wrong. Everyone has blind spots. Ours: guessing the sex of babies. Another problem that many psychics share is whether a health problem is on the left or rightside of the body.

How does it work? Intuition works not unlike a mobile phone. We transmit patterns of energy through every thought we think and each emotion we feel. These fine vibrations of energy are picked up, then reinterpreted and translated as images words or feelings…Since the receiver and interpreter is the subconscious, the more u trust yourself, the clearer the reception.

Healing. God. Quacks. Etc.

Last month’s Tickle on healing provoked rumblings …(Keep them coming)

S wrote in to say that she is so proud of the healing work we do. But why is it that we do not give thanks to the Lord? Don’t we know that we are nothing and he is everything. Our answer is that we are children of the Creator. CC is our name, need we say more.

G was petrified by what we do. “I will pray that the Lord will come into your lives.” Thanks. But we didn’t know he wuz absent. Why credit the devil, when its not due.

P asked what about quacks? Yes, they exist everywhere. There is the temptation to ‘tomtom’ successes and hide failures. But after 17 years of advertising, including pharma accounts, its all too clear that the temptation is true of allopaths no less than psychics.

F’s musings

(f wonders if this is good enough for TICKLE)

f is bored f just read the latest edition of tickle (no connection!) f is tired f is only 23 f feels 50 f is frustrated f is constantly searching for new experiences new insights new women more money f is almost never satisfied (is that a good thing?) f needs another job f feels he wants to do many things in life and f wants a stable career (f is confused) f thinks he can write f smokes and before he lights each cigarette he knows thats not good for him but he cant help it or or he doesnt want to try f feels he has too many problems f feels he whines a lot f feels like joseph k (but he hasnt finished the book) f loves to read but doesnt have enough time and when he does he cant possible " just sit and read" so f goes out f is nearly broke f wants and wants and wants and knows thats not the way to BE (atleast he's "aware",eh?) he knows he's luckier than millions and yet he wants more f has too many doubts about himself and when asked about his strong points, he specifies that he believes in himself (i told you he was confused) f tells himself (almost everyday) "what's life without a kick up the arse" and feels a little better

f is

(Tickle says “Wah Ustad!!!”)

Q of the month.

f asks - "What's life without a kick up the arse?"

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