The Unearthly Touch…

Zahid & The Touch of The Saint. “Visited a dozen durgahs with tombs of Sufi saints. At one such tomb at the Bande Nawaz durgah in Gulbarga, the moment I cast my eye from the outside to the inside, I saw a person rise up to his waist and lie back down. It was so vivid.

At the Ghouse-e-Pak durgah in Nippani, I was watching over my wife who was on the ground floor from the first floor of the durgah, and I noticed someone touch my back and gave me the feeling that they are also standing with me. I thought it could one of my relatives. But when I looked back, my relatives were happily squatting on the floor and talking to each other. That's when I thought it could be the spirit of the Sufi saint whose tomb I had visited. Even as I am writing this, there's a funny sensation in my chest. And this isn't the first time. It happened both the times I mentioned this incident to my relatives on separate occasions.” – Zahid

Shalu & The Touch of her Ancestors. “Hi, suddenly I found someone holding my hand… felt safe but was weird…even now I feel some beings around me…” – Shalini V. Do you remember the email we sent across asking what the lights around Shalu were? Here's one such force.

Tickle 32

Awaken the God Within

Accidents? Not by Chance!

The Scream at Night. Let us introduce the dramatis personae. This story was related to us by Remi, direct descendant of the Cochin Maharajah. Her husband Mr Gopinath was a very Sr Police Officer. His daughter Hema is today a pioneering IT pro, but when the incident happened she was a child, with a strong intuition. Suddenly, one night Hema woke up screaming “appa, appa” to her mother. The next day, Hema had no recollection of the incident. But that very moment when she screamed out was the exact moment when the police car her father was in had a spectacular accident leaving many dead and injured. Thankfully he escaped unscathed.

Crash! But not a Scratch. The car's doing 60 plus on a flyover. The tyre bursts. Liz {name changed}, who's just learnt driving twists the wheel so she doesn't go over the flyover. The van flips twists, rips through the divider, smashes to a juddering halt. You expect blood, mayhem, crushed bones… The car's a write-off. Her? Sorry. Not a scratch. In fact, Liz has the presence of mind to ask for her handbag and mobile. Now here's the miraculous doubly over. One she had presence of mind. Second there's a force looking out for the girl.

This is the 32 nd issue of Tickle, a newsletter from Creators Child. A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Like Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at

O God, What's That????

Vinaya & the Cosmic Spiral. We were taking Vinaya to encounter the universe creating force called The Shakti. We go deeper and deeper. At first we encounter it as cobras. Brilliant in detail. We push furthur. Deeper. And Kaboom. She sees a galactic spiral. Amazing. Amazing. We show her a drawing we've made for her but not shown her as yet. It shows a spiral!

Manisha, reincarnational twists & the Cosmic Spiral & doubt?!?! The day after Vinaya encountered the cosmic spiral we were helping Manisha sort out some messy reincarnational twists. It appears like a mesh. A fisherman's net. Pull it out heal it, plan to give it back as it has intense powers we realise it has an even greater potency. It is alive. In fact, it's the sleeve of something greater. So great one can call it a Goddess. In we prance off. And at a great deep Manisha encounters The Force. And what does it appear like??? A spiral! Is the Goddess of Vinaya & that of Manisha talking to each other or are they one and the same? Also everytime you draw a spiral are you calling on this force? What if the answer is yesssss???!!! Meanwhile Manisha's little baffled. Did she really encounter the Queen Kong of the universe? Really? Really?

Vaishali & the Reincarnational Force. Flashback. A few weeks before this we needed to take Vaishali deep into the past life level. It's when we did so, that we realised that some of the archetypal figures here are massive, literally Galactic. The Goddess figure Vaishali encountered was one of those that's spine-chilling. An old style goddess with heads strung like beads around her neck, and a million lives coursing through her veins.

The Fabric of the Cosmic. “…I woke up in the night and saw lightning white spots of light at particular places in the bedroom – what was it? Tarun revealed I was seeing the energy of the Universe.” – Amita. Incidentally does any one else see the fabric of the universe like I do? Amita asks. Ayesha & Shweta both have. To Ayesha it's like seeing electricity. Dancing flares. To Shweta its like sparkling lights, forming grids. For me, it's like Diwali beneath wall and leaf, mountain & life.

Bela: And The Many Named God. Taking Bela in to meet a deep force. She encounters it. Furious and powerful. Who is it? It's Lord Ganesha. Funny see Bela's face change at the moment she realise what she is encountering. But it's still the cultural face of God. Push her to go deeper. What would Celia see if she were to encounter the same force? It's a gold and the name is different. What would Akber see if he were to encounter this force? The name is different and the cultural drapes dramatically different! Yes, the force is real. But the clothes it picks from our mind depends on our upbringing and assumptions.

Bela: And The God of Love Made from Pain. Bela calls extremely troubled. In a great state of fear. See a half globe beneath her like a rotted metal, its filled with a sense of emptiness, and in its interstices are scorpion like creatures. Somewhere down the line we realise the pain is more that in fact it is a great dark figure. Lord Shiva. And it hits. Everyone forgets this is also the Lord of Death. It takes pain, the worst hates, our despised aspects and reveals the Godness in it.

Katia's Goddess. And the doorway of fear. Katia's troubled by a presence at home. We go to her house. {Incidentally, Katia and Dhiraj give us a magnificent dinner. With Bruschetta and a great dish made of a number of Rajmas. {They are both swiss trained hoteliers}}. As we see the force, we realise it is a mix of many forces. First a neighbour trying to be protective. Then an old ghost. Below this a ancient force, Katia had encountered in another life. This is fuelled by a Kali temple close by. Yes, with blood sacrifice. The ancient form touches her, using fear to get past her defences. Forcing her to look deeper into the shadows where gem like eyes sparkle.

Divya: Possesed by… someone… something… The feeling is numbing. Head freezes over. Divya feels herself being pushed aside. As if coming from a very old and ancient place, words drag out of her mouth, in a very different tone. You can imagine her parents plight when Divya or rather the force within asks her parents to pour water in a kind of abhishek on her and sprinkle it around the house.

Shweta sits on God's Head. It began as she lay down and felt she had expanded beyond her body. Then beyond the bed, then the room, then the city, the country, then the earth, the solar system, the galaxy, and even the universe… a great presence loomed around her. She found herself on the head of Lord Shiva, feeling immense, yet dwarfed by an even greater immensity. The feeling cascaded, then suddenly she exploded out… out… it was like she was glittering gold dust. A handful of glittering gold dust.

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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X-ray eyes. Dream speak. Animal Talk

Zakir & The Dream Chowkidaar. “My brother Zakir had a truly amazing experience just the other day. He woke up in the middle night saying, 'Thief!' My father heard him, and asked, 'What?' He said, 'Thief in my dream' and went back to sleep. The next evening when he is back from his office and checking the coolant in his car, he realises that someone had tried to remove the battery from his car, but had halted midway for some reason. Suddenly, he recalled what he had dreamt the other night and realised maybe his 'Thief' scream scared the thief away.” – Zahid

Celu spots a Temple + Gold + Worry. When doing a scan for someone, Celia gets he was worried about something dealing with a temple, gold… What could it be? Celu asked. He was a contractor and money was stuck with a temple.

The mask of drugs. Often when doing a scan, we've discovered that if they are on medication it can hide the true extent of wounds. Recently we saw someone's aura when he was on medication, we could see the rips and tears in the aura… but only when he stopped medication did we realise what was causing it. Since we cannot always ask people to stop medication, instead ask them to remember a time before they got onto medication.

The baby and the man with a poky face. We've been involved in a very difficult set of healings with a 6 month old baby. In the process we've learned to talk to her. In an amusing insight she said she liked lots of people, one person she liked but… but what? He had a poky face and rubbed it on her face. Her dad has a stubble and loves teasing her by rubbing his face on her!

Roshni's Ring of Comfort. No not that Rosh. But this Roshni's my mum's friend. Years ago, we were at a party, and she related a dream that had something to do with her mom's ring {she'd passed away}. What was it? The message was that Roshni was planning a 3 month trip to the states but was uncertain with the pall of terrorism having reared its head. And that her mom's spirit was urging her to wear the ring as it would reassure her. We recently met Roshni, she told us that she had indeed worn the ring during the trip and it had really proved helpful.

Celu & the Camels. Passing Johnson market, Celu sees camels lining the street. Did they come by van from Rajasthan or walk. She gets the heart aching reply that they've been walking as if forever.

Seemaa's stones and the piggyback trip! As many of you know Seemaa went on a trip to Manasarovar, and she brought back two lovely black & white stones charged with the lake's power. Now her trip was trippy, what with freezing lakes, tents which you couldn't leave at night, man-eating dogs around, brilliant towering mountains trembling with presences. Anyhow, the stones take us there. Once in awhile we just hold them in our hands and off we go. Deep in a kind of trip, not to the place of the lake but where the lake comes from. Very stoned, you could say, {yet not a whiff!}

Dream Evisceration. Blood spattering, gore… no its not gaming, it's healing! We had given W {name withheld} a very, very deep healing. The next time she came she brought along a dream. In it she said she saw two people ripping at her womb. And yanking stuff from it. We laughed. What did she think a deep healing was?

We were giving q {someone else} a very deep healing. And were merrily using a shamanistic knife to remove aura stuff. At the end of the session, Divya who was part of the session said, she felt she was in a war zone. {Ok Devadhara healers, it's time to remember, the deep healings are deep.} In fact, in another person's case with terrible childhood pain, after the healing we felt the person was like a flayed carcass. But are all deep healings like this?

Roshni in the sky with diamonds. Roshni's deep healing was magical. It had all the usual stuff, but the crazy part was how Roshni bobbed up over her body, then like a balloon went up into a starry sky. What did she feel? During the healing she said there was point where we touched an energy point and her whole body went numb. And it was like she didn't have a body.


The Advanced Healer Workshop! Check out what happened click here.

Welcoming new Devadhara Healers! Chitra, Ayesha, Katia. What was magnificent about all these first level healers was how deeply they could heal, and how beautifully they could feel. For example Katia uncovered an absolutely crazy past life tangle, Ayesha uprooted deep set patterns, as did Chitra.

Sharing your joys & pains! Arun's becoming an RJ and is already on air! Sonia's doing an archival course in Dilli! Buffy's put on 6 kgs and can knock her friends down easier. Ramith's lost a friend in an accident, she was just 30! Sneha, Bela's daughter scored 95 in nearly all subjects in her 10th. Noor Ayesha electrified the xaminers and is one level higher at her job. { For eg:- Seema Nair we see on facebook you've been going to some real xciting parts of the globe. Olus you're doing immensely meaningful stuff. Karen you've been going to some incredible music concerts. Hey, guys everyone, write in}

Talks on Auras! We've been doing quite a few talks, slideshows! One was at Vinesh's office, where everyone barring the Boss was below 30! Another was at Vinaya's centre, this had a completely different audience, all above 30! And everyone connected to the upper echelons of the Govt. Interesting, as many knew Celu's dad, and in fact had worked with him!

Reincarnation. TV Show! As some of you know, Creator's Child got a little spotlight on it, Celia& I came on News 9, for a talk show on The Mystery of Rebirth. It was an hour long, and had live call ins. Since we didn't realise it was live, we thought it would be broadcast a few days later, and we didn't tell anyone about it. Guess our surprise, when we had a call in, Arun from Ulsoor! Could it be our Arun??? We are told later it was! He had planned to ask us a provocative question about why only some religions believe in reincarnation then decided to ask another equally tricky question about population growth and the number of souls.

The Deeper Life.

Rachna on Living without fear. "When I get in touch with life itself I am able to grasp beauty really for the first time. Even if sorrow comes as an offering from life I am able to embrace it totally, live it. Ditto about pain, even physical pain of illness that the body went through. The magical thing is that then there was no fear that it brought. It was what it was... there was no cloud of fear or misery hanging around it. Things and emotions touch me, yes very much, but they cease to hang around. I realize that it is this hanging around that creates the misery and mess of life. Now everything affects only to a certain point, but there is a place where nothing affects. Even when I am scolding my kids and arguing with S it is like a game and inside I can chuckle. It is much more fun than it used to be. All that was needed was some courage and courage I still need at every step.” – Rachna

Amita's truth: Deep Pain. Deep Joy. “ For 6 years, I had to face many worries and tortures {and yes it was a horror story including murder attempts, land grab, sandalwood smugglers}. Not unnaturally I was frightened out of my mind. During this time Tarun and Celia helped me a lot. The first time it happened it was like a magnificent explosion of golden lights and purple swirls. It was deeply calming. What? What was this? Ask Tarun. After putting me through the grind pushing me to get the answer for myself, I stumble on the amazing truth. It's my soul. It's been there with me. Sometimes appearing for no reason. Sometimes when I am in troubled seas.” – Amita

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