Practical God!!

P's 3 lakh cheque. It's the best of times. It's the worst of times for P. Business was pouring in. But working capital was non-existent. She tells a client about it. He goes to the car and writes her a 3 lakh cheque. Wow!

Amita & The Christ Light : Once, when I was very troubled – the whole night I kept crying and calling to Jesus. By morning, I saw on my eyelids – perpendicular streaks of smoky white--- I was very miserable and didn't make much of it – called Tarun – he told me that a great Spirit was protecting me – spoke to it – the Spirit said – “You can call me Christ; I was here, I am here, I will be here; and he told me to Love the people who were torturing me.” When I knew that Christ had come to me – I felt much better and encouraged.

Celu's instant answers. Celu is discovering how quickly the universe answers in very practical ways. She only has to think of something with real intensity and a sign or an opportunity appears!

Zany Past Lives!

Sumerian Priests. Blood Sacrifice. And ughs. There were only a few shadows around the stomach area. But when R's healing began it was something else. Suddenly a whole bunch of Sumerian Priests emerged. Jewelled headdresses, golden cloaks the works. It was both grand and sinister. As if from a distant past they were controlling R! We had to cut the connection.

The Chastity Belt! That was on for 500 years! N has a bad back. And as we've been clearing the issues around it, we saw a strange sight. A chastity belt. Made of metal and leather. The moment we removed it, N's back shifted dramatically. What did you do she asked?

Attacks & Ghost Escort!!!

Masked psychic attack. & Rads. Radhika sent a colleague, saying he was in deep distress. We looked at his aura and couldn't see anything really wrong. Anyhow since he'd come we decided to give a healing. That's when we spotted the psychic attack. It was hidden and secretly gnawing at his confidence.

The Apartment of Ghosts. Preparing to remove an ugly nest of ghosts. The land was a power spot and ancient sacrificial place. Close by is a temple which is big in blood sacrifice. The locality is bordered by a shanty town. Seething pockets of violence and brutality, mixed with the need to get by. Ask ‘my shakti' and 3 of our spirit guides to accompany us. From basement to roof, every step there's ghosts, tree spirits, tantric lovers, killed people, even traumatised energies. We release as many as 15 ghosts. We go from room to room, everywhere energy runs wild, in great gouts. Even with great protective power lines in place its like being in the middle of a gale. Finally, do something that drains the energy away. Exorcism is an ugly word. Prefer to think of what we're doing as taking the lost home. Lifting drunks from streets. Sometimes it's a little more forceful.

Tickle 33

Awaken the God Within

Seeing is bel!ev?ng!

Shweta's ghost. Home in Hubli, Shweta sees a man go into their shed. Alerts her folks, they rush in. There's no one there. There's no way anyone could have got out. The figure was as real as you or I.

Elias' ghost. Walking up the first floor, Elias sees a figure walk through a closed door of a neighbour's apartment who is out of town. It carries a sword and threatens him. A childhood prayer springs to his mouth. The figure is kept at bay and disappears. What would have happened if the sword had struck home?

Shalu's Crucifixion Scene. A friend asks her to pick up a rosary {even though she's not a Christian}. The moment she touches it, it's wild. She is catapulted into a scene where hundreds are being crucified. The smell of blood is so real her stomach heaves!. {Is it a past life? By our reckoning not really, she's such a brilliant psychic - she tuned into a real scene centuries ago!}

Bela's burn. It's just a dream, many often say. But at Creator's Child we know that dreams are deeper realities. A fact that was strikingly underlined by Bela's dream. In it she felt her hand being burnt as she touched something molten. She gets up and her thumb has swollen up – burnt!

Preethi's God & Sai Krishna's Goddess. The other day Dr Preethi, told us about how a year or two ago while in Jerusalem… She felt a golden being touch her shoulder and stand before her. It was Jesus. Compare this with the next experience… Seeking, seeking a glimpse of God… one day Sai is rewarded. Into his room a golden girl of 12 resplendent in glory appears as physical as you or I or only so much more!

This is the 33 rd issue of Tickle, a monthly e-newsletter that has turned into a quarterly. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God.A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Like Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at

U touch me with Lightning!!!

Chitra: Touched by Lightning: Chitra is undergoing an enormous spiritual awakening. Somedays she doesn't know what's up and down. It feels like a cataract of light, a waterfall of lightning! And this highlights an issue that needs to be stressed... Spiritual awakenings turn everything topsy turvy. The G force of an awakening is positively tectonic. Is this a kundalini awakening? Chitra wonders. We look closer and realise it's a far deeper force. It's a Shiva light awakening. The light of the Creator himself or herself, blazing out. Now sometimes many assume that every awakening implicates the Kundalin Shakti. Not quite true as you are about to see!

Madhumati's Belt: A housewife, ex banker with a lovely smile. Look at her waist what do we have here? A snake wrapped around her waist. Not standard attire. Is it the Kundalini Shakti. What then? A healing force.

Santosh's Asteroids: He's been meditating for years, around him we spy a brilliant asteroid belt… of what? A shakti but not the Kundalini Again! It's a Shakti of social binding!!!

Vinaya's Snake dancing. During a healing, see a deep dark Cobra wrapped around Vinaya's waist. Surely this was the classic Kundalini Shakti. Yes it was, only, it didn't occupy the lower levels but was one that majestically lived in the higher ends of her emotive spectrum.

Vaishali's golden snake umbrella. Around Vaishali like a hooded snake is a great golden glow. Making her look like a mythological being.

Seemaa's Goddess. We're doing a deep healing session for Seemaa, suddenly catapult her deeper. And a deep Goddess form peers through her eyes. Much like in the movies another presence - older, magnificent, infinite stares out. The Eternal Seemaa looks out. Check out in an earlier tickle of how we saw the Goddess in Shalu's eyes.

We've seen in this piece 6 different kinds of Appearances by Shaktis! Revealing how varied and brilliant they can be... And yet the more we encounter the force... The more puzzling it is... "The closer one gets more baffled one feels and the more blessed one gets."



Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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Public Events:

Past Life Story of India Today: Other day: we're in a story on Past Life by India Today. Call Divya, who {realsweety} rushes across for the shoot. Waiting for the photographer, we go into a deep session. He arrives. Divs' zoned out & I'm flying. As the shoot happens its crazy, we're not just posing. It's real. One hand the flash is blazing, Other hand, we're in another planet. Strange, the flash far from distracting starts driving the session harder. Pretend & reality dance. Finally, the magazine takes a one paragraph quote. No snaps. Insanely later, a brilliant past life session. Personalities across time meet, sending tectonic shocks out. The tangled web of life, yet so brilliantly woven in glittering light. On the one hand trapping us like flies, on the other the gossamer wings of dragonflies.

Aura Revelations: The first of our Sharing Wisdom series went off brilliantly. Met so many new people. The hall was filled to bursting and some. The next talk in March is entitled -Past Life revelations.

2 remarkable days... And the difference they made to a deep spiritual seeker. By Rachna Gaur.

Wedding blessings are real! An article by Tarun.

The Solar Eclipse -- Report on The Jan 2010 Eclipse!

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Personal Events:

Milin's marriage to Poonam. In Belgaum, in late November, was filled with incident, not least when secretly watchers were planted in their marriage chamber. The conspirator: Vikram. Heh! Heh!

Vaishali's Marriage to Avik: In Cal & Hyderabad, in late Jan. It was a mad wedding. Highlight: The bride got accidentally locked in for 4 hours.

R's Marriage to Steve: In Bangalore, in late Jan. A magnificent but select wedding, the highlights were a prewedding stop at a dhaba for masala chai & bun.

Anu's Marriage: In Cal. A very bong wedding, Tarun was one of the Uncles carrying the bride around on a tiny plank.

Mala's baby. It's almost 3 months now, Mala had another baby boy. Very placid, we do need to go and see the sweetheart.

Pooja's father passes away: Absolutely tragic. Pooja's father passed away on the night before xmas. We send you our love.