God's Practical!

Zahid's Car. When I first bought my car, an i10, it was getting dented and scratched every now and then, despite healing from all sides. Then Tarun asked if I was clearing the negativity underneath it. I said, I can't reach underneath. He suggested I use incense stick instead. When I started using that with the Devadhara Protection sound, things were not as bad!

Buffy tagging along. Buffy is the greatest astral traveller we have encountered. Bar none. Often following us the other side of India! However, she sometimes does get lost. The other day we'd gone to Seemaa's for dinner. And so had to leave her behind. 100 metres away from home, got the feeling someone's behind, Celu & I look and its Buffy grinning widely, hitching a trip with us. She thought she was going to Celu's mum's and had forgotten to take her along.


Tickle 34

Know God! Use God! Be God!

O God!!!

Bela's Blazing Ball of Light. Sachin, Sneha & Bela are in their drawing room, it's broad daylight and they see snaky line of light approach, pass through the glass window and snake into the room… Talk of inner reality making itself incredibly visible!

Amita & The Priest of Light. On March 7th. 2010, I went to evening service at church feeling rather upset due to an argument I'd had with my son. I arrived half an hour early and found myself to be the only person in the church apart from the sextant. To kill time, I went to the back of the church and started flipping thru the subscription cards to check on my subscription. Suddenly, I felt that somebody was standing behind me. I glanced sideways through the corner of my eye to see who it was and saw some long white robes flowing down from the waist. It was so close to me that from the corner of my eye, I couldn't see above the waist. I turned to look at it and it disappeared.

I found that night that my eyeballs seemed to be filled with 'lightening white light'. I spoke to Tarun and he said that ‘my perception had been raised to a high level of inner brilliance and my Bindu chakra was alight with lightening white light'. I was seeing a being at the inspirational level! For a precious few seconds I saw a Great Being of White Light. He came to me to remind me that I, like you, am a Great Being of White Light, who has taken human form right now.

Chitra's Triple Goddess. For those of you who have been following Tickle would know that Chitra is undergoing an explosive awakening. Huge, disturbing, exhilarating and dizzying… in her search for answers, she has been {among other things} going to the great pilgrimage spots. Her recent trip was to Kashmir, while she went to Vaishno Devi and experienced some spectacular sights, the mountain spirit revealed herself to her. But it was when she went to a less known shrine… 80 km away dedicated to Lord Shiva that she was swept away. Later that night she trembled in a storm of life, when we looked deeper she was surrounded by three goddess figures. And who are they? They introduced themselves as TripuraSundari. As a triadic force.



This is the 34 th issue of Tickle, an e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Llike Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle

Gosh! Ghosties!

EXORCISM By Elias Jacob. ”I'm at my late Uncle's house in Kerala. I'm sitting on the same bed and room where he passed away. The room had paint coming off the wall. About 20 feet behind the room is the River. I get the smell of Beer even though there is none of it in the room. I used salt but the smell of Beer persisted. The moment I said in my mind  "I love him [my late uncle]", the aroma of beer became stronger. A further probe revealed a nasty old man with red eyes who wasn't my late Uncle. I did the Exorcism and it vanished. The room didn't smell of beer anymore and I went to sleep.”

What's amazing about the experience is that Elias is a Level 1 Devadhara Healer. And yes right from Level 1 you command greater power than other comparable systems. So if you've learnt it and not started practising it, please use it! You're sitting on a goldmine. Or should we say GhostMine?

Death is an eye opener! Deep Thought By Dharmendra Dammy: Here's a deeply moving fragment of an e-conversation: "it's very moving...like me still i could not digest the fact i lost my father(it's already 12 years!)..though i know that this deep sorrow that lies hidden won't bring him back..but cannot leave that behind ..many occassions i feel he should have been here.. still i'm very privileged to have this life, the way it is.. since i knw many have greatest of the miseries than me...many a times i felt death is also an eye opener.. " Dharmendra Dammy.

Divya: Talking helps. With Ghosts, the Comp and the Job! Div's has long realised that the world is alive, and has been practising healing by talking to beings, from ghosts to computers and even her job. One ghost had been sending a friend's comp into a frenzy, mysteriously it would come on and off. Using both powerful ghost handling tools and a stern talk with the comp, everything's back to normal. {Also check an earlier Tickle on how Celu healed our laptop!} Divya's presently also using inner talk in her job. In this, a new one, she's dealing with an unfamiliar software. So what do you do when you meet a tall, dark, handsome and strange technology, Divya finds by talking to it she's getting insights, productivity and results!

The Graveyard… The Classroom. The advanced Devadhara 3 session which starred adepts, Divya, Zahid, Roshni {Shalu has already covered the topics earlier} had as one of its classrooms two graveyards. While one was quieter, in the other the feel was graveyardy, terrible dark figures with their forced sucked out… worse from a tree, a terrible vampire like figure, formed from someone quite mad and batty.

Shalu's Poltergeist. Shalu's had a ghost who's been twitching curtains, brushing her hair and other such ghosty pastimes. We bind it and question it, it gives every name name in creation, so who or what is it? We get that it's a weak form, who had half forgotten who she was and was willing to be whoever you wanted it to be! Scaree! Wowee!


Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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Past Life Explosions, Kundalini stirrings! A first person account by Savitha B

It's like watching a sun being born. Vasundhara awakens to her Goddess self… This piece by Tarun illuminates the dynamics of awakenings.

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God caught in a magical breath: Here's Shalu's first song: Magical Breathe... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrgEzuHL4aw

Creator's Child Meet: The Circle of The Night.

A Skull with a candle within hangs from rafters. A flaming hand reaches down. The setting of the Creator's Child Meet was The Rooftop. With strange artpieces to tickle the psyche.

Many psychic games unfolded. Some included feeling The Power! What was amazing was that many hadn't felt auras and were doing it for the first time. And they did it beautifully. Savitha felt it like springy air sprinkled with electricity, Anand found the force elusive and tickly, Manisha found her hands were gouting fire, Litna's hands blazed, Chitra crackled, Navita's hand's shimmered with light, Santosh's hands felt deep and profound, Elias's hands felt deep and pulsatory, Ramith's deep force burst out through his hands. Some felt the force so powerfully they swayed like trees in a cyclone!

Another game included finding one's inner animal, Divya was tickled to find herself described as a White Snake, Seemaa aghast by Arun describing her as foxy {hmmm}. Naturally, there were tons of sharings, a book by Akber on spirituality will shortly make its presence felt. Sonia has just shifted jobs. Palli had just returned from the Kumbh Mela, and Chitra from Kashmir.

Last, but not least came cake, candles & singing for the birthdayers, Palli, Shalu, Arun, Sonia. Of course there was heaps to imbibe and znack on. Gnight!