Creator's Child, Inception & Honking Drivers.

Here's an Inception style technique to carry psychic force out into the street by Zahid. Hassled by a driver who keeps honking, or cutting in? Gently send the thought to the restless driver, 'calm down, calm down, your honking's irritating others. calm down you'll reach happier'. The Technique Works!

Creator's Child: Healing & Life-saving.

Electric: Ravi is giving healing to someone he loves... and "it feels like sparks are flying form my hands!"

Back to the wall: C has her back to the wall, money probs threaten to tear her apart. She goes berserk. We give healing to calm her down, to gather strength. but the solution lies in talking to family. Can they help? Their 'Yes' gives her the real boost. Devadhara Healers empowerment doesn't only mean mudras. the pragmatic empowers.

Surviving this Night: Someone calls from cal, she's about to kill herself. We can't let that happen. Oh no. We send intense healing and well, she's much lighter.

Back from the Dead: The docs have given up on R. We don't agree. after intense healing. The next day, R's better asking to drink her favourite filter coffee.

Poison: 'A' is severely ill, we discover she has been poisoned. Accidental? Deliberate? Hospitalised, she retains nothing. Even retching over drip. Bela & us give her healing. Minutes after the healing starts she stops vomiting.

Wrestling with God : J is in a deep spiritual crisis. Does she go left or right? Sacrifice everything for God? Or balance God & Family? She's so distraught j collapses, anaphylactic shock sets in. she calls. I use a dangerous process called lending your body. It's terribly exhausting. She recovers slow. I feel like a dishrag.

Return to Healing: "I am a certified healer, but true certification comes from the relieved and thankful smiles of the one you healed." Says Ramith. In his case he received not grateful smiles but meows.


Shalu blazing with force.

Creator's Child's Psychic Smiles!

Celu's Fountain from The Head: What is the fountain bursting from my head? Many coloured. Many voiced. Many joyed. One day Sometimes when we think of chakras we think of functions, and responsibilities and body systems… we forget it is the laughter of life talking to the living, speaking to bone.


Tickle 36

Know God! Use God! Be God!

Creator's Child Explodes With Power.

Levitating Shalu: “Experience at my friend's place – started feeling very weird at her place when I went to sleep. Felt the presence of some energy around – was trying to scan what it was, but within a moment… I could feel that I was almost 2-3 ft away in the air from bed for almost a second or two and fell back on the bed. Woweeeee!” – Shalu.

Lightning Roshni: 'Some days when I get particularly irritated,  the lights start flickering. Steve jokingly says I should start an electricity company!' Move over Wolverine, Lightning Woman's here!

Creator's Child Glows.

Amita's Cosmic blaze: I am taken to a place blazing with stars.” -- Amita talking off her Devadhara level 3 attunement.

Luminous Roshni; I also wanted to share with u an experience… I sat down as usual and visualized the light above me and then as instructed by u, I repeated the chant, as the meditation progressed. Somehow, I suddenly felt the strong urge to sit in the "Gyan mudra" pose. I cant quite explain why or how I got this urge!! I did so and then after that, I felt as if waves & sheets of light were falling on my crown and third eye, soft, white, then golden, washing down on me like a heavy downpour of rain!! In fact, I involuntarily also felt my head tilt up towards the light literally. I felt such immense bliss, stillness, strength, and an utter sense of being connected to the light. As usual, I felt "floaty" too!! It was an unforgettable and very divine meditative experience. I was completely lost in this sense of being blessed and calm. I am so grateful for this!” – Roshni.

Ramith's Caring, Despairing, Rejoicing. “It was a wet day. And we had lost 3 of our 4 kittens, my bro and dad had saved them from the streets. I felt I had not done enough, my mind went into thoughts of, the pain, misery and death. I used healing on the remaining kitten. Even in its painful state, it greets us with a weak 'meow'. I wonder why a thing so tiny and innocent had to undergo so much pain? I asked dad why he had brought home things that he could not take care of? I felt I failed there, and with the death of 3 of the kittens, I had failed miserably. I had a restless few days, I wished mom was alive, she had answers to most of my questions somehow.

With these thoughts hitting me I decided to step out of my house. As I reached the Ulsoor lake traveling on the old Madras road. I could see the western horizon in front of me, right on top of the lake waters. As I get closer I could see the curtains of the cloudy skies that hung over that gloomy day open, to reveal the splendor and divinity of one of the brightest and most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen in my life! I stopped my car and looked at it spell bound. The world rode past me in its mad evening frenzy. I wondered why no one else was feeling it? What had I done to deserve such a Divine moment? The warm rays touched my face, there was golden brightness was all around, it was a wonderful feeling. It was then that a thought hit me, this was more than something normal, I could feel my kittens in that moment, I felt them reaching out to me and telling me, "Thank you for the love! We could have been on the road but for you, ended under the wheels of a mad city... like so many who ignored us and looked the other way, you could have gone your way, but you choose to pick us, bring us into your home, feed us and shelter us at our time of dire need. More then anything you placed us in your heart, Thank you! Death is not sad, it is calm, it is beautiful and it is Divine because you were part of our little lives, we came from the streets, but we died in a home, our home, thanks to you."

I was healed. Felt alive again.” – Ramith


Creator's Child is Green.

The Memory of Green Worlds. Celia & I go to Chitra's dad's farm. Celia and I see a great shakti. It looks like a dragon. But with urbanisation its force is breaking. What do we do? Something I advise all of you never to do. Make space in me, absorb it. Then we come across the mammoth wells we've seen only in Karnataka, a 100 feet across. Below, in the earth is another dragon that looks papery, dried, close to being unable to feel the earth. I absorb that too. Then we come to acres of green dense with mulberry. Filled with a great tumbling of life. It is cartwheeling with joy. Ferocious with living. But… The land knows construction will come and asks for all its memories to be housed in me. I agree. They are there in me. Bits, pieces tendrils of knowledge. Deaths, bones snapping, fierce lives, the taste of sun, root, mineral words. Perhaps I may speak it. Or let it dribble back to an old forest.

Green Secrets: “If you really connect even the leaves start whispering their secrets to you" – Ajith, Devadhara level 1 student.



This is the 36 th issue of Tickle, an e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Llike Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at

Creator's Child Cares.

Bela gives Lord Krishna a blanket: Bela wants to gift her cook a blanket. Should she? See who he is truly. She calls back saying I see Lord Krishna in him. Precisely. Now when you are giving the blaket you won't be giving it out of charity. But in gratitude. We tell her.

Divya notices a story written in life: "Few days ago when I was travelling in a local bus which was really crowded saw an old couple step into the bus n they were struggling to just make space to just stand, and I offered the old lady my seat, I was standing by her side n was noticing her, she was really old with silver hair- looked like my grandma, she looked so beautiful with all her wrinkles and like every wrinkle of hers hid a beautiful story behind it."

Leh Floods And Creator's Child Circle Sends healing! Savitha takes the intiative and gets Creator's Child involved in the Leh floods issue. Many of you parrticipated in the healing and made a profound difference. Savi's efforts also lead to a sizeable contribution monetarily.

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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Creator's Child In The News:

Noor Ayesha's got married with an extravagant reception. She is a picture dripping in gold…

Arun's Engaged. At the engagement he naturally played his own MC. An impromptu bhangra made it heartwarming.

Zahid has twins. Mind Blogs 1.0. A book that's already a success. And a delightful bundle of joy. A baby girl Farheen.

Past Life Regression Guides in the Making. Zahid, Roshni, Divya, Shweta are becoming Past life Guides. {Ps: We only take people in after they've completed 3 gruelling levels of Devadhara or meditation. They've fought psychic attacks, escorted ghosts to the light, overturned deep rooted pain for the right to join the course.} the session's packed with crazy past life incidents, we'll share them later.

Celia, Tarun, Divya covered extensively in India Today. Dec anniversary Issue on Past lives. Go to articles page.


Creator's Child & Death.

Death's Rememberings: A dead rat has been flung in front of our gate. Use a stick to move it.

I am then asked by my guide to touch the end of the stick. It is like a shock. I feel the rat's force… it's a kind of sheath of light. The fierceness of its life, without a body.

As I continue to explore the energy, the sheath becomes a drop of light and seems to go to a dark tunnel into the darkness. I go in there, the darkness is filled with millions of rats. I go deeper. As I do this, the whole scene shifts from dark to luminous. And the horizon is filled with trillions, countless creatures. All are like luminous packets in a luminous field. Then they seem to merge, as if it were a vast luminous ocean, and all the rats, the creatures, rhino and snail, child and butterfly are waves rising from the luminosity.

As I watch the luminosity collects into a face, which winks at me, then the face turns into a star. The light shines forth into creation. Then these words are engraved on my mind, “In each is all, in all is each. Great things happen through the tiny. All is blessed. All shall be well.... Trust.”


Creator's Child Sees:

The Absent Maid: Our maid calls promising to return from her leave, on Tuesday morning. Celia checks intuitively. Her intuition clearly says “sorry, she ain't arriving. She doesn't.'.

Tomorrow's Slipped Disc: S comes to us for an aura scan. She's 60+ and in great health. But we tell her, do you have a bad back or old injury? No she assures us. The next day she gets a slipped disc.


Creator's Child without The Body: Ghosties. Souls. Guides. Gods.

Now some are terrified of ghosts, they find the ghost stories we relate scary. So here are some laughy ones.

The Dancing FootBall: Met a ghost who once was human, a footballer. what enjoyed most was motion. Running leaping. After he died, he was a ghost, and one day, he found himself loose form and become just a ball. The ball rotated, ran around. at first this made him dizzy. then he found he loved it. he felt free, like a football. and now that is what he is. a ball of being. his world is white. He has to go to interact with teachers everyday. when he rests he returns to semi-human form...

The Toothbrusher: A ghost vaguely attached to us, after dshe passed away was buried. Being a cleanliness freak, the mud getting into her body's teeth upset her. For the last 25 years she has been brushing her teeth. She knows she is a ghost, and that brushing is irrational, but she has to... Interestingly her spirit guides have turned this into a meditation, and as she brushes her teeth she keeps hearing musical notes that help heal her!

The Baby Who Sees: Dhanisha brought her baby Bhargavi to see us. One look and she started shrieking. 'Why?' we wondered. She could see deeper! She was spotting many of the figures who hang around us, ghosts, guides, past lives. We needed to hide the ghosts. And Dhanisha spent half an hour reassuring her baby! So practise your aura sensing guys you don't wan't a baby taking your nappies off!

The HandBreaker: More seriously: I've related an incident on Facebook, where I woke one night, with a ghostly figure trying to break my wrist. It almost succeeded! I blocked it, caught it, questioned it. Well, it wasn't really malicious. at least, no more than a teenager idly breaking a branch on a tree. It saw my hand as a waving frond idly decided to snap it, more curiousity than malice. and remember only 1 in 500 ghosts generate enough power to exert any force that can be felt physically. Remember concealed in the fear is a great promise... the promise of the invisible. the knowledge if a ghost can break a wrist, our faith can move mountains.

The Virtual Ghost: "Everyday, many of you on social sites like Facebook, meet each other. But that is not you. It is a virtual You. A ghostly You. Everyday ghosts meet ghosts. Now many of you think of yourself as bodies to my eyes you lights. Luminous beings. I can't tell you how pretty you are." -- Lord Izh.

The Smile that made a World: "I am a Smile. I smile so deep, so broad, my smile becomes mists that unfurl into time-space-matter, which encircles worlds and universes. that is all that's around you, a smile. That's what you truly are: A smile." -- God; the Allness