Tarun relates an encounter with God in this film.

Creator's Child: Touched By God.

Encounters with God: Lord Shiva

Creator's Child Celebrates:

Weddings: The Bells of Joy Ring! There were 4 marriages in the Creator's Child Circle : Kavitha, Dr Rajeev, Yogita & Arun Chadda. Wishing them all great joy & happiness.

At home with Love! Radha has after a long search found a Home. Wishing her luck!


Tickle 37

Know God! Use God! Be God!

Devadhara Power: Real Life Miracles

Divya's Spoon Moved! “Sometimes thought is action. U think something and it happens. I was doing something in the kitchen, but when I wanted to move the mixer jar when my hands were full... but it moved!!! I thought it could be the air pressure... but it happened again -- leaving me speechless , more days later .. the door moved without any wind aiding it .. the spoon above the vessel moved.” – Divya. OK, here's a question for all of you. Is it Telekinesis or a Poltergeist spirit assisting Divs?

The Light of Healings: Ravi Tiwari. Just to share with you.... From last two healing sessions, one for my friend and other for a lady; both of them have told me that they experienced some kind of light... and they asked me later if turned the light on or if i was projecting torch light on their faces... they also experienced light passing through their faces as it passes in the photocopy machine.... Also they had this feeling that i am touching them... while I kept my hands at least one feet above them.

Clearing Depression: Monika* has reason to be depressed, love, work, home there's stuff everywhere blocking her and tying her down. She went into a clinical depression and the psychiatrist recommended serious anti-depressives. 3 healing sessions later her depression has vanished. Her problems are still there. But…

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Erased. Ashok* faced a break down of his psyche about a year ago. OCD hit him. Work turned rough. Life issues spiralled out of control. Months of healing in focussed bursts, his own enormous courage, medication and today he can proudly claim he's well.

Black Magic. Black magic is among the hardest things for the 21 st C mind to accept. And indeed only 1 in 20 black magic attacks really work. But when it does it can be crippling. Sandesh* was on the receiving end of such an attack. Now a black magic attack like any attack works best when the person is vulnerable, as Sandesh was. Relationshipwise things had fallen apart. Socially things had become impossible. The attack hit and overnight the confident Sandesh was replaced by a fearful one. It felt there were rats scampering in his brain. The depth healing definitively stopped the attack. Sandesh feels infinitely better, however as often happens in psychic attack, stopping the attack is half the healing, the psychic damage needs time to heal.

Suicidal Turnaround. Mahesh* in the US had it rough. Homesick. In the wrong course. Girlfriend trouble. Separating parents. Plus he's an artist doing an MBA and doing it so badly he was on the brink of being expelled. Enough to drive one round the bend. He returned to India and came around. The first healing was spectacular and we felt the force of Lord Shiva around him. The depression vanished. And he's among the top percentile in his course!

Escorting The Dead. Ashwin's Father Mr Rajendran was a quiet but deep human being. He'd been a meditator for 30 years. Recently, he's come to us for an aura scan and his aura was brilliant in some areas and very dark in patches. Unless a miracle happened he could expect only a few years more. Unlike many who just cling on to life, Rajendra chose the alternate: To let go gracefully. He passed away in early March. We needed to clear his cords that tied him down and escorted him into light. It was beautiful, for in the inner world he had found his peace. For those who wonder about Mukti, Ashwin's father has more or less decided to move on and not return to Earth. He will possibly choose an astral existence. A week later Ashwin still in emotional agony “had a strange experience. For a few moments a nice and warm energy flowed out of my solar plexus center and at the same moment I heard an early morning chant in my ears. The chant could have been the Suprabhata…” He asks would you be so kind and tell me if this means anything? The answer we got is simple. It's a gift from Ashwin's father.


This is the 37 th issue of Tickle, an e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Llike Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle

Creator's Child Cares.

Bela Cares: an old lady's last meal. Bela has started a simple but beautiful caring program. Every evening she goes out with a car full of food packets. And distributes it to the homeless. And this she does as she juggles a daughter having board exams, a son with special needs, a mother-in-law with uncertain health and a husband working himself to bone, all this while managing a food business. The other night she was looking around for a regular, an old lady. Another homeless woman told her, ‘No, she has passed away, her son came and took her body.' And that's when it struck Bela. The meal she had given the old lady was the old lady's last meal. And while it was unutterably sad. It was also unutterably heart-warming. We cannot always cheat death. But we can bring comfort…

Manisha gets Accenture to care: You may have heard it on the radio, VAHINI.She's of the people instrumental in getting Accenture involved in a woman's empowerment program in Madhya Pradesh.

Healing for Japan . Caring for India . It was Shalu who got us to do the healing for Japan circle. When she told us about her predictive dreams... We have orchestrated one healing. The other day Amita asked us what next? How do we follow up. In a fortnight to a month we will have another session. And affirmative action.

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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The 11 Proclamations:

A spirituality that's alive, expansive, liberating, passionate, joyous and celebratory. Recently Creator's Child formally announced its principles, a thought-provoking and liberating set of principles. The 11 principles cover how the Creator's Child looks at life. For those accustomed to a no-saying sour God it's a refreshing look at Spirituality & a new Approach to Life! Click here

Illustrating this spirit is a film entitled The Unstoppable Spirit.

Aura Warnings & Dream Seeing!

Spotting the Stroke: V calls up in the morning. As we talk to her we realise that somewhere in her brain at the back of her head is darkness that indicates a stroke and possibly a tumour. Ask her to rush to a hospital. In the hospital they discover she had a stroke and tumour. Healers take note: Aura sensing can be life saving!  

Savitha sees the Still Born Child. A friend asked Savitha B to do an aura scan of another friend that Savi had lost touch with. She's lost a child. Savi said. The person who asked her to do an aura scan had goosies. The friend had just had a still born child!” A week later, Savi looked at another friend. You are pregnant she tells her. Her friend checks and tells her you got it right!

Divya finds Celia at Mantri Mall. Celia had wandered off without a cellphone at Mantri Mall. Tarun asked Divs to find Celia. She used her intuition. In seconds in the sprawling supermarket Celia was located {and her shopping spree ended}. Incidentally this was after Arun's wedding and Palli, Shweta, Divya, Celia & Tarun then went to slurp ice golas for 45 minutes. Everyone's lips were alien colours!!!

Shalini, Roshni & Sujatha Monteiro, Spot The Tsunami: For more of precognitions



Soul Explorers Blaze...........

Asha's Wheel of Fire. “Shortly, after her Devadhara 2 Healing Workshop, Asha Poluru, was meditating, as she did she saw a vast wheel of fire turning with explosive force. Shaken by it she opened her eyes. She could see it blazing with her eyes wide open!

Tanya's Blaze. “My whole body felt like I was awash with lightning. The experience went on and on and I saw the whole tapestry of my life. I understood… It all made sense. I was taken level, by level I was shown my chakras, each from within and without… in all its glory. I reached a point and suddenly above a great sky opened holy, glorious, impossible…”

Full Body Dreaming by Kanak. “Nowadays, I have dreams in which my entire body participates. Long after I get up, each part of my body is still filled with energy, as though it was participating in every action that I was making in my dream. Parts of my body are cold, numb and tensed.”

Zahid's Molten Past Life: In December, the frontrunners of Devadhara Healing. Divya, Roshni, Shweta, Zahid were training to be Past Life Guides. As they were exploring their other lives some startling lives emerged. One of Zahid's left him utterly zapped. As he puzzled over it, he asked a spirit guide to elucidate: Zahid's Q: I was a lava in one of my previous births... so was I godly too? The Guide's A: You were not Lava... you were a molten form. You chose to bubble at the top to get a form as a rock. While you were fluid, you chose to run endlessly until you rose to the top to take a physical form with a character. That is what a mountain is.

Supermoon Meditation: We shared with the group that The March Supermoon was one that amplified passions. Both joyous and ugly. Here's what Shalu got… “A drop of diamond light descended from the moon!” Savitha saw the negative face of the supermoon when it let her see cacti in her that needed healing.

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