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Thanks for joining our CCTickle group. A special welcome to the new ones and a special thank you to the old, for putting up with all the hiccups. This is the fourth issue of Tickle, a monthly newsletter from Creators Child. This month we thought we’d talk about encounters with spirit guides we had over the last few weeks.

Death Angel !!
A healing session was happening at home, when my eyes spotted a translucent shape on Y’s right shoulder. ‘Always ask his/her name before doing anything else’ Tarun’s much repeated chant was duly followed. I almost fell off the chair when pat came the reply. ‘I’m the angel of death.’ This wispy pretty form didn’t look any thing like the Yamraj of my Amar Chitra Kathas. She very politely declined my order to leave and said she had business to attend to. I repeated that she was not wanted and that Y was quite content where he was. My heart beat even faster when Y suddenly rose out of his body and went out of the room, followed by the Angel of Death. They talked. Y returned minus the angel of death. After the healing Y told us that he had seen 2 figures of light. And a deep sense of peace.

The Spirit Stick
“I see CSG occasionally in person”, says Celia about her spirit guide, “but mostly I talk to him. His voice comes to me as a voice in my head. I talk to him about all kinds of things, from how to handle a healing session to what food to serve for a party”. Spirit Guides are for most part caring and patient but… An amusing incident just weeks ago reveals their testy side. Tarun had a bad tummy that wouldn’t get better, inspite of continuous healing and a light diet. Celia asked CSG to look after him for a week. “No problem, except should I punish Tarun when he doesn’t listen?”

Spirited Exasperation!
Lately, after persecuting his guide on an issue again and again and again, Tarun’s guide told him, “Just leave me out of this. You’ve created confusion compounded.”

Sometimes to help advanced students strengthen their intuition we ask spirit guides to drop in and get students to tell what they are like. Last month, a spirit told Diraj that he was a spirit that made the air burn, could Diraj figure out who he was??? It’s a being blazing and brilliant I’ve met off and on, often in rainy weather…guessed it? A lightning spirit

Tree Sylph
A tree got knocked down, and we took pieces of its bark and honoured its passing. In response a being of shimmering veils of light, you know how fairies are supposed to be, made ‘her’ presence felt. It was like dragonfly wings, the lightest iridescence. It told us it was a being connected with a number of trees in our area.

Seeing Voices
While talking to AR I suddenly saw a light flowing into her ear, we asked her if she heard voices…she said, yes she’d been hearing voices out of that ear for years!

Q of the month. Tickle- September’s topic is Dreams. Have u had any dreams that were predictive, healing or out of body. Or just anything significant and extraordinary. Write in. ( by August 31, 2004)

Replies 1
I know this is a very late response to your question in the first issue about how to unfrog-in-the-well. But …
Two things - one, somehow, we as a society (and I do not just mean India) have justified the imbalance between work and personal space/ life so that most people end up according more time and effort to work than to any other aspect of life. And I cannot imagine how people cannot feel this imbalance - I mean, why is it alright to spend hours at work? I have heard wives (specifically - not heard husbands being told the same) being told not to mind the husbands coming late from work because, "after all, he is working hard and not whiling away time elsewhere". Whereas there have been times when I have told Pankaj that if he was actually going away from work to meet a friend/ go for a swim or a walk/ come home and read or write as he wants to... or do anything else that still means being away for as many hours from our being together but not spend all hours at work, I would not mind it at all but I do mind this focus on career and work to the exclusion of all else.
And I do not believe it is just about money. Because my own personal experience has been that it is quite possible to work reasonable hours and have enough time to do most things we want to and earn a fairly decent amount of money! And if there are times I do not manage to write as I want to, it is the sheer mental laziness to explore and persevere rather than any real lack of time…

Replies 2

..... as i was reading (tickle) i rememberd the past few days i have been really trusting myself and my intution is working quite well ..... like the incidents i told u about .... im able to kind of sense about the missing things , the person who is going to call me up and small things like these ..... the other day i was able to guess that my father will call me and i got up early since he gets annoyed if i sound sleepy on the phone .... it was funny because as soon as i kept the phone{down} i went off to sleep! .....

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