Buffy's Friend in Tirupati.

Chitra & Vikram took us to Tirupathi. An exciting trip that deserves a longer piece. We covered 7 temples in a day & a half. Vikram raced up the ghats in 12 minutes flat. We drove on to The Renegunta railway station's platform in the car!

As we were there, we passed an elephant. As we talked to it, it said, “I know you.” “You do?” We replied. “Yes, I am Buffy's friend” it said. “We go astrally to the same inner school”. Our heart's were abusting and minds bemused. Our baby has an elephant for a friend!

We humans are often human-centric. We believe somehow that being human makes us closer to God. We once remember having a conversation with a friend who believes only humans have souls. This story reminds us that in our streets, skies, trees, are other children of the creator. Equally if not more blessed.

Shweta's Attack. Here is a story that typifies yet another aspect of being the Creator's Child.

Near French Loaf, Richmond Park ; Shweta had just parked her car with a cake settled in, when out of the blue, a man hopped in to the back seat. Hey, who are you? She asked when without a warning he whipped out a knife and went for the throat. With incredible presence of mind, she raised her arm. The knife ripped into her upper arm again and again. She then again in the middle of this brutal assault found the presence of mind to realise that she was trapped in the car and got out. The man emerged. And then it was Shwetha's turn. She warded him off with her handbag. The man ran.

Yes, this story typifies what it means to be The Creator's Child. Not just someone who sits and meditates. But one with courage and presence of mind. Who deploys his or her force in real-time, in real-life. Who knows he is infinite, who demonstrates that infinitude.

Money ain't everything

“I've often thought what a drag to be woman. This tight money stuff is hard. And I have wished, if only I was a guy. Fair, handsome, rich maybe well-qualified… a Doctor. Yesterday I was with a close friend helping him out, when I realised he was fair, handsome, rich, a Doctor … and desperately unhappy. That's when I realised hey… I may not be rich, a stunner, or a doc, but by god I am alive and happy.” – Peymaneh.


This perhaps the finest insight into money and happiness that we have encountered.

Death Calls. Death warns.

Arun's father was in hospital for a few weeks. Serious. But. He'd been worse a few years back. Anyway Arun after spending a few days in the hospital had gone home to bathe and rest. Suddenly he had had a dream, his Dad was calling him to go to the hospital. Arun went. An hour later his father passed away. –Arun Chadda

‘I had a sudden impulse to call a lawyer. Didn't have any legal work. But it was late, Postponed it till the next day. The lawyer passed away that night.' – Vikram

We often stand cowering before in death's terrible bony shadow. In these two examples we realise that through dream and impulse we see there is more. We know there is more. We are warned. Informed. Not to run scampering like Hollywood heroes to fight, but like travellers given time to pack our bags.

Encounters with The Ultimate.

The other day, we took Neelima through an incredible healing. And suddenly we felt her expand into something really wow. We ask her: Who are you? Her answer blew us away. “I am everything and no-thing. I am nameless. And I am rudra. I am the ocean. And I am this bubble.”

 Yes that is what you are. Go guys – Go!


Arun Shankar's Testament

Here is a message that typifies The Creator's Child story. This is not an incident but captures how magnificently life can be transformed when we allow a greater force in.

Dear Tarun, Celia

… I've been sidetracked and haven't meditated as much as I would've liked too. But that hasn't stopped the universe from displaying its magnificence to me. Some small things, some deeper knowings.

Seeing the amazingness of everyday is something that's - well, very exciting. Whether it's finding a spider on my bike and taking him for the ride all the way to the office, or hearing wind chimes over the roar of daily traffic, or being in the right place at the right time, so I meet a dog and his owner - and find out about the dog's tumour - so I can say a prayer and ask for blessings... sensing the presence of my friend - through the smell of cigarettes, a few days before his death anniversary ... there are quite a few such incidents.

Also in the face of everyday irritations - I am able to rise above the instant react mode and create a more positive energy around me... that's when I realised reacting and creating are the same with just a few letters switched.

I've actually found a couple of the smaller things you mentioned during the workshop to be some of the most powerful - like taking a sunshine break, or wondering how while I slept, my soul went about putting dew drops on the leaves of the plant which you gave, or scattering clouds and then coming back to my body in the morning, never late, just in time as I wake up. I also have flashes of deep knowing - a staggering feeling - that I cannot think about, because my mind can encompass it... that this soul that I am ... is so infinite.

I can't describe it :) Couple of times I've had a few thoughts/lines/phrases come to my mind randomly:

1. Your heart has infinite capacity for love 2. It's the nature of love to be unconditional And more recently: 3. I'm more than all.

So - it's an exciting journey...


Tickle 42

Know God! Use God! Be God!

This is the 42nd issue of Tickle, an e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. This Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Llike Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle

Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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Cancer Retreats. Stones dissolve. The bedridden arise.

In the last 6 months, 3 patients with cancer we are associated with in healing find their cancer retreat, even vanish! But, again healers, cancer is no pushover, last year we lost a patient in terminal stage to cancer. It was heartbreaking.

A patient with a gall bladder stone we were giving healing to, went to get a test done. “Why?” The attending doctor asked. “You did it a month ago.” he said. “I am hoping it would have reduced.” The Patient replied. ‘Stones never decrease' the lab doctor told him. But it had. Amazingly it had reduced by a significant 15%.

During one of her travels in the far east, at the back of a shop Savitha noticed, someone lying in bed. On closer inspection she realised it was the shop keeper's brother, who had been bedridden for a 3 months. Savi explained she was a Devadhara Healer. Could she help? An hour's healing and the boy literally leapt off the bed.

There are hundreds of Devadhara Healers. But how many of us are truly being that? Being Rivers of God. You are magnificent healers. And human beings. Reveal your power!

Creator's Child Happenings

Our spiritual awakening wing, O!, had its Level 3 workshop in May. O!:The Body Electric workshop was magnificent. Thank you, one and all.

Our numbers increased – as Sreeram, Mousa, Ali, Anandhi, Chaitra and Ashima became Empowered Devadhara Healers. Arun, Ravi and Ashwin climbed the Devadhara Healing ladder in July to become Emotional Healers.Congrats You are magnificent healers. May your tribe increase !

We had a magnificent Animal Whisperer workshop in August. Conversations included Ants, dogs, pigeons, squirrels, lizards .....

Tarun's 6th solo artshow 'A Piece of Heaven '

June 3 saw the opening of Tarun's artshow at Alliance Francais.

Read more about it at Tarun Cherian : Spiritual Artist