Know God! Use God! Be God! TicklingDeath 43. This, the 43rd issue of Tickle , is dedicated to Death. For two obvious reasons, Creator's Child has brought out: The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth. Tarun may have written it, Celia may have assisted. But The 65 plus stories are yours. Or enriched by yours. So if you haven't picked up your copy order it from us. The%20Chronicle.htm Second, according to some mankind has a date with Death on 21 Dec 2012.
  Tickle 43

So are we going to be wiped out? Is the Mayan prediction deadly? Or is the calculation off by a thousand years? The quick answer is no. No, we are going to be brushed by death. A meteor may draw a cruel finger across the skies, even hit the moon or earth, but the world won't end. It's just a warning shot. For more read the article: 2012? End of time or Warning Shot? Article%202012.htm


Death is Reborn!!!

Looking at The Cover of The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth, Nishi exclaimed: “This is exactly how it my mother's soul looked like rising into the light.” As the book spreads hundreds are discovering its richness. todays-paper/tp-features/tp- metroplus/from-the-beyond/ article4197893.ece

The launch went of brilliantly thanks to you. Especially we must thank Angel, Ruth & Kamaan, for their singing. Shweta & Palli, Ashwin & Anita, Kapil & Subbu for helping. And the many of you for giving us your much needed support. We are in the process going around and giving talks about the book; for example thanks to Anita we gave a talk at The School for Ancient Wisdom. If your office/ organisation/ club would like us to have a talk on this subject please tell us.

The Kiss from Beyond The Grave.

Sunehera* called up in fright. “Last night I felt this entity touch me, brush my breasts, raise my skirt, it was so incredibly real and insistent. It was disturbing, terrifying.” When we checked we realised that while it was from inner dimensions it wasn't harmful. It wasn't a succubii or predatory spirit. Far from it, it was a being from an inner dimension. “If you would like to explore a spiritual-sexual encounter with it, you may, it will be life-enriching” we assured her. Protected by a range of intense protections she decided to explore the incredible. “It felt like I was bathed by light. And yet the touch of the cosmic lover was… so physical, so real. But it took me deeper. Deeper than I've ever been. I dissolved. I became The Cosmic Ripple you so often talk about. But still weeks later… it blows my mind… was I touched by a Deva? I know I have been changed, healed, uplifted. But… but… but…”

From ancient Greece come stories of Zeus who loved mortals. And in India stories of Apsara lovers… we now confront this impossible possibility. The Reality of Cosmic Lovers. “When I get married again” Shreshta half-laughingly asks, “do I tell my future husband that I slept with a Deva?”

Comment: But why we ask the Deva Lover, why it would make love to her, rather than just bless her? Its answer is illuminating. “You often forget with your weird human ideas of sacred and profane that sex is blessed. It took countless years to shape your sexual drives, organs and images. In fact sex is one of the few ways humans worship LIFE. And LIFE is another description of God. God is Alive. Aliveness is God.”

Cross-questioning the Deva Lover's explanation we ask our own guide Lord IZH. “There is a difference between a wet dream that uses limited forces from your own psyche and being touched by high astral beings. The touch is ecstatic indescribable, lyrical and immensely healing. In Sunehera's case, her deep hurts and rejections could only be addressed through deep spiritual sexuality. The other alternate of denial, sublimation or nunhood wasn't an option with her. Her inner hurt, her inner divide between love and sex, {most humanity share this divide} has been healed. This said, it is dangerous for the awakened to lightly seek dream lovers, the chance they are succubii is atrociously high, unless you are utterly sure – play safe.”

“Death is not the end. For humans sex is the closest proclamation of your force, joy, life. Sex is worship. Sex is blessed. Just as it can be your damnation. Your curse. And so sexuality is both ‘death' dragging you down and salvation lifting you high. For us a true sexual encounter is like a supernova, brilliant casting great life. And yes LIFE is another descriptor of The First, The Last, The All.”



The Hero's Courage.

A student's brother-in-law had passed away recently. Killed brutally by separatists, when he refused to pay their hafta, even after he was warned thrice. Even as he was dying he could only think of his guard who had been shot too. The student asked us if we could connect with his departed spirit. We did. And were amazed. Tears filled our eyes. Not sad tears. But proud tears. What advice could he give? Did he regret standing up to the terrorists. “Live well. Die well.” He said vehemently. Anything more? We asked. “Live well. Die well.” He thundered again.


Refusing to Die.

Today, we spotted Riblet {Buffy's best friend} with a crushed paw and two swollen, terribly injured, front legs. We came back and offered her bread mixed with Buffy's food. Incredibly she refused to eat it. She staggered up, blood pouring out of her paw {a good cup full}, bewildered, helpless, just waiting the executioner's blade.

As we spent an hour trying to get an animal shelter, in Bangalore , Riblet staggered in from the next street and leaving a trail of blood landed in front of our home. Buffy told us “Riblet is my best friend please help”. We gave Riblet intense healing. After 25 calls, we finally located ARF, an animal rights foundation, with an ambulance and hospital facilities {CUPA has temporarily suspended its hospital and is moving to Kengeri.}

The Ambulance, a stripped down Matiz landed up. Smelling the hospital smells, Riblet feared she would be tortured again {She had been spayed, and to her that was imprisonment and torture.}.

Seeing the ambulance Riblet staggered up and began to run – with a ripped front paw and crushed other leg. Incredibly she outran the ambulance men. We paid the ambulance man for his wasted trip. And for a valuable set of lessons about life.

First, minor lessons like the fact, a do-gooder isn't always welcome. That healing works. In fact once earlier Riblet had been injured as badly and recovered with healing alone.

More importantly we were shown an action hero in real life. To escape the ambulance men with a dog catcher net, she actually leapt over a 5 foot fence fence {yes, with a lacerated foot and exposed bones}. The fact is, too many of us humans faced with life's harder edges, just give up, whimper and die. On crushed leg, Riblet ran for her life. And we often forget this. The preciousness of life. The guts it takes to live.

Riblet lives. Yes Riblet lives. She may die tomorrow out of an infected foot. But she lives. We with security, with a roof above our heads, a full fridge and decent bank balance barely subsist.

Angel's Grace.

We had dropped in to Angel's as we were coming down the stairs we spotted an amazing dragonfly. A giant dragonfly. More dragon than fly. It had gold running down its tail. And giant wings. Except. Except? One was torn. We were late for an appointment. But Angel, said stop as we had got into the car. Stop. She went running back. Where did you go? Oh? I couldn't leave it there. Just waiting to be stepped on. I put it in on our balcony garden. Unable to fly, it will die. But it will die, I hope with dignity.


The Greater Light.

Divya was giving extreme healing to A. And in the process picked up a ghost. I can't remove it. Can you help? she asked. As we pulled the entity away we realised that it came from another dimension. A dark terrifying place. But… simultaneously we realised that it indeed was a brilliant opportunity to take her to another dimension. We released the entity and followed it. As we did so we were taken to a slimy inner world. And then beyond to a completely different place. Deep dark, concealing… a doorway. As we escorted her into that doorway an amazing thing happened… Divya felt herself being pulled into 6 different places simultaneously. {For those who find ideas of multiple universes, and lives difficult to reread this.}


The Warning.

Sometime back Vikram called shaken, he'd had a vision that friend of his he wasn't in touch with, was covered in blood and had lost her baby. He called her. And she told him it was indeed so. Now we can look at it fatalistically. That everything is predestined. Or with hope. For the warning is not about grim inevitability. But about a promise highlighted by the grim framework. Beneath life a deeper network weaves, connecting friends both close or removed… Yes beneath life and beyond death lies life.

The Fresh Start.

Madhu recently came to us in a party and said “Thank you.” ‘What for?' We asked. “As you recommended. I quit my job. Started the image consulting program. More… it's like I've started discovering living again.” Wow. We may give a nudge, but it is you that have stood tall.

Judy is a member of India 's national bowling team. A week before the nationals. She came over. Two meditations to unleash her force and to keep focus were added to her bag of tricks. This nationals she surprised herself. She came second in one event and was right up there in the group event. She went for the glory. And got it.

Litna the other day, came to us and said, I've finally quit advertising. Really. How will you manage? She looked at us and said: How can you ask? Similarly Veena after years as editor of a paper decided. “Ok. Enough. I've had it.” She put in her papers.

And there are hundreds of fresh starts. Personal. And Global. Great and small.

Zahid has brought out an impressive HSR Layout focussed newspaper.

Vikram has launched his construction company.

Natasha has brought out a website great for gifting…

Aliyeh is bringing out a play…

Ravi has bought a new home…

Nishi & Vinod are starting to create a transcription firm…

The truth is that we have to thank the Mayan prophecy. For it gets us to think about Death. And when that happens we are forced to think of our lives. The worth, weight and meaning. Have we Lived? Cared? Loved? Rejoiced? Some of us confronted by Death's Examination may despair. But here's the thing. Death both by threatening us heightens us. And yet if scrambling on the cliffs of death if we falter, forget or are petty, life will always give us a second chance. The only question is when. And where. This life. Or another?


Soaring Beyond

Here's an article on the subject published in Deccan Herald that elaborates on the reality of afterlife. content/293951/soaring-beyond. html


Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love it. Ciao for now.

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