Tickle 47: Death's Feast

This is the 47 th issue of Tickle, an e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God.

This Tickle is dedicated to death, cheating death, fighting death, going past death... of miraculous healings, and the miracles of our immortality. We offer you a feast of 15 miraculous stories, presented in two articles and a poem, and a welcome to new Devadhara healers. The first gives you an overview. The second takes on possibly the most bone-chilling incident we have ever encountered in our 18 years as healers and 39 years as depth spiritual seekers.

A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Llike Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle


Life Fights back & Death's Comfort.


As healers we stand between Life & Death. Sometimes illness falters, pain recedes, and death scurries… And sometimes, death has a last laugh. The first may to us be miraculous, and the second may seem a defeat. But when we realise that we do not die when we die, the equation alters....

Life Versus Death: Round 1 to Life.

Georgina calls us up, recently, there's a 2 year old child, paralysed struggling for life, can we help? Severe brain infection, chest issues, one thing after another. The docs have given up. But has God? We give healing, intense, many times in the day. Each time going deeper. At some point, infection recedes. The child fights back. The clouds roll away. The paralysis melts. Life claims Life. It takes months before we believe a miracle has happened. We have tears in our eyes when we realise it's not just a temporary rally. He has been saved.

Visit Aditi in the hospital. New Year's night. Bike accident. Head injury. We see there's a clot. Brain's swelling up. We give her healing. And keep sending her healing as she goes in and out of ICU. Just 20 days later, she's visiting us. “The docs had given up on me” she said. Back from the dead.

Now it's easy to talk abouit life and death when we are talking in the abstract. about someone else's son, daughter, mother father... But what when it is closer home?

“Why are you bothering about me, I am dead.” Is my father's words, he has used it on more than one occasion to voice his anguish. My father is on the other side of 80, till the late 70's an active man, he deeply resents an illness that makes him stagger, lose control. Healing helps, medicines work, but he absolutely hates needing help. And also, absolutely demands it. The other day, we were playing cards and in the first game he took his usual brash risk and ended up losing badly to Celu & Me. He was so angry with that defeat he upped his game, and for the next hour called ever higher and ground both of us into abject defeat. Celia & I were delighted at being routed. Two days, after our rout, Appi said again, “Why are you bothering about me, I am dead.” We laughed and told him if when you can thrash us at cards when you are dead, then being dead is not so bad. He smiled.

When scanning the year ahead, I get that the death or illness of a loved one's is a possibility in Jan/Feb. So we postpone the launch of our next book to March/ April. "We get a call that Amma's health is bad. And she may not last the day. We rush across, all the children and spouses. In the car, I ask that I see her alive a last time. I cannot demand that she live, that is too much, too selfish. When we reach deep into the night, she is alive. But just. There is a cruel-funny Ajit joke. 'Mona', he says, 'Usko liquid oxygen may daal do. Liquid usko jeeney nahind dega. Oxygen usko marnay nahin dega.' Every breath Amma took was a struggle. After days of oxygen, drip, healing, prayer, and visits by many friends and calls from across the world, something happened. and death postponed his appointment, Amma is recovering. She can sit up, barely walk. But the other day she called us to prayers and lead the hymns, even though we had to complete it. Did we help Amma cheat death? No. We, her doctors, and family and friends, held her hand through the dark night. And that just gave a fighting chance. I think Amma just stood up, when death called and held on to her belief that there is something greater. But I believe the victory is deeper, than the few years more that she will enjoy. I believe whether Amma lived or died, death could not claim her. and that indeed is victory.



When fighting for someone's life we are like snarling street dogs wrenching at a bone. We go hell for leather. No, quarter given, we send healing, night and day. We push, prod, drive, bully. And along the way, we fall in love with those we stand at death's edge with. And so we get extremely upset if patients even dream of faltering. One such patient a gamine, spirited young thing, lets call her Suhashini was fighting cancer, a virulent and difficult one. She decided to go back home for a month to Tamil Nadu, to be with her daughter. Her husband told her, perhaps kindly that her daughter would be cared for, as after she died he would marry one of her friends and the daughter would be cared for. After that it was downhill, we however refused to allow her to entertain death's welcome. After a few days, she is critical in ICU. Then one night, her sister calls… her sis had called all the relatives to her bed and said goodbye. Suhashini says… “Tarun I can't fight any more…” with a great big lump in my throat, I realise she is asking me permission to die. I say “you've fought hard sweetheart, you've lived, you've loved, its ok, live or die we will be there with you. We will make sure your death passage is smooth.” An hour later she passes away. We spend the night escorting her to the light.

Round 2: Life is down. Not Out.

The other day Buffy curls up next to me, and tells me that, her guides have told her to say: ‘she may not stay so much longer. Very long for her, but for you very small. A few years'. She is worried how her dada will take the news. She looks at me trying to figure. My head's heavy. But my heart's happy.

M's father is diagnosed with cancer in a very difficult area, intensive treatment clears it, the docs are happy, he is about to leave US back to India , when M gets a dark, prophetic dream. In it his father's health deteriorates. And eventually passes away. It may seem that we are confronting defeat. And at a human level it is as bad as it gets. The grave, the pyre has won again. But as we discuss it with M, we point out that while the dream's message was dark, it's meta-message isn't. For it says that we are all connected. That we have access to the place where life is being cooked up.

Ratna, Vikram's mother passed away, a few years ago. When she first came to us she could barely walk, as we got to know her health improved dramatically. Buoyed by her improving health, she decided to go for a minor surgery. Complications ensued and she struggled for 6 months before she passed away. The morning, she passed away Celia hears her voice calling out. 15 minutes later, Vikram calls to let us know Ratna had moved on.

An uncle has lived a good life, full life. When we tell Buffy we are going for a funeral, she's excited, scampers around. Why is she so excited? Celu gets the answer. Buffy says that in her psychic circle, a death is celebrated with a feast. So where's the party?

The cathedral, the funeral is at, is full, the uncle is loved. Above his coffin we see him. Hovering above, dancing above. It's almost as if he is tethered. He has been tied in place. “I was bouncing too much” he says. At the end of the funeral, I am given the privilege by his guides of untying him, he leaves. I watch him go towards, his old home, he stumbles over a tree. Somehow it seems very funny. That physical things still bind us. And then I realise that the physical has a hold on some of us. And frees others.

Round 3: Gifts from Beyond.

Kanak calls up a month ago, his father had passed away… Kanak has questions, instead of answering them, we take him to meet his dad. Climbing the dark tunnels, the lit spaces, escaping death's guards. There we show him his father. A light wrapped in a purple, protective shield. The father speaks one penetrating word. A word that crystallises 7 decades of life wisdom, and death's clarity. It's Kanak's polestar now… as life's confusions unfurl.

Several year's ago, Petra's father had passed away. Then he appeared in her dream. She was terrified that he was angry with her because she had entered into a relationship with someone who already had a partner. Far from it, the luminous figure just held out his hand to her and said "Come follow me."

Many year's ago, Peymaneh's father passed away. On & off, she and her sister's have gone to his grave. Once, the garland of flowers broke instead of falling down they seem to have been flung up at her face. Like a blessing.

Recently Bhupender came to us for a past life session, in it he discovered that he had been a king, tired of life... one day he was drawn into the desert, pulled by a mysterious light. Deeper and deeper he went till he came to an extraordinary sage sitting in the middle of nowhere. 'I have been waiting for you" he said. The King spent a night of vocal silence with the sage. And in the morning the sage was gone. The king returned his face luminous. The memory, lifetimes later, of a greater light now glows within Bhupender, of a king who saw a true king.

Sometimes… as healers Life will win. And sometimes Death will. But is Death a defeat? Not really! For as Devadhara Healers, as Spiritual Seekers we see there is more to us, cloaked in robes of light, free of time and space. And often the spirit proclaims just that. Squeezing past Death's censorship to remind us… that we are lights, immortal lights!


Death's Impossible Choices.

And Old-Style Gods.



God we often believe is sweet, glowing, and wondrous. And he is. She is. But God is also, by his very nature, inhuman, and utterly impossible. To understand just how difficult it can be, consider this real life story, unfurling as we speak. {Details have shifted to avoid identifying the seeker. She will one day, when she is ready, reveal this story in all detail at her own time. She has given us permission to share with you the broad lines.}

‘K', a seeker, a dream psychic, came to us recently, with the most hideous set of dilemmas.

She had a dream a few years ago, in which she faced a choice. She could save either her dad or her mother. In the dream she chose her mother. Six months later her father passed away.

A year later, she faced another dream. In this she had to choose between her sister's life or husband. She chose her sister, in months her husband crashed his car.

Awhile later, she faced a choice between her brother and her daughter. She chose to save her daughter. Her brother died agonisingly.

Then she had yet another dream… horrified she came to us. As we studied the issue, in this dream and in her aura we saw, there were snakes and realised that she was blessed by shaktis… As we gave her healing we showed her that she was connected to Kali Ma. Who through her dreams was showing her the power and dilemmas of a Goddess. Was showing her that death is not happenstance, that we have a say. That Life and Death are dreams.

Many spiritualists say that Life and Death are dreams. It's easy to say. But it is not easy to live.

If you had the power to let one child die and the other live what would you choose? Or would you rather cut off your hands?

If you had the power to see a loved one's agonising death, but also could see how 12 lifetimes down it would make sense, what would you do? Or would you rather blind yourself?

At one level, deep down, we have that power.
At one level, deep down, we all have that power.

The other day, a patient came to us, asking for healing. While an aura scan reveals that we can help. We are giving the patient a date around the 7 th to 9 th of Jan. when an inner voice, interrupts, very insistent that she should come not on the 7 th of Jan, but only two weeks later. After the 23 rd . “Why?” The patient asks. “Why?” A co-healer wonders. “Why?” I puzzle. “I don't know”, I tell them stubbornly, “the guides are insistent”. On the 7 th of Jan, the patient drops a 10 kg weight and smashes her foot. Why could healing not change the future? Or was the future so vital that smashing a toe was imperative? We do not know. And we know.

Now, this story of a toe being crushed, while so utterly painful, is small compared to the earlier one of the seeker with impossible choices. And yet, whether through dream, or in life we sometimes have to face those agonising choices.

Another student was faced with a similar one recently, an aging mother had developed gangrene on her toe. If one didn't operate right now, the mom's foot would have to be amputated sooner or later. If one did operate, the mom's life was at risk.

But even this choice, terrible as it is, is kind compared to the one K the dream psychic faces.

That ‘K' should manifest it, reveals how brave she is, how courageous, how marvellously strong that she should bear such a gift with such strength. It shows how The Goddess is offering her a Goddesses' dilemmas. One day, what a marvellous spiritual light “K' will be.

At one level, deep down, like ‘K” we all have that power.
At one level, deep down, like ‘K” we will all grow to bear that power.

There is a cruelty to love.
An awesome, terrifying, agonising, cruelty to God's love.


Death. Life. Dancing.
For Amma with Love. Tarun.




Sparrow rejoices.
Amma cannot breathe.

And death's shadow
shape a dance.

Peace & torment.
Go hand-in-hand.

Some say they are wrestlers.
And one must win.

Some say between both
The heart beats true.

White Feather.
Black Feather.
Air Singing.


Sometimes… people ask us questions about life and death. The truth is we have answered your questions already in The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth. Please reread it. Or pick up a copy. http://creatorschild.com/The%20Chronicle.htm






Welcome The New Fighters for Life.
Welcome Devadhara Healers, Boby & Rohini





Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love to hear from you. Ciao for now.

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