Tickle 48:

This is the 48 th issue of Tickle, an e-newsletter. It is the voice of Creator's Child. An initiative built around the core concept: Know God, Use God, Be God. A special welcome to new ticklers, a heartfelt thank you to the goldies. And the contributors. Tickle is your space to share what's meaningful, amazing and God-touched. A healing. An insight. An incident. But, whatever u send must have happened to you. Or be your own thoughts. Like Tickle? You can join the yahoo group at http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/CCTickle

Know God.
Use God.
Be God.

This Tickle has an incredible rich treasure trove of 15 Stories! Gifts from Death & Beyond. Astral Soarings. Astral Lovers. Eyes of people you've never met. Miraculous healings! Ghostly eyes! Incredible Past Life Tangles. The Strange Case of The Vicks Angels. Meditative highs. And Visions of The Miraculous Within!

Tickle proves once again Truth is stranger than fiction!!! Don't just skim through. Read it. We've kept some of the best messages for the last!



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A Husband's Gift from Death & Beyond!!! Wow!!!
Miraculous Healings!

You may have spotted her at the club, at art galleries, at caring organisations, at The Bridge Championship table, on an elegant man's arms. Roshni E is one of Bangalore 's luminaries, brilliant white hair, elegant, a formidable Bridge Champion. Unfortunately, her husband who she spent 60 marvellous years was called away. Heartbroken, she turned to us. Could we? As you know we do not lightly communicate with those who have passed on. The dangers are very real. We reflected and agreed. Yes we would connect.

Celia got an amazing connect with R's husband. Since Roshni Kochamma was heart broken, we asked the husband for a sign. He gave two magnificent pointers. First, when asked if he was happy with the way things were, he said that things were fine, but something red like a mug or jug had been taken from his study and he wanted it put back. Yes, a red vase had been moved and it was returned.

Claustrophobia vanishes with a single healing!!!

A sufferer had come to us with intense motion sickness and claustrophobia, as we probed. we realised the issue came from a past life. A deep regression accompanied by intense healing and the problem vanished. She could go back home by car, not auto... and no 7 pukes along the way, what the sufferer normally experienced!


Then, we wondered could there something that Roshni could use as an emotional anchor. He gave the message to open his table/ cupboard in his study. There would be a smaller cupboard. In it would be something with the prominent number 6 on it. When that was done, lo and behold a golf ball fell out. On it was a large #6!!!

She was amazed. We were amazed.

A problematic knee gets better with a single healing!!!




Bone & muscular conditions, many chronic conditions sometimes take years to address. Consider our incredible surprise when one healing albeit for close to one and a half hours, got the knee better. After months there is no pain, the sufferer said. She was smiles. we were smiles.

"The other day, a group of our most advanced students travelled astrally to a temple miles and miles away... Adapting an ancient Japanese technique... bodies turning to shimmering colours... the temple revealing its deep resonant heart... And yet, below the magic lay fanged dangers, ugly hate beasts, desires congealed into sticky vortexes... The psychic defences of the students were tested to the full... This extraordinary journey is one more milestone in theirs that has covered, till now 3 years of intensive training... Astral Travel is indescribable. Even when it is just for miliseconds it is liberating... But when it is with a group of matched spirits it is EXQUISITE... And this is just the second session in a series that will span almost a year. And yet, the rewards that each of these psychic adepts earns... is not kept to themselves... THE FRAGRANCE SPREADS... IT IS SAID THAT WHEN ONE OF US TOUCHES A STAR ALL OF US ARE ENRICHED." -- Tarun & Celia

Difficult Vein Condition responds to Devadhara Healing!!!

S* has a terrifying congenital vein condition, intensely painful, with the threat of worse infections hanging over, and possible life threatening clots. As we took a closer look at S aura we realised deep personal turmoil, had triggered off a vicious ancestral patern. As we focussed on the deeper issues and empowered S teaching her Devadhara over just a few months there has been a marked relief.



Eeeeeeerie!!! The Unearthly Touch of An Astral Lover!!!

Miraculous Seeings!

In the story of a husband's gift we see we can talk to the departed, those cloaked in astral bodies. In the story to the left you see we can see a stranger know them intimately. In the story above you see we can travel far, in astral bodies. In this story you realise we can touch!

Somilla*'s husband was travelling. One night, she heard the balcony door she had bolted swing open. She heard footsteps walk towards her room, her bedroom door creak open. A figure approached her. 'Go away, go away' she screamed silently but no words would emerge. Then the figure curled behind her, knowingly gave her a long kiss down her spine. That's when her desperation reached fever pitch, she sprung awake. There was no one there. She called us. we gave her protection. Caught the wandering astral traveller and ripped off his Astral Wings.


The Haunting Eyes of The Strange Woman!!!

Ashwin had gone to a trip to a hill station. That night he kept seeing a woman's eyes staring at him, haunting him. The next day as he wandered in the market he saw the woman with strange, fey eyes. On one level, they had met in a dream. At another, they were strangers. Should he say 'hello'? Should he walk away?


The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening Pathway!!!
O! Renamed! The Creator's Child Spiritual Awakening Pathway, for those whose Goal is God has been renamed, to bring it more in line with 'The Cosmic Core, Infinite Now, Rippling Universe Vision' that illuminates Creator's Child. It is in essence the same, but now it's name resonates deeper with its inspiration. Above you see a story from deep explorers. Below, the soaring wings of those beginning their journey.

Devadhara Healing Level 1 Workshop...



"A Brilliant Discourse!!!"

Dear Tarun, It was indeed a divine intervention to have experienced your brilliant discourse. Thank you for providing the fantastic spiritual science of Cosmic Heart as well as helping me with the perspective for my professional crossroad. Hope to see you soon! Cheers,SBD


This month we welcome a highly talented set of students, Madhu Ganguli, JayaLakshmi, Sumitra, Binod Singh, Manisha, and Natasha. Also, Sween Cheema & Ullas.


Sonal's Drunk on Meditation.

"Just finished my meditation, the inner garden... so beautiful colourful. As the voices rose and got louder, I felt a sudden dizziness. A feeling that something was pulling me from the top with a lot of force. My head was going in circles. Round n round n round continuously. . Felt like I had lost control over my physical body. Then suddenly I consciously stopped it. And exhaled. Feel totally light now."


Ghosts are spotted. One of our recent innovations when teaching healing & meditative students to sense auras and master protection has been to plant ghosts in the room and get them to sense and clear it. Remarkably all the students got it with 100% accuracy!



Sailesh Feels Lord Ganesha's Aura.

In a Cosmic Heart Session as Sailesh felt his aura we realised something amazing was happening. we realised his root chakra {Ruled by Lord Ganesha had come awake. he was feeling The Aura of Lord Ganesha. He felt it as massive and heavy!!! There is a wonderful thought within the first level healer's energy sensing exercise. The ancients marked every chakra with a God. Here we see the ancients were right. Many do chakra workshops glibly. It is time to remember... they are more than whirlpools of life...



Strange Past Life Tangles are Discovered. Interestingly, in one Devadhara Healing Group we had dense past life connections with all participants.

Remarkably, with one of one of the students -- Manisha -- in a Past Life Tarun had killed her. Now 3 lifetimes later he was teaching her to Channel God. Talk of Cosmic Humour.


Devadhara Healing, Level 3 Emo-PowerWorkshop is perhaps the most difficult session as it can be emotively searing and heartachingly beautiful. As Healers have to literally scrape the cockles of their hearts out.

Reji & Smitha were put through the wringer. Refining their healing abilities.

The Bullet Mark of Pride: During healing the past, Reji showed us a bullet hole that went through his hand and another that notched his nose, during a phase when in the Navy he was hunting down smugglers and terrorists. But far from being a traumatic event, {we are sure it hurt like hell}, it was in fact, triumphant. The brush with death far from pulling him down, ennobled him. Far from scarring, was a decisive mark of great courage. An invitation to live life without fear. A touchstone event of great force. And there is a humugously important message here.

The Vicks Scent of An Angel; While strictly, dealing with Spirit Guides is the next level, the Cosmic spills over all boundaries. Smitha related how a reiki healer she knew well, who had helped her and had died an untimely death blessed her surrounding her with the scent of Vicks when she was feeling down & out!

Like Natasha & Binod, hundreds of you, have learnt to sense the inner magic for yourself... practise, discover, revel in it. It opens magical pathways in your being...



Tanya's Magical Vision of The Valley of Sun Flowers -  

"One of the most profound experiences I've ever had is of The Valley of Sunflowers. There are some people who are flowers, like Celia, my friend Swati, so I was intrigued by that vision and wanted to see how? “How do we Unfurl?” “How can we become glorious like flowers?” As I kept hammering away, with my How? How? How? I was shown this magnificent vision… An Unearthly Valley bathed with the most amazing colours, and filled with Sunflowers, brilliant & rejoicing. And I was told "Stretch yourself, open up to the light, bend and one shall receive the light.”

“To live is to open oneself up, to stretch, to go the distance, and one will be a flower, receiving the light and spreading the fragrance around.”   -- Tanya Tyagi, Deep Soul Adventurer in The Cosmic Heart Spiritual Awakening Pathway.

What a Magnificent Promise! 'Open up to The Light... and you shall receive It!' Strangely, years ago, Tarun received a meditation based on a similar insight. The idea of an inner garden, and the example of The Sunflower as a Spiritual Seeker's ideal is an ancient... and everyoung metaphor!





Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love to hear from you. Ciao for now.

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What does it mean to be
The Child of The Creator?

Certainly, a sense of wonder & joy rank high up there. This song sung by Angel Papali, Arranged by Talitha Mathew, Composed by Tarun Cherian, invites us to return to simplicity, innocence, to dew-fresh nature.