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On 6 September, 2014, 5:30pm, Creators Child is launching Buffy's Doggy Revelations at Attagalata, Koramangala. Translated by Celia & Tarun. In this heartwarming, intensely thought-provoking book, Buffy relates with delightful innocence, doggy puzzlings over the working of the fridge to advanced astral travel, and spectacular encounters with cosmic divine beings. It is a must for animal lovers, as it has Creator's Child's guarded secrets on animal conversation. A never-before revelation of The Dog's Aura. Also Miraculous Healings. But it is not the exclusive delight of animal lovers, or mystics. But it is for all those seeking real happiness, those wise enough to realise that the only real key to real happiness lies in innocence, so if we humans have to go forward, among the many voices we listen to, one needs to be the voice of a tiny 12 kg furball. So appropriately, this issue celebrates animals. The jaw-dropping, inspiring animal stories that have blessed us in the last quarter.

The Ghost that Flaps. And Stinks.

“It was around 10 at night, when my wife, son and I heard the flapping of wings in a box under the wash-basin.  The bird seemed desperate to come out of the box.  A few hours before, my wife has smelt a foul smell around the same area. But some dread, some intuition warned her not to open the box. We got a cleaning person to open the box outside our apartment. He could not find any bird in the box, and restored the box back at the place. We have not heard any flapping of wings after that.

“After this incident, S and family came to us, as is our usual practice they didn't tell us anything about themselves. When we looked at their auras we realised a ghostly animal had attached itself to them. We cleared it. Sending it to the light. That's when the story tumbled out.”

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How to Attract The Herd.

“Steve and I went for a walk on Sunday through a working farmland in UK . There were several cows and calves grazing on the grass in that area. As soon as we neared them to walk through the path, the calves suddenly stopped in their tracks and stared at me as if mesmerized!! I was stunned!! There were other people walking on the same path, but the calves were not bothered about them at all. They just stood still and stared at me, then as we walked on, they started following us!!! I was so spooked out!! There were around 10 calves in total and 5-6 were following us. It was hilarious and scary at the same time!!!

“So, when returning from the same path, I masked my energy and the cows & calves did not come near us. Steve was completely spooked out by the whole experience!! Hee hee!”

“The calves were so cute and naughty!! They were practically circling us like a pack of hunting dogs (not in the negative sense of course!). I sensed no real danger from them as such. I was being viewed by them as some sort of "novelty" :-) I enjoyed the walk and this experience thoroughly!!” -- Roshni Nair


The The Cows Are Barking.

A story that's the exact opposite of the earlier one comes from Banaswadi, Bangalore . There is in our neighbourhood, a healthy population of cows. And dogs. While live and let live should be the norm, the street dogs aren't so philosophical, and some chase cows and calves.

One day as we were taking Buffy for a walk, she told us not to go near a gaggle of cows. “The cows are barking” she explained. “Some doggies, {Not her, she was at pains to explain}, had chased the cows and so they were angry at all doggies. And so they may bark at us.”

Elephant Hoo.

In aura scans & animal conversations, we confirm, cross-confirm, and cross-cross-confirm. The other day, we'd gone to the zoo, and picked one elephant to talk to. What was its name? Celu & I both got the same name… Hoo!

As we've pointed out in Buffy's Doggy Revelations, not all animals know what a name is... sometimes mistaking it for their mood at the time.


Recently Celia & I were asked to talk to 3 Siamese cats by their folks! At first, it was absolutely confusing. We'd get contradictory answers. After a long think we realised that many times while one cat was talking another would butt in. The moment we realised that we began to listen to their tone of voice, one gruff, one assured, one whispery.

Which lead to fascinating tidbits on the quality of cat boyfriends and the joys of knocking over perfume bottles!


The Price of an Egg.

“The other day, a pigeon decided to make a nest on our balcony. We dissuaded her. She didn't listen. Two days later, we saw an egg nestling in the nest. Since, the fledglings would be snapped up by Buffy, or the neighbouring cats, we decided that perhaps if we took the eggs now, a worse situation would be avoided. The bird naturally protested our presence. It returned 10 times in 2 days looking desperately for its children-to-be. Keening heartrendingly, waddling around feverishly. It was a bereft mother. And I was the evil one.

“We buy eggs, rice, veggies at the supermarket. Rarely do we think of the Price others pay for us, that the truth is we are thieves, murderers and worse. I will not stop eating rice that grows on fields that has destroyed forests, killed animals. Or eliminate eggs from my diet that for 15 years, no longer includes meat. But with every meal I eat, I will hear the cry of the pigeon, and appreciate the fact that hidden in every morsel of food that reaches my plate… is a blood price, paid by nature. Animal or Tree.” – Tarun.

Quoted from The Chronicle of Life & Death.


The Epileptic Dog & The Lady with a Golden Heart.

One of the most heart-warming tales comes from Bhuvanagiri. An example of pure, pure love. In a neighbouring lower income house, we heard a squealing, an older dog was having an epileptic attack. The dog's owner a lady with a one room home and 5 children, can certainly be said to have life hard. But her heart isn't. It overflows with joy. We watched her spend 15 minutes reassuring the panicky dog, holding a precious cup of milk. Most, the dog just flung aside. But with patience and love she got the dog back on her feet. It's not how much you have that makes us rich. It's how big our hearts are.


The Carpet of Heaven.

The other day, I was sitting with a steaming cup of morning coffee, watching its steam rise up to the clouds. I communicated this to a pigeon. After a pause it told me. “Walking on clouds feels like soft feathers.” “How do you know?” I asked. Pigeons aren't known as hi-flyers. “An eagle told me”, it said.

I burst out laughing. There it was… that sense that we are all part of a relay race, passing a baton called life… on… on… and then the truth that we are passed on. We are the baton being passed on.



The Neighbourhood Watch Called Tiger.

According to advanced, evolutionary biologists, one of the reasons why humans survived in a world with larger & vicious predators is because we teamed up with dogs. And dogs teamed up with us. And it's important to remember this, to pay tribute to the many animals that helped us when we were vulnerable and friendless. There were dogs, cows, buffalos, horses, cats…

In our home in Cambridge Layout, a striped, brindle coloured dog became our friends. As a pup he was a foolish, good natured, ever optimistic creature. At first, we helped him out. A single dog growing up, with great packs of dogs defending their territory, he became easy picking and meat for one particular pack. Chased often into the drain, he was early on called the drain dog, or ‘mori naya'. We protected him, on the 3 occasions we prevented him from being torn apart by a pack instigated by a vicious bitch. Celia named him Tiger, prompted by his colouring and the hope that a regal name would help him grow in confidence.

With our little protection, and by dint of hiding in drains he grew up into a big dog. He began to hold his own, and soon no dog messed with him. And yet, he never lost his foolish, good nature. Never became vicious. We continued to care with the odd scrap, but we never had to defend him after that. In fact, there was once when he returned the favour.

Like any urban street we had the odd bag snatcher, or group of boisterous drunks… One day, as Celia was walking back a group of smart ass guys began to hassle her. As she was deciding what to do, a snarling Tiger leapt on to them sending them running…

The truth is we live in a rushed, mean even dangerous world where we need friends… now more than ever.

Here is the simplest way of paying back to nature and animals, a little of the unpayable debt we owe. A water bowl, cemented in!


The Protective Raven Spirit.

Days ago, as we were sitting near the balcony, the windchime suddenly began to ring with great loudness, the wind hadn't picked up... We sensed an inky black, but very reassuring presence. Er... who are you? We asked. A dark raven form appeared. "I have been sent to protect you." It answered. "Against what?" We asked. It smiled in reply.

"The last time I came you were in deep trouble..." The Raven Spirit said. "You didn't see me... You can call me an angel, a crow angel..." It guffawed. "I like you am a spirit. I am attached to one of my earlier forms... It really isn't you. it's some of your babies. we have been sent to help you watch. To guide. To Protect."

Somedays we see it. Somedays we don't.




“Bhai Sahib Duniya Unkay Bhi Hai.”

Awhile ago, Nishi on one of her jaunts across the country was going in an auto in North India . As they passed, they witnessed a man kicking a pig. The auto-driver stopped and very gently but firmly reminded the man… “Bhai Sahib Duniya Unkay Bhi Hai.” Which literally translated means, ‘Dear Sir, the world is theirs too'. What an incredibly profound, but obvious truth that we have forgotten. ‘The world is theirs too'. The world belongs not just to us humans. But is the earth right of every creature, great or small.

‘Animals have rights too' has thundered the Indian Supreme Court in a recent ruling. Indeed. A wise judgement, that follows an authority even more supreme. The Great Indian Common Man with his uncommon wisdom… “Bhai Sahib Duniya Unkay Bhi Hai.” Surely the most compelling words in the environmental debate, the world will ever hear.


The Lord of The Circle, Speaks.

It's August 7th 2014, and as I go deeper, I see a great one, a great being, shimmering and dark, glorious and cloud, containing all creature, threading all creature. Who is he? What is he? He is The Lord of The Circle of Life that we humans have left threadbare... Here are his words.

“Wear my antlers,
Stamp the earth with joy…”
Says The Lord of the Circle.
“Protect the green.
Hold the world and be held.
The little ones are greater than you think.
Ant and shepherd of life sit at evening tide.
How if you know not spider-song can you call yourself wise?
Rise to life.
Cast angel wing at feet…

“The day is coming when all can be light
or reddened by your slaughtered child.

"The key to eternity is hidden in your bone.
Open your eyes and see the grace that to every beast is known. And to you is blind.
Learn to wag your tail. Use your heart.
Master the lion in your gut. Call the eagle of the eye.

“Another sun is built.
Another way whispers in the grass.
You need not crash on the signpost of your ambition.
Or lie spreadeagled on the altar of your greed.

Laugh for there is laughter left enough.
For All this ark was made … ”



The Timer is Clicking Down... Your Children's Life is at Risk.

According to a news report, recently many countries rejected milk and products emerging from Karnataka. There was too much fluorine in the milk. The price of an increasingly polluted world is no longer in the future. We are beginning to pay it now.

The levels of chest infections and allergies are rising dramatically in urban areas. From one tree for every 6 people in Bangalore, it is now, just one tree for every 7. But it becomes worse when we realise that more than just the head count of trees, its the quality of the green that counts. People living in areas adjoining forests are markedly healthier than those with parks. Epidemics are more likely to break out in areas without forest cover. Which puts us in India at greater risk. The animal and microbial population has checks and balances that defend us. Unfortunately we are unwilling to defend them.

As we move to insects the picture becomes even more alarming. There has been enormous declines in insect populations across the world. And as that happens agriculture suffers, our food security suffers, and the terrifying famines that swept India wiping out millions in the 1800's and early twentieth century can return. But that is just starters.

Long run research in the yellowstone national park in USA showed that as animal populations, in their case wolves, are disturbed the very manner in which rivers flow changes. The decline of key species can trigger floods, even result in profound soil degradation. Return them and nature revives.

Help bee & bird... and we will all breathe easier.

So what can we do to help animals & insects? As aura healers and spiritualists we can do so much. For we recognise we have both physical and invisible arms.

1. Reduce chemical insecticides. Replace chemical insecticides with herbal ones. For example, you can use haldi to prevent ant populations from burgeoning. Use neem leaves to keep books and fabrics safe. Use tobacco leaves to keep rats at bay.

2. Put a water bowl for birds, and animals.

3. Grow a patch of green. Even if you have balcony space for only a few pots do so. Tulsi, Peepal trees {yes it is cruel to place them in pots, still}

4. Feed an animal, bird or insect.

5. Reduce the NonVeg in your diet.

6. Teach your child about the joys of keeping an animal.

7. Listen to tribals about their way of life. Talk to your grandma about the world 50 years ago.

8. Learn to speak to animals.

9. Recall your animal past lives. When you see you were an animal in another life your entire attitude shifts.

10. Join Devadhara Sacred Circles to heal The Circle of Life.



We welcome 3 wonderful Devadhara Healers!

Sujatha, Shalini, Rajesh...



Here we bid adieu. Write in. Call. We love to hear from you. Ciao for now.

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Past Issue Queries & Comments:

One of the most honest questions came from Elias Jacob. When he read that I {Tarun} had in a past life killed a person who in this life came to us as a student. Had I gone to hell? he asked.

We have answered many of these questions in The Chronicle of Death & Rebirth. First in our view there is no permanent hell, but there are hellish places, and places where we may be restrained and force educated.

While killing another in one's own species has a traumatic effect on our spiritual progress, there are spiritual contexts. For by that measure, the worst mass murderer in creation then is God for he earthly life & invented death.

The reincarnational process is a learning process, so if we do not learn from our mistakes we repeat them, a murderer who refuses to learn will spend centuries covered in blood. Or shifting from killer to victim. If at any point, we consciously or spiritually shift our actions and emotions the direction of our lives will change. Clearly my past self did shift.

Lastly, the revelation was to drive home how forgiving, humorous and magnificent the spiritual journey can be. There my hands were bloody, here they bless. There we wore the mask of deadly enemies. Here we have learnt to put it aside and raise our eyes. And lives.